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Our Prayer For You 22 May 2020

Little Sister Alana-Kaye Morgan offers “Our Prayer for You 22 May 2020” for Front-Line, Essential Workers and Business Owners.

My Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

We hope that you are well. However, we continue to suggest that if you or anyone you know is in need of prayer or any other forms of support, please let us know. A request for prayer can be made on the church’s website. Based on your feedback so far, we appreciate your concern for each other. So we are encouraging those who want to provide any form of support for persons who are in need at this time, to do so. One of the avenues to give support is through the church office.

There is a song that is popular among some children. It reminds us of God’s greatness and His unlimited capacity. It goes like this:

“My God is so big, so strong and so mighty.
There’s nothing my God cannot do.
The mountains are His, the rivers are His.
The stars are His handiwork too.
My God is so great, so strong and so mighty.
There’s nothing my God cannot do.”

Cedarmont Kids

Jeremiah was a prophet who repeatedly experienced the power of God, but at times he spoke as one who freshly felt and saw God at work. One may also say that he was repeatedly tickled by the awesomeness of God. During one of those instances the Lord told Jeremiah of an offer he was going to receive concerning a property, and it went as the Lord told him. He trusted God and accepted the offer. Jeremiah responded in prayer:

“Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you…”

Jeremiah 32:17-25 (NIV)

Brethren and friends, many times we may experience God at work in our lives, the lives of others, and that of our country, but after a while that feeling seem to grow cold on us. There are times when we need to stop, take a moment, and think of something that God has done in our lives, the lives of persons we know, and for our country. Give Him thanks and bless His Holy Name.

We know that He is the same God of the past, the present, and the future; and nothing is impossible for Him. It is with this in mind that we continue to lift up those who are on the front-line, our leaders and essential workers as the battle continues against Covid-19.

We continue to celebrate our children and families during this month. As such today’s prayer is led by our own Alana-Kaye Morgan. Alana-Kaye is a student, 13 years of age. She is also a gymnast who is involved at the competitive level.

Let us pray;

Dear Most Righteous and Heavenly Father, we come before You today, in the name of Jesus Christ, thanking You for granting us the gift of life.

Lord, as we come to You today, we ask that You forgive us of all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

In a time like this waking up every morning is truly a blessing, which is why we look to You Lord on behalf of our front-line workers, leaders and essential workers.

Lord we ask that You protect our front-line workers. They have been risking their own well- being for the sake of others; staying away from home for extensive hours; and staying away from their families who they want to protect,

Dear God they are constantly running the risk of contracting the Corona-virus. So we ask You to give them strength, courage, wisdom and hope. We know this is a hard time for them and we pray that You will send Your guardian angels to protect them. Please protect our modern heroes.

Dear Lord, we also ask You to protect our national leaders, as well as government workers. Lord we pray especially for the Honourable Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness, Minister of Health Christopher Tufton, Minister of Finance Nigel Clarke, health workers and support staff, Minister of National Security Horace Chang, Peter Philips leader of the opposition and their families; Jamaica Defence Force and Jamaica Constabulary Force personnel and Security Guards.

We ask You to grant them the wisdom to make the right decisions. Ones that will better the state of this country.

Lord we ask that You will help business leaders and essential workers in Jamaica and the world. Lord remember especially:

  • Merchandisers and manufacturers: – Spacie Shepherd and others, Supermarket workers, restaurant workers, manufacturer workers, taxi drivers;
  • Custom Brokerage: – Loy Evans, Jackie Mair, Janet Williamson and others;
  • Judges: – Paula Blake Powell, Grace Henry McKenzie;
  • Lawyers: – Ilene Felix, Nicole Roberts, Donahue Martin Jnr. and others who are litigating and liaising with relevant agencies;
  • Airport: – Alecia English;
  • Business owners: – Ewan and Maxine Oliver; Lanna and Desmond Bennett; Warrick Bogle, Carol and Leroy Blake, Marcia Leair, Robert and Beveline Smith, Paulette Dixon, Kemorine and Karl Henry, Ava Comrie, Catherine Barkley and husband, Cornel Richards and family, Everton Lewis, Pauline and Mark Garvey, Maxine and Benedict Ranger, Melva Knight, Nicole Fender, Sharon Baldie, Karl Jones and others.

Dear God, we pray that with Your mighty power You will cease this Corona-virus disease.
In Your Magnified name we pray with thanksgiving.



If you are also in need of prayer or comfort, please contact us with your request. We would be very happy to share with you.

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