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Streams of Prayer for 12 July 2021

The Streams of Prayer for 12 July 2021, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is made available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Missions belong to God and the agent of missions is the Church. Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream. We pray also for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

Generosity crosses borders in Europe: Russia
Streams of Prayer July 12

Wycliffe Russia is very grateful for the generosity of both Russian and Finnish individuals and churches collaborating in a joint venture to fund oral Bible storying efforts in Mongolia. Wycliffe Russia reports: “We also have a family going there soon who will live and work amongst a language group living out in the wilderness who tend horses.” Please pray for a strong sense of partnering to develop as Christians in various countries come together to support oral Bible translation efforts, and to support individuals who are sent by their churches to serve in projects. Please pray that the communion of the saints would be an inspiration for all as they join together toward this shared goal.

Funding: Malaysia
Streams of Prayer

Wycliffe Malaysia (WM) started joining the Participation Stream on funding this year to raise support locally for Bible translation projects. So pray for wisdom and guidance for the newly appointed Fundraising Officer Loi Yaw Choo as she begins to engage with churches and individuals to promote the needs of WM’s translation project for the Kyh (pseudonym) people group. Also, ask the Lord for favour and protection as she meets with future ministry partners.

Women serve with joy: Papua New Guinea

Women make a vital contribution to Bible translation work even if they are not directly involved in translation. One of the significant ways some women in Papua New Guinea contribute is through catering for the translation team. Catering includes going to their gardens to harvest

Streams of Prayer July 12

food, fetching water from the creek, and collecting dry wood in the bush for their fires among other things. During January this year, Miniafia women worked hard to do catering for the consultant checking team. Every day for three weeks, they cooked meals to feed 14 or more people involved in the checking sessions. Some of that time it rained, which made it challenging to find dry wood for their fires. In spite of that, they served with joy to bring refreshment to the translation team. There was much rejoicing when Genesis, Ruth, Haggai, Jonah, Malachi and 100 of the Psalms were completed! Pray that this spirit of unity and cooperation continues as the translators work through the remaining books of the Old Testament.

Ripple Effect: Indonesia

Kartidaya conducts a speciality service programme called “Ripple Effect.” Led by Marnix Riupassa, this programme was designed to help staff from other Indonesian organisations develop better management skills. Enhanced management skills Streams of Prayer will help increase the number of languages that will benefit from translation. Pray for the initial assessment and initial training tools being developed by the Ripple Effect Team. Pray for translation programmes that will be starting in 16 languages through Pusat Penerjemahan Alkitab (Bible Translation Streams of Prayer Centre) of GMIM and Yayasan Misi Penginjilan Pemuridan Papua (YMP3). So ask the Lord’s blessing, protection and guidance for the preparations, as well as for participants and facilitators coming from various places.

Transitioning into advisor role: Papua New Guinea

On 22 May 2021, the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA) officially released Simon Savaiko after serving for 25 years in administration. Pray for Simon as he resettles back into his Barai village. He will serve as the advisor for the Barai Non-Formal Education Association (BNEA) that he has been part of since its formative years and operations. BNEA was initiated in the 1980s to encourage holistic development for the community. So ask the Lord for wisdom in this role as advisor, to develop capacity and sustainable projects and fundraising initiatives for BNEA and neighbouring language communities. Simon praises the Lord for knowledge and hands-on experience that he received while serving with the PNGBTA administration. He now looks forward to using his knowledge and skills for serving his language community and others around him. 

Looking to God for provision: El Salvador
Streams of Prayer

The Alliance organization in El Salvador, TRES, needs funding and economic provision for organizational development in all the areas of its work in the current year. Ask God to provide needed equipment for audio and video recording for use in the instruction of the Basic Course in Linguistics, Phonetics and Acquisition of a Second Language. This course helps prepare students for CILTA or other advanced linguistics study programs. TRES staff ask prayers for good health, good work progress, and adequate economic provision for all their members. Pray also for guidance, protection, and finances for the TRES cross-cultural workers who serve in Bible translation projects and other aspects of the mission of God in Peru.

Generous prayer changing lives: Global

Praise God for 24 hours of unceasing prayer during the weekend of June 4-5, hosted by the Seed Company. People around the world generously gave of their time and joined a virtual prayer room to pray for the Bible translation movement nonstop for 24 hours. With all the Bible translations going on across the world, someone is translating something from the Bible at all times, which means the need for prayer is 24/7. So ask God to guide plans for a virtual prayer movement to cover the Bible translation movement around the world.

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