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Streams of Prayer for 11 April 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 11 April 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.


The current theme for Streams of Prayer is Church. As an Alliance, we believe that the purpose of the local church is to glorify God as it seeks to remain faithful to the mission of God, to draw people to Christ and to make disciples. The Alliance and all who are part of it have the opportunity to serve the Church and complement its ministry. One of the seven Participation Streams is Church (See Statements regarding Wycliffe Global Alliance’s relationship with the Church).

As an Alliance, we seek to listen to and learn from churches worldwide in order to build strong relationships for mutual encouragement, strengthening, and equipping. These relationships usually include a focus on Bible translation and/or related ministries with language communities. Together, we seek to find the meaningful, unique and complementary roles in the mission of God that he leads each church and organisation to fulfil. So join us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream and for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

Church denomination conference: Democratic Republic of Congo

Pray with ACOTBA SUBO Director Goma Mabele for the denomination ‘La Communauté Évangélique de l’Ubangi-Mongala,’ which helped found ACOTBA SUBO and is very active in supporting Bible translation. The denomination held a conference 3-9 April, and about 750 pastor couples gathered. Many of the delegates travelled hundreds of kilometres by either river or road to participate. So pray that each one will use what they learned to help build the Body of Christ in their areas of service.

Persistent prayer needed for churches: Ukraine and Russia

In this series of Streams of Prayer with Church as the theme, please pray fervently for the churches in Russia and the Ukraine. Half of the pastors in Russia are from Ukraine and are separated from their families. Therefore, pray that churches in Russia will be allowed to continue praying for and about the crisis in the Ukraine. People in the churches continue to praise God in the bomb shelters and help people around them in need, often risking their own lives. The crisis situation is changing day-by-day and hour by hour. Also pray for God’s protection over these Christ-followers and that they will continue to stay strong in their faith.

Sharing the Word of God with migrants: Colombia, Americas

Streams of Prayer 11 April
Meeting with Pastors from Necocli, Colombia. Photo: Americas Area

Necocli and Apartado are towns on the west side of Colombia near the border. People are migrating from numerous countries including Cuba, Afghanistan, Senegal, Congo, Angola, India, Haiti and travelling through South America to Necocli. From there they hope to cross the Gulf of Uraba by boat into Panama and then travel to the United States in search of better living situations. Such migration is a sociological phenomenon that is gaining more attention from mission and Bible translation movements.

In February, representatives from Wycliffe Global Alliance Americas Area, Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) and COMIBAM Colombia visited the two towns to find out about the mission and humanitarian response of the evangelical church regarding this migration. During the visit they met with the associations of pastors from the two towns and talked about possible areas of collaboration, to address this challenge. The Bible Translation Round Table of Colombia and other organisations held a virtual meeting on April 8 to share challenges and opportunities for Scriptures Use. So pray that the Word of God will reach many migrants. Pray also that local churches and mission organisations will get involved.

Scripture for people migrating to other countries: Colombia, Americas

Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) and the Wycliffe Global Alliance Americas Area are considering a collaborative initiative with Alliance Organisations, mission networks and churches along the busy migration route from Colombia to the northern border of Mexico. People migrating from many countries travel through South America seeking better living opportunities. The goal of the initiative is to have Biblical resources for the travellers so they can receive the Word of God in the languages they best understand. Audio Bible materials by FCBH in the languages of the migrants are being tested and used for evangelism and discipleship. In one instance, Haitian people practised Audio Bible exercises. They were delighted to hear their language and learn that people were praying for them. So pray that the Scriptures will reach many migrants as they journey. Pray also that local churches and mission organisations will get involved if this initiative is launched.

Bible reading campaign in churches: Indonesia

Streams of Prayer 11 April
Screenshot of the Bible reading campaign video from PPA-GMIM Facebook page

Praise God for Pusat Penerjemahan Alkitab (PPA), the Bible translation department of the church denomination Gereja Masehi Injili Minahasa (GMIM). Staff continue to facilitate Bible reading campaigns in Indonesia. So pray for the ‘260 day’ ongoing reading campaign for the Tombulu New Testament which began on 7 March. Also ask the Lord to strengthen the partnership between PPA and the Education Department of the Tomohon region for this programme which involves teachers, students, and members of local churches. Pray that the Word of God will work in the hearts of all those who hear it during this reading campaign.

Building relationships between translators and churches: Papua New Guinea

Many languages are spoken in the Madang Province of Papua New Guinea. Praise the Lord that speakers of several of these languages have some translated Scripture portions. Translation continues in others, yet many people are waiting for Bible translation to begin in their languages. The lack of financial support and prayer support hampers progress in current projects. However, there is great potential for raising support from churches and individuals in Madang. So pray for the leaders of the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association as they seek ways to encourage meaningful relationships between the translators and church congregations. Pray also that their efforts will result in building a strong support base for translation projects. Finally, pray that churches will respond to the opportunity to reach out to translators and assist in the development and use of the vernacular Scriptures.

Online seminars: Japan

Streams of Prayer 11 April, Wycliffe Japan
Image: Wycliffe Japan

Wycliffe Japan scheduled a series of online seminars this year on the fifth Saturdays of January, April, July and October. The seminars are open to churches and partner organisations in Japan. They cover a wide range of topics like Bible translation, literacy, ethnoarts, sign language translation, Scripture use, and member care. Thank God for the positive feedback from the first seminar in January. Therefore, pray for God’s blessings upon the succeeding seminars. Pray also for His favour as people are invited to get involved in Bible translation through Wycliffe Japan.

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