Prayer of Encouragement, Voices of Youths, 2022

Prayer of Encouragement for 7 January 2022

Deacon Arlene Burton offers the Prayer of Encouragement for 7 January 2022. Deacon Burton owns the copyright to this post. We reprint here with her permission.

Hi Everyone! We are in the New Year. Yeah! We made it with the Lord on our side. Amen! Hallelujah! May His many blessings and favour be upon you in 2022. I said 2022. Wow! Thank You, God. What is your focus for 2022?

Just a reminder that if you or anyone you know needs prayer, please let us know. You can post your prayer request here on our website. Please note that we will send the Encouragement and Prayer on Fridays only.

Pray Pray Pray

You know, over the years I have come to the understanding that we need prayer. We need to pray just as we need physical food to eat. Just as we need a shower. Oh yes!

We have been told over and over again about this need, one that connects us with God. Yet, it is dependent on how we really want to be connected. It requires our focus, time and energy. I also came to the understanding that it requires commitment, discipline and obedience. It is a constant need that creates an opportunity for us to connect with our Father, God, through Jesus Christ.

We are encouraged to be confident about our prayers (Heb. 4:16), not burst any sweat, not let the heart beat faster than it should unnecessarily, nor tremble (be not anxious), (Phil. 4:6). Believe for your request to come through (Mark 11:24), do not stop praying (Thess, 5:17), be devoted to prayer and say thanks (Colossians 4:2; Phil. 4:6). Pray for everyone including those in authority (1 Tim 2:1-4).

As we reflect and renew our commitment to prayer be blessed by the Zodge family from GMC who prayed the following prayers. Rajesh Zodge (for fathers and family), Stacy-Ann Zodge (for mothers and families) and Anjesh (14 years old) for children and families.

Prayer for Fathers and Families – Rajesh Zodge

Dear Heavenly Father, we acknowledge You as the great and mighty God. Lord, we thank You very much for allowing us to see another year. Thank You for Your presence, protection, and provision in our lives. Cover all families under the blood of Your precious Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep each of us safe from all natural disasters and man-made disasters like robberies and fires. Lord, forgive us for anything wrong we say or do knowingly and unknowingly.

Lord, right now we take this moment to focus on the men and families of our world. We pray for men who are fathers in the society and have You as their Heavenly Father. Help them to take care of their responsibilities, such as guiding, protecting, and providing for their families. We ask that when struggles and hardships become prominent in their lives, that they will look to You for help and guidance, and that You will act and rescue them from their dilemmas.

Lord, what about those men who do not know You? Father God, give them knowledge and wisdom so they can acknowledge You and accept You as their Heavenly Father and take on the responsibilities of a father towards their children, and take care of their spouse. We pray for Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the leader of the opposition and their families, as well as all other leaders, men and families in our country. In times like these, we ask that You cover us under the blood of Your precious Son Jesus Christ.

Lord, thanks for the opportunity to come to You in prayer for whatever we want and whenever we want it, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Prayer for Mothers and Families – Stacy Ann Zodge

Most Loving and Caring Father, You are worthy to be praised and glorified. Be lifted up oh God, be exalted! It is so good to come to You in prayer because You know us all by name. You created us in Your image and likeness, You know us like no other.

God Almighty, thank You for the institution of the family. Thank You for the earthly family You designed and allowed for us to be in so that we can be cared for, provided for, protected and feel belonged. You are so awesome in knowing exactly what we need to thrive and You ensure that Your divine plan for us is sufficient for our wants and needs.

In the Name of Jesus, we declare that the unit of the family will be strong and supportive of all its members. Help the family to show love and compassion, and never to lose focus on doing things according to Your will and guidance, O God. Where families are breaking down, let the Blood of Jesus flow through and mend these families. In the Name of Jesus, I bind and cut down the spirits of hatred, malice, jealousy, gossip, selfishness, abuse and any other seeking to destroy the families. Teach us, O God, to be true and loyal to each other.

Our Gracious Father, into Your Hands I commit the mothers of our families and our children. Their roles and responsibilities are so many that it can become overwhelming and burdensome. Please take their troubles and burdens, lighten their load O God. And I pray that they will feel Your presence as they nurture the children, the future leaders of this land. We pray even now for the wives and mothers, and families of leaders, and other women and families in our country.

Lord, grant our mothers the strength to prepare healthy meals for the family and see to their well being; guidance to train up their children in fear of You Mighty God; wisdom to know what is right and wrong, and how to discipline when necessary; fairness to treat everyone in the family with equality; patience to stay calm and diligent especially when things are topsy-turvy; true joy, peace and happiness to enjoy their families and life in You, O God. Keep our mothers close in Your bosom dear God as they fulfil their duties in caring for Your children. Bless them with pure hearts, sound minds, strong bodies and positive spirits.

Thank You, God, for being our Father, listening to us and taking care of all our needs. Remain in our hearts now and forevermore, in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ we pray with thanksgiving. Amen.

Prayer for Children and Families – Anjesh Zodge

Dear Almighty Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we come before You right now in prayer. Lord, You said that we can take anything we want to You in prayer, so right now we lay down our troubles and concerns before You. We know that You are Omnipotent and You can rid us of all the evil we face in this world. You are in control of all things, so we ask You to relieve us of our burdens and pain once and for all. We are praying to You now with the concerns of family in mind.

Dear Father, a family was meant to be at the centre of life’s happenings. The bond between spouses is important so that they can properly train children into righteousness in your name. A forever lasting bond between children, spouses, brothers, sisters, and many more should represent love, bonding and loyalty.

Lord, in today’s society, in many cases, family means nothing. Millions of children are growing without families or with only one parental support. Children are being abandoned, many husbands and wives are divorcing. Without the bonds of family, children grow without example and turn to wrong. Some children run away from help, some die out in the cold harsh world, some turn to gangs, violence and illegal activities to make a living,  and to feel a sense of belonging.

Lord, it is painful that men and women are in and out of marriages, divorcing as if it is nothing, treating it like a break-up. They have lost the understanding of the fact that a marriage is to be a never-ending bond between the 2 persons.

God, We pray that You restore everything as it should be. Bring families and couples back together. In addition, give people the knowledge and insight they need. So teach them to treat things as they should be and to never take the bond of the family for granted.

Lord, we especially pray for the children and the generation of youth in general. In today’s society, we are flooded by sin, distraction and temptations, unlike anything we have ever seen. However, the children are the most prime ones to this influence. Today the world is all online where any information is at your fingertips and the children are on the internet all the time, prone to these horrible things.

Lord, we pray that You guide our children and families and cause it that they are not led astray from Your word. Bring them up into righteousness and keep them from temptations. Also, teach them to be forgiving and understanding. Show them what is right and wrong, and continue to watch over them. So, Lord, cover them from the crowns of their heads to the soles of their feet, in Jesus’ name, we pray.


Our Prayers of Encouragement are for everyone. Therefore, please contact us with your request if you also need prayer or comfort. We would be so very happy to share with you.
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