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Streams of Prayer for 14 August 2023

The Streams of Prayer for 14 August 2023, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

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August 13 – August 19, 2023

Effectiveness and Transformation

Prayer has always been the bedrock of the Bible translation movement. We produce Streams of Prayer to help people to pray and to encourage prayer for Bible translation movements worldwide. Twice a year, however, we like to look back and celebrate how our prayers have been answered. We rejoice at how God’s Word is impacting individuals, communities and nations and how churches and partners are joining together to participate in his mission.

The current theme of Streams of Prayer is Effectiveness and Transformation. Together we thank God for how he graciously responds to our prayers, and we are encouraged as we consider all he has done for Alliance organisations and the communities they serve. Then we continue to ask he who began a good work in us to carry it on to completion. (Philippians 1:6)

Streams of Prayer 14 August 2023
A goat standing firm on a rock cliff on Orchid Island in Taiwan provides a vivid reminder that prayer has always been the bedrock of the Bible translation movement. Photo: Marc Ewell
Renewed prayer interest: Switzerland

At the end of March, a new member of Wycliffe Switzerland attended a youth conference, where she was in charge of the Wycliffe booth. She had conversations with many young people living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland as well as in France. Most of them had never heard of Wycliffe before. She invited them to sign up to receive prayer updates for a Bibleless people group. Usually at such events, few people want to sign up to pray regularly. At this event, nine young people, mostly teenagers, signed up to receive prayer updates! Pray for the transformation of people in Switzerland and in all of Europe, so that they will learn to pray with faith for God’s Kingdom.

Successful trainings held: Equatorial Guinea
Streams of Prayer 14 August 2023
Workshop participants. Photo: ACTB

Asociación Cristiana de Traducciones Bíblicas (ACTB) in Equatorial Guinea held two successful training workshops in July. A Principles of Bible Translation course was held in Bata, and a Mother-Tongue Literacy Workshop took place in the Fang language community. ACTB staff members are grateful that participants made good progress in skills development through these courses. Praise God for the Lord’s faithfulness and provision, and for the dedication of those who support ACTB with words of encouragement, prayer and finances. Pray that God will bless the efforts of those who received training as they participate in future translation projects. Pray also that literacy will help Fang speakers to use Scripture when it becomes available.

Completion of audio Bible recording: Taiwan
Streams of Prayer 14 August 2023
Participants give thanks during the launch of the Rukai audio Bible project. Photo: Wycliffe Taiwan

Praise God for the completion of the Rukai language audio Bible recording in early June. Wycliffe Taiwan helped facilitate this audio Bible recording together with the Rukai church, Faith Comes by Hearing, the Bible Society in Taiwan and Wycliffe Hong Kong. Pray for the processing of audio files that will take six months to complete. Pray for the preparation of the closing ceremony which will be held at the end of 2023 when the Rukai Scripture application is ready for download.

God’s amazing provision: Malawi

Pray for a Trauma Healing workshop that will take place in August in Malawi. In an amazing way, the Lord has provided funding for the workshop. Pray for the Lord’s grace, mercy and healing power to descend upon the participants and that they would experience a sense of freedom as he releases them from the bondage of their trauma.

Capacity building for efficiency and effectiveness, Cameroon
Streams of Prayer 14 August 2023
Bangando language group computer training. Photo: CABTAL.

Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL) provides various training courses to build skills for translation teams and community members. CABTAL organises basic computer training for translators and back-translators so that they can work more efficiently. Thank God for speakers of the Eastern Bantu cluster of languages in the East Region of Cameroon who have benefited from this training. Pray that those being trained will be able to master the lessons. CABTAL also trains members of translation teams, especially community church leaders, to be effective in managing translation programmes. Thank God for a training that took place in early July in Bertoua, for seven language groups in Eastern Cameroon: Gbaya, Byep, Bobilis, Bikele, Pol, Bangando and Njyem. Pray that the Scripture engagement facilitators in the area can implement the strategies they have learned to encourage the use of local language Scriptures so that people’s lives can be transformed.

Passion for serving as associate director for personnel and projects: New Zealand

Praise God that Bruce Eirena has been able to resume his role as associate director for personnel and projects for Wycliffe New Zealand. He is blessed with portfolios he is passionate about, which are within his areas of ability and gifting. Praise God for the years of experience he brings to this role. He works with a wonderful personnel team and gets to oversee several other exciting projects. Praise God for the joy he and his team have in serving the Lord. Pray for wisdom and understanding for Bruce as he serves each day.

Sharing expertise for Scripture distribution through technology: Americas
Streams of Prayer 14 August 2023

EMDC*, Escrituras Medios Difusión Comunidad (Scriptures Media Distribution Community), promotes training and networking among organisations and individuals serving the people groups of the world using various technologies, audiovisual media and digital strategies for interaction with Scripture. EMDC provides cutting-edge training on media use as well as opportunities for exchanging ideas about devices, tools, and strategies. The first EMDC event in Latin America was held in Mexico in 2022. The second will take place in Colombia in late 2023. Give thanks to God for this initiative that equips the church, organisations, ministries, and networks to communicate the message of God’s Word in culturally relevant ways that lead to transformed lives.
*EMDC originated as Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation and now has a global reach. In Spanish-speaking settings, it is known as Escrituras Medios Difusión Comunidad.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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