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Streams of Prayer for 15 August 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 15 August 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

Effectiveness and transformation

Prayer has always been the bedrock of the Bible translation movement. We produce Streams of Prayer to help people to pray and to encourage prayer for Bible translation movements worldwide. Twice a year, however, we like to look back and celebrate how our prayers have been answered. We rejoice at how the Word of God is impacting individuals, communities, and nations and how churches and partners are joining together to participate in the mission of God.

The current theme of Streams of Prayer is Effectiveness and Transformation. Together we thank God for how he graciously responds to our prayers, and we are encouraged as we consider all he has done for Alliance organizations and the communities they serve. Then we continue to ask he who began a good work in us to carry it on to completion (Philippians 1:6).

Going forward despite health challenges: New Zealand

Pray for Bruce Eirena as he leads the team redesigning the Wycliffe New Zealand website, which they plan to bring online in the next few months. Praise God for the skilled designer working with them from the Philippines. This major project is the first for Bruce after some serious health issues and setbacks. Though still dealing with these health issues, he is eager to see the project completed. He is thankful for all that he is still able to achieve and looks forward to more mobility after hip replacement surgery. Pray for an opening on the surgery waiting list for both hip replacements, and pray for healing after surgery.

Sharing encouraging stories: Singapore

Streams of Prayer 28 November, Wycliffe Singapore

Praise God for Wycliffe Singapore’s programme called ‘Stories from the Field’, presenting encouraging testimonies via Zoom on the first Tuesday of the month. Pray for a stable internet connection, especially for those joining from outside Singapore. Also pray for the invited speakers with Bible translation ministry experiences such as translators, translation consultants, project coordinators, and trainers as they prepare and share from their hearts. Pray that the stories motivate many to participate in the Bible translation movement.

First training for Nomatsigenga translators: Peru

Streams of Prayer 15 August
Training Nomatsigenga Bible translators. Photo: Soto Salazar Family Prayer Bulletin

On May 14, about 150 Nomatsigengas gathered to celebrate the start of their Old Testament translation project. The celebration included a visit from Andrés and his wife, Lina. Andrés is the son of the translator for the Nomatsigenga language New Testament. In the last week of June, a team of translators was trained in the use of computers, a challenge in contrast with the agricultural work that they carry out in the field. Praise God that after five days of training, they left highly motivated and prepared to start the translation project. Pray for the team of four—Adan, Joshelin, Iris, and Delsi—who have committed to translating the Nomatsigenga Old Testament. Ask God to bring two more members to join their team.

Good feedback and discussions: Indonesia

Kartidaya initiated the discussion of the Language Mapping Strategic Cooperation on 22 April, receiving good feedback from supporting partners. Praise God for this feedback and for success in inviting people to be involved in providing prayer and financial support. Pray for a strong sense of community as all the teams continue to work together.

The launch is the beginning: Central African Republic

Streams of Prayer 15 August
Presentation of the New Testament. Photo: Will Sawers

Praise God that the Gbeya, Kaba, and Ngbugu-speaking communities of the Central African Republic have all received the New Testament in their languages this year. Pray that the pride this fosters in each community’s cultural identity and language will lead to Scripture use among dispersed communities of each language group. Pray that it will contribute to increased local language use in families, strengthening the heritage of future generations. Unfortunately, despite enthusiasm for the New Testaments, some are having difficulty reading their New Testaments. Pray that more literacy training will be made available in these language communities. Ask God to bring unity, joy, and thankfulness among the people and renewal in individuals’ and churches’ relationships with the Lord. Pray that as they use their New Testaments, they find new ways to study and learn from God’s word.

Helping children learn: Kenya

Streams of Prayer 15 August
Pupils from Reuben Mwewe Primary School use grade two Pokomo language learning materials written and published by BTL. Photo: BTL

Praise God that Bible Translation and Literacy’s (BTL) Mother Tongue Education Programme for Indigenous Languages in Kenya [MEPIL] is transforming the levels of education in the Coast Region. According to Reuben Mwewe Primary School Head Teacher Rose Nyamwezi, the programme helps pupils to understand class content, attendance has increased, and dropping out has decreased. The MEPIL programme uses a language form they clearly understand as the mode of instruction for learners from pre-primary level to grades 1, 2, and 3. Through the programme, BTL has produced various mother tongue learning materials for grades 1, 2, and 3 for Pokomo, Duruma, Digo, Giryama, Tharaka, Sabaot, and Kalenjin language groups.

Hearing the Word of God in a proclaimer: Peru

Streams of Prayer 15 August
Rómulo reading the Bible. Photo: AIDIA

In the community of Piscoya, in the province of Aymaraes, Peru, the people labour in agricultural work and artisanal mining. The community is deeply affected by alcoholism and poverty. Six years ago, Enrique, a facilitator of AIDIA (Interdenominational Association for the Integral Development of Apurímac), visited this area and met Rina, a woman confined to a wheelchair because of spinal issues. Rina heard Enrique speak about the Word of God and she accepted a Proclaimer audio Bible from him.

This year when Enrique returned to the community, he learned that Rina had passed away during the pandemic. Then he met Rina’s 28-year-old grandson, Rómulo Espinoza, who told him that Rina always listened to God’s Word on the Proclaimer, and he began to use it after she passed away. Though ridiculed by friends for refraining from parties and drunkenness, Rómulo “bought a Bible, because I want to continue knowing God,” and he chose to share with “friends and family members who want to hear the gospel and meet God.” Praise God for Romulo’s transformation after hearing the Word of God. Pray that he continues to know God and share his Word with others.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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