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Streams of Prayer for 12 September 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 12 September 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.


Our current theme for Streams of Prayer is Leadership. We give thanks for leaders in Alliance organizations. The Wycliffe Global Alliance serves Bible translation movements in many ways. One way is by nurturing current and future leaders for Bible translation movements. Opportunities are available to them to learn and grow through intergenerational forums, coaching, formal and informal mentoring, and encouragement in leading as servants and shepherds. They need our support and prayers to discern how God is leading the organizations in times of great change.

Each Alliance organization needs godly men and women to lead and discern how to engage with God in his mission. Thank God for those who courageously led in the past year. A number of new leaders took on responsibilities as others completed their leadership terms or transitioned to different roles. Many Alliance organizations have new directors, board members and/or leadership team members.

Resumption of leadership position: Hong Kong

Streams of Prayer 12 September
Rence Law. Photo: Wycliffe Hong Kong

Pray for wisdom and a smooth transition for Rence Law, who returned from a six-month furlough on 1 July to resume his role as Executive Director for Wycliffe Hong Kong. Praise God for Florence Lau, who graciously took up the role of Acting Executive Director while Rence was on leave.

Gaps in the team: Chad

Pray for the team of ATALTRAB (Chadian Association of Literacy, Linguistics, and Bible Translation) as the director and several members of the leadership team take a leave of absence at the same time. Ask God to strengthen and encourage them during their time away. Pray too that Loubeta Miclo can complete the requirements to become a full translation consultant soon.

New Prayer Advocacy Coordinator: Africa

Streams of Prayer 12 September
Zac Manyim Prayer Advocacy Coordinator. Photo: CABTAL

Praise God with the members of the Wycliffe Global Alliance prayer team for the appointment of a Prayer Advocacy Coordinator for Africa after the post has been vacant for two and a half years. Zac Manyim, who works for the Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL), will give part of his time to serve Alliance Organisations in Africa in this way. Please pray for Zac as he hands over some of his CABTAL responsibilities to others. Pray for safe travels for Zac and other members of the Prayer and Communications teams as they meet in the Philippines in September. Pray for Zac as he learns his new responsibilities and that he will become better familiarised with his role through this gathering.

BSM (Bible Mission Association) is thankful for leaders: Poland

Streams of Prayer 12 September
Jurek Marcol and Agnieszka Domagala. Personal photos used with permission

From early 2022 Agnieszka Domagała has served as the Wycliffe Poland Director after Jerzy Marcol served in that role. Thank God with Wycliffe Poland for God’s protection and provision through recent years. Praise God that despite difficulties experienced worldwide, many people remain faithful in their support, making continued mission work in Poland possible. Pray for Agnieszka as she and the board make decisions for the future of Wycliffe Poland.

Leadership alignment: Philippines

Streams of Prayer 12 September
New leaders of TAP. Photo: TAP

Praise God for the new team of officers and Board of Trustees of the Translators Association of the Philippines who engaged in a “Joint Retreat and Planning” in June. Pray for God’s favour, blessings, wisdom, and vision to do the work he has prepared, and pray Philippians 2:13, “It is God who works in you both to will, and to do of his good pleasure”. Pray for the new leaders as they align the ministry with changes made due to the global pandemic and that they continue moving forward with Bible translation and language development. Ask God for a smooth transition, greater collaboration, cohesiveness, and unity.

Training Quechua leaders: Peru

Streams of Prayer 12 September
Training of Quechua leaders. Photo: ATEK

ATEK, Association Tawantinsuyuman Evangelioq K’ancharinanpaq, is an organization for Bible translation and education in Peru that provides practical and comprehensive training to Quechua leaders and pastors as they serve and develop sustainable Quechua churches. These pastors and leaders use their Quechua Bibles for preaching and leading Bible studies. For Quechua speakers who do not have access to any level of education, the audio Bible is available so they can hear the Word of God in a way that they can understand, thus encouraging transformed lives, all to the glory of God. Pray for more leaders committed to serving their churches through discipleship and biblical teaching.

Need for Area Programme Managers: Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (BTA) has a critical need for Area Programme Managers (APM) to serve in several provinces in the country. APMs are vital in serving language projects and providing leadership for the area. They represent and advocate for the Bible translation ministry to the church and the language communities. So ask the Lord for guidance and clarity for the Human Resources department as they process applications they have received for these vacant positions. Also, pray to the Lord of the harvest to bring workers to serve as APMs.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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