Council Bulletin – March 23, 2020

Brothers and Sisters we trust that you and your families are keeping safe and doing well.  As a Church, we are endeavouring to ensure that during this very testing time we remain in constant contact with our members.

It is important that we continue to be able to provide news, support and assistance to our members and to each other, especially the most vulnerable among us.

A number of members have been enquiring concerning the ability of the Church to meet its recurrent financial obligation during this period. While we are aware that some persons may also at this time be facing challenges, in response to this enquiry, we are inviting those persons who are able, to deposit their tithes and offering using any of the following options:-

  1. Direct deposits to our Bank of Nova Scotia, Constant Spring Financial Centre Branch current account number 15-51, enter account no. as 1551 (on NCB platform) and 000001551 on BNS platform – select the above-mentioned branch – branch # 21725); or
  2. Via Cheque payments delivered to the Church Office on any weekday.

Note that the office remains open to deal with any queries, requests or concerns that you may have and reiterate that we, as leaders, are here to assist you in whatever way that the Lord may enable us so to do.

Let us remain faithful in prayer that our God and Father will see us through this time of adversity. Be reminded that “united we stand and divided we fall”.

Blessings to all

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