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Council Bulletin – 3 June 2020

This Council Bulletin was distributed via email on 3 June 2020.

Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

Further to the recent announcement that we will be resuming worship services in the
Sanctuary commencing Sunday June 7, 2020, please note the following:

  • We will resume with only one (1) service which will commence at 8:00 am and is scheduled to last for approximately 90 minutes.
  • Based on the Measures stipulated by the Government (40 square feet per person), we regrettably, will be able to accommodate only 45 persons, including those participating in the service.
  • Persons 65 years and older, children below the age of 16 years and individuals with underlying medical conditions (heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, or having a fever, cold, cough etc.) are asked to remain at home and join us via the various online platforms.
  • Those wishing to attend on any given Sunday will be required to indicate this to the Church Office either by phone, email or What’s App, no later than the Thursday before that Sunday’s service. Worshipers will be assigned to attend on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and any overflow in numbers will be assigned to a future Sunday’s service.
  • Those impacted will be advised in good time, and asked to indicate whether or not the assigned Sunday service date is convenient, no later than the previous Wednesday. The Church office will record the names and contact details of those who will worship each Sunday.

While we work within these constraints, every effort will be made to ensure that everyone wishing to participate in face to face worship during these times, will be accommodated.

Measures are currently being put in place to continue the current online 8:00 AM Sunday worship services and to utilize other platforms to allow for wider access.
Further updates will be provided by the Office.

Logistics for Sunday Services
  1. A thorough sanitization of the main sanctuary, annex, prayer room, rest rooms,
    equipment, instruments and the perimeter areas will be done prior to the
    resumption. Sanitization will also be carried out on an ongoing basis before each
  2. All the doors will be opened for proper ventilation, but in order to ensure effective
    control, only the main entrance will be used to access the sanctuary. Doors
    designated as ‘Exit’ areas will be clearly indicated.
  3. Before entering the sanctuary, all persons will be required to have their
    temperature checked at a designated area, by an usher. Anyone recording a
    temperature above the normal will be asked to return home.
  4. No one will be allowed to enter the sanctuary unless wearing a mask which is to
    be worn for the duration of the service.
  5. Sanitizing facilities will be provided at the entrance of the sanctuary. Persons are
    required to sanitize their hands before entering the sanctuary, also before and
    after using the Rest Rooms. Sanitizers will be provided in the washrooms.
  6. No more than 10 persons at a time should gather outside the sanctuary and all
    must maintain physical distancing of six (6) feet.
  7. A register of those assigned to attend each service will be provided by the Church
    Office, and monitored by an usher at the Sanctuary entrance to confirm
  8. Tithes and offerings will be collected in baskets similar to what is done in the
    collection of our “walk-up offering “. The ushers will direct this process.
  9. Five (5) seats will be reserved to accommodate impromptu visitor attendances,
    while maintaining the accepted protocols.

The measures that are being carefully implemented are designed to minimize the
risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and importantly, to ensure compliance
with the Enforcement Measures announced by the Prime Minister.

Please remember that as individuals we also have a responsibility to take every
precaution necessary to ensure the safety of ourselves and our families.

Let us abide by the guidelines in consideration of those who will gather for worship
with us while we continue to pray for His mercy, guidance, and protection as we
endeavour to bring glory and honour to His holy name.

We look forward to seeing you in the Sanctuary in the coming weeks.

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