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Streams of Prayer for 1 October 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 1 October 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

Emerging Trends

The current theme for Streams of Prayer is Emerging Trends. Sometimes God uses difficult seasons to help us change faster than we would naturally. Through the last two or three years, we faced a global pandemic, its sorrows, its disruptions, its restrictions, and its uncertainties. Some organizations took the time to reevaluate their priorities and others looked into different ways of continuing to work. We gave space to creativity and ingenuity with good results as God started new things amongst us. Stephen Coertze, Executive Director of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, encourages us to “be on the lookout” or be aware of the emerging trends in the Bible translation movement.

We celebrate and pray for new initiatives, new ways of working, and new priorities that have been borne out of the challenges and restrictions of the last few years.

New skills and working practices developed during pandemic: Cameroon

The staff at the Cameroon Association of Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL) started online working sessions as a direct result of COVID-19 restrictions and they continue to use these methods. This enables the development of new skills on the part of the technicians and translation teams while reducing the risks and constraints associated with travel. Praise God for these developments. Pray also for good and stable internet connectivity.

Progress in Old Testament translation: Kenya

Streams of Prayer 01 October
Rendille translation team at BTL Centre Nairobi. Photo BTL 

Bible translation and Literacy (BTL) in common with many in Bible translation movements is placing greater emphasis on Old Testament translation. Recently the Rendille translation team successfully completed consultant checking for the books of Esther and Judges in the Rendille language at the office in Nairobi. Thank God for giving the team strength, insight, and the ability to meet the set timelines. Pray for the team as they continue to draft the books of Leviticus, Proverbs, Deuteronomy, and Psalms at their office in Marsabit County.

Working in partnership: France

Streams of Prayer 01 October

Wycliffe France is in a partnership development phase. During 2022, the organization has sought to come alongside like-minded partners with similar values and vision. Praise God that this new approach has sparked a lot of interest amongst organizations focused on shared goals. One of these goals is to join other partners in the ongoing translation of the Bible into LSF (French sign language).

Stewart Johnson, Director of Wycliffe France wrote, “It is amazing to see how well God has prepared the pathway to meaningful dialogue with other organizations in France and also across the Francophone world. Our desire for a collaborative approach is the reason there is such a lot of interest in partnering. Rather than explaining to organizations what we are doing and then asking them to come and join us, we are much more comfortable asking what they are doing and then [asking] how we can help them and serve their needs.” Wycliffe France praises God for the great dialogues so far this year. Pray with Wycliffe France during the coming three months in which important decisions will be made and strategic meetings will be held to advance Bible translation.

Pacific Wa’a celebrating growth and new Leadership: Pacific

Streams of Prayer 01 October
Wa’a delegates, Madang PNG. Photo credit: BTA Media

Delegates in the Pacific Wa’a Partnership (PWP) meeting in May praised God for the growing number of organizations that became involved in Bible translation during the past several years. The group met face-to-face for the first time in two years. The Wa’a, as the PWP is usually called, is a collaboration of partner organizations involved in reaching the ‘goal of Zero’, so every people group in the Pacific area has access to the Word of God in their heart language.

Wa’a acknowledges that each organization has a part to play and it provides an important space for partners to come together for greater collaboration and concentrated effort for Bible translation. Give praise and pray for the newly-appointed Steering Committee members, mostly from Papua New Guinea. Previous Wa’a leaders were mainly non-Pacific Islanders. Praise God for their part in the Wa’a journey up to this point. Pray for wisdom as the new leaders collaborate with others in the Pacific towards achieving the ‘goal of Zero.’ Also pray for them as they participate in the South Pacific Bible Forum meetings 19–21 October in Fiji. Pray for more participation in Wa’a by the smaller Pacific Island nations. (The word Wa’a means ‘canoe’ in Hawaiian. It is a symbol of journeying together).

Thankful for Zoom: Norway

Streams of Prayer 01 October

Toward the end of 2021, Wycliffe Norway realized that the limitations on travel and meetings due to the pandemic might last for some time. They decided to start meeting with their Wycliffe staff, those both in-country and out of the country, using Zoom. The concept is simple, but it worked well, and they decided to continue meeting this way although travel now has resumed. About seven or eight get-togethers a year are set up, each lasting 1.5 hours (afternoon in Europe, evening in Asia, early morning in Central America). All staff receive a Zoom calendar invite and join if they are able.

During the first year, specific people were asked to share for 10-20 minutes from their field of work/expertise, on a topic that could be of interest to others. These presentations were about linguistics, translation questions, cultural studies, and more, followed by open group discussions. The last half hour was spent in break-out rooms for personal sharing and prayer. This year, staff members use a book that was sent to everyone. Those who present the topic and start the discussion and sharing speak on a rotational basis. Feedback from staff is very positive. These get-togethers are valuable sharing times, and everyone gets a chance to get to know others who serve with Wycliffe Norway. Wycliffe Norway recommends this simple model of building community within the organization.

Serving refugees: Taiwan, Global

Streams of Prayer 01 October
Wycliffe Taiwan’s medical and dental mission in Papua New Guinea in 2018. Photo: Albert Fung

Wycliffe Taiwan leaders are praying about recruiting staff members to serve refugees overseas. Pray for open doors in the areas of education, community development, trauma healing, and medical services. They are praying for two countries in the Middle East. Pray that they can establish connections with partner organizations. Ask the Lord to prepare the hearts, minds, and bodies of the future staff members who will serve the refugees.

Trauma Healing Seminar: Philippines

Praise the Lord for the successful Trauma Healing Seminar conducted for the Balangao Old Testament translation team in July by the Translators Association of the Philippines in partnership with the Philippine Bible Society (PBS). Some members of the Balangao community experienced traumatic challenges during the pandemic. Thank God for the help of PBS in alleviating the pain and suffering the team and others experienced. Pray that the attendees will practice what they have learned and live out the gospel by providing assistance to those who experienced trauma–like suicides and untimely deaths–during the pandemic. Pray that the translation team will reflect God’s love in action to the community.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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