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Streams of Prayer for 14 February 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 14 February 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is made available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Dear Prayer Partners,
Our current theme for Streams of Prayer 13 February – 19 February 2022 is Bible Translation Programmes. Welcome to the Wycliffe Global Alliance prayer bulletin.

Bible Translation Programmes
Wycliffe Global Alliance serves Bible translation movements because we long for language communities to encounter God through his Word. The Alliance trusts ‘God to transform lives through His Word translated into the languages and cultures of the world’s peoples.’ (From Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values)

The current theme for Streams of Prayer is Bible translation programmes, one of the participation streams for the Alliance. More than 50% of Alliance organizations manage Bible translation programmes. It is important for us to pray that God’s Word will be translated well, effectively and efficiently. Ask God to impact language communities around the globe as people read, listen to or see translated Scripture. Pray that they will understand it and be transformed.

More than consultant checking: Papua New Guinea
Streams of Prayer
Duncan stopped the checking to pray for the team. Picture by Duncan Kasokason

When translation consultant, Duncan Kasokason began checking Romans with the Onobasulu translation team, he could see that they were eager to hear the Scriptures in their language. From Romans 6 onward, people started asking for prayer as they were convicted by the Word. When this happened, Duncan would stop the checking and they prayed together. Duncan said, ‘We thought we were here just to do consultant checking but we found out that it was much more than that. People repented and gave their lives to the Lord’. Praise the Lord for the power of his Word. Pray for God’s presence and guidance during the checking session for Hebrews and Galatians from 3 – 17 February. 

AIDIA translation projects to begin: Peru

In April the AIDIA (Interdenominational Association for the Integral Development of Apurimac) will begin Bible translation in Quechua from La Unión in the Arequipa region and start another translation in the Nomatsiguenga language in the Junín jungle. Pray that the few remaining details will be worked out for these new projects. Ask God to guide AIDIA translation teams during the development of these projects. Pray also that the translated Word of God will bless and transform communities.

Waterproof cover material needed for New Testament printing: Spain
Streams of Prayer
Fa d’Ambu New Testament cover

The Fa d’Ambu New Testament (translated in Spain) is now in print after a long supply-chain delay for waterproof paper. This special paper is needed for speakers living on the tropical island of Annobon in Equatorial Guinea. Continue praying for this translation. The print shop cannot bind the New Testaments until the plastic waterproof cover material becomes available in Spain. Pray that it will arrive soon. Pray for a possible New Testament launching celebration in 2022.

Dugbé and Hugbé translation projects: Togo

Two new scripture translation projects, Dugbé and Hugbé, will be launched in 2022. These projects involve 12 languages. Translators in the Hugbé project will focus on Oral Bible translation. Training for the management teams and translators began in January and continues in February. Please pray for translators, exegetes and others involved as they participate in the initial training. Ask God to help them learn well, and pray for protection for them and their families. Pray that God will open doors for his Word and provide the needs of Wycliffe Togo this year.

Learning from the book of Job during difficult times: Peru
Streams of Prayer
Lambayeque translation team

A Scripture translation team is revising the book of Job in Lambayeque Quechua. Although they experience power and internet outages, they have reviewed almost 25% of the book. God is speaking to the team a great deal during the process. In the chapters of Job, they look closely at human pain and suffering, something that is very meaningful to the team during these times of uncertainty and distress. They are thankful for what God is teaching them. Pray for wisdom for the Lambayeque translation team as they continue the revision. Also, thank God for the distribution of the book of Joshua among some churches in the villages of Cañaris. Ask God to use the translated material for the growth and blessing of the Quechua church.

Understanding the power of the translated Word of God: Central African Republic
Streams of Prayer
Community and church leaders at a training meeting about the impact of translated Scripture in the Southwest linguistic area of the Central African Republic.

Many church and community leaders are not yet aware of the potential power of using the Gospel in local languages to transform people and communities. The Central African Association for Bible Translation(Association Centrafricaine pour la Traduction de la Bible et l’Alphabétisation – ACATBA) desires to develop a significant awareness campaign for both churches and linguistic communities. ACATBA hopes to do extensive training in churches, equipping people to use translated Scripture to transform many lives and communities. Pray for God’s guidance in these matters.

Cycling for Bible translation: Taiwan
Streams of Prayer
Cycling event announcement

Globalization threatens the cultures and languages of Taiwan’s indigenous people groups. To arouse public awareness about this, Wycliffe Taiwan will run a seven-day cycling event called ‘Tour de Formosa for Indigenous Languages’ on 21 February, International Mother Language Day. The tour will raise funds for 16 language projects, including nine for the indigenous languages in Taiwan, four for partners’ projects in other countries, and three for sign languages, audio Bible and language development. The funds raised will be designated for Bible translation, audio Bible recording and language promotion. Pray for the preparations for the event. The 16 cyclists will visit indigenous churches along the route. Ask God to protect them as they travel. Pray that God will use this event to encourage many churches and individuals to support Bible translation.

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