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Streams of Prayer for 14 June 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 14 June 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.


Our current theme for Streams of Prayer is People. It is our privilege to be involved with God’s mission both individually and corporately in a variety of ways. Alliance organizations committed to the People Participation Stream recruit and/or send people to serve in Bible translation movements. Those who are sent can work either in their own country or elsewhere in the world. They can serve with their sending organization, other Alliance organizations or partner organizations.

While we pray through the requests relating to People, we will ‘Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’ Matthew 9:38. We will also pray for the Alliance organizations involved in this Participation Stream to provide excellent supportive care to staff members whether they are serving in their country of origin or elsewhere in the world. In addition, we will pray that organizations collaborate well together across different Human Resources approaches and processes when personnel from one sending organization are assigned to serve under a different one. 

Partnering in support: Papua New Guinea

Ofasia Wayne was recently appointed as Partnership Development Director of Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (BTA). Pray for him in this important role of developing partnerships with many others to come alongside BTA and the Bible translation ministry. Praise God for the provision of financial support for Ofasia through a partnership between BTA and Kumul Transportation, a transportation company based in the USA. God moved the heart of Charlie Waro, Managing Director of Kumul Transportation, to financially support Partnership Development Director Ofasia Wayne.

Serving across cultures: Japan

Streams of Prayer 14 June
Japanese illustration from Wycliffe Japan website

Over 20 staff members of Wycliffe Japan serve in several locations: Brazil, Indonesia, various parts of Asia, and Japan. Their projects include Bible translation, literacy, Ethnoarts, sign language translations, Scripture engagement (Trauma Healing), church engagement, prayer, third-culture kids care and education, and administration. So pray for God’s protection and guidance for all staff members and their families. Also ask God to use them to continue the progress of the Bible translation movements around the world, the goals of the Alliance and more.

Translation staff: Guinea Bissau

Staff at ITA, are grateful for the prayers of other Alliance organizations and supporters. ITA is the leading literacy and Bible translation organization in Guinea Bissau and has nine ongoing Bible translation projects. These include four teams doing Old Testament translations, four teams translating New Testaments and a team translating portions of Scripture and working on a JESUS film script in the Biafada language. Therefore, pray for the people involved in these translation projects. Pray also for their strength, stamina and health. Some of the translators are struggling with significant health issues. In addition, pray for protection over their families. Finally, ask God to guide them through all of the various steps involved in these translations.

New staff needed for new translation programmes: Central African Republic

Streams of Prayer 14 June

Praise God for the launch of eight new language programmes in the Central African Republic by staff of the Association Centrafricaine pour la Traduction de la Bible et l’Alphabétisation (the Central African Association for Bible translation and literacy – ACATBA). For each programme the key position of mobiliser is vacant. Mobilisers are trained and deployed to work within language communities for the translation programmes. They work with the language committees, church leaders and community members. They also serve to empower programme partners to play a role in language development, translation and interaction with Scripture. So ask God to provide the personnel needed to fill these important positions.

Wycliffe mission camp: Romania

Wycliffe Romania is organising a mission camp scheduled for 1-6 August. Pray for the preparations and also ask God to direct people to the camp who will contribute to the advancement of the Bible translation movement worldwide. The camp last year was encouraging even though participation was limited because of COVID restrictions. Give praise and pray for the three new Wycliffe Romania members who are preparing for their assignments. Two of them will start a linguistics course in England in August. So join Wycliffe Romania in praying that God would raise 25 new members by 2025 to address the many translation needs in the world.

From Argentina to Peru to Mexico: Americas Area

Streams of Prayer 14 June
Betu Moncada

Betu Moncada serves with the Wycliffe Global Alliance Americas Area as the facilitator for the People Participation Stream. She has a specialisation in Theology and Missiology and is a graduate of the diploma course on Linguistics and Literacy from CILTA, Peru. She brings extensive experience to her role including being sent by LETRA Argentina to conduct fieldwork in several linguistic communities in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru; serving as a facilitator in several sociolinguistics courses in Argentina and CILTA; supporting AIDA in Peru in the area of literacy; and collaborating with SIL in Mexico to develop a training program. So ask God to guide Betu in her role. Pray also for Betu and her husband Jackson who will be relocating from Peru to Mexico on 6 August. Jackson will serve as the new administrator of Maná, Museum of the Holy Scriptures, in Mexico.

God will reward you: Papua New Guinea, Tonga

‘We thank you, Lupe, from the bottom of our hearts. Money, words, and any other gesture cannot repay your service. May God who called you reward you…’. This was part of the ‘thank you’ email written to Lupe Lui by Tony Kotauga, Executive Director for the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (BTA). Lupe joined BTA from Wycliffe Tonga Missions (WTM) to serve as Executive Assistant for the last five years. Lupe’s involvement in cross-cultural ministry has strengthened the relationship between WTM and BTA. Therefore, pray for Lupe as she left PNG to return to Tonga on 30 May. Also, pray for her re-adjustment to Tonga. From there she will join her husband, Mosese who works in New Zealand. Praise God for keeping and sustaining Lupe and Mosese when travel restrictions denied them being together. 

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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