RENEWED Ministries Update

RENEWED Ministries Update – 6 September 2021

This is the RENEWED Ministries update for 6 September 2021 as provided by Reverend Courtney Richards.

If anyone sins and does what is forbidden in any of the LORD’s commands, even though they do not know it, they are guilty and will be held responsible.

Dear friends and prayer partners, Shalom aleichem! I greet you in the wonderful name of our risen Lord Jesus Christ that we have been called to follow and imitate! What a joy and a privilege that is!

A significant week in my life and ministry

My dear brothers and sisters at Grace Church, Shalom aleichem! Peace be with you

This week is a very significant week in my life and ministry. On Thursday night, September 9th, we will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of RENEWED Ministries at a banquet here at Bethel University in Indiana where it all started by God leading me and others in 1996. This is the first of a number of celebration events being planned in different places/countries where we have a significant ministry, including Jamaica. I am deeply humbled and blessed by the honour that the RENEWED Ministries Board has decided to bestow upon me. I am eternally grateful to God for calling me to serve Him and His Kingdom.

Never in my wildest dreams did I or could I have anticipated that this small ministry would now have a global impact. I come from a small place – George’s Valley, Manchester! But God in His wisdom selected me for this purpose at such a time as this. SO I’M EXCEEDINGLY GRATEFUL TO HIM AND TO EACH OF YOU FOR BEING A VITAL PART OF MY JOURNEY.

The song, “Goodness of God” by Bethel music summarizes God’s faithfulness and favour on my life for all my life. I thank God for His faithfulness and I thank Him for each of you. Grace Missionary Church has been integral in my life and ministry since I came to JTS in 1977 and, of course, you are central to my life and ministry as you have commissioned me to global missions and ministry. So I am extremely thankful for your love, prayers and continued support over many years. I value each of you and the friendship that we share in the community of followers of Christ. God is awesome in all His ways. Glory to His name.

So celebrate with us the goodness and greatness of our God for 25 years of impactful and transformational ministry.

TO GOD BE THE GLORY GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE AND CONTINUES TO DO. HALLELUJAH. LOVE YOU ALL ????❤️???????????????????? ???????? ???????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????‼️

Coram Deo!
Always in God’s grip,

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