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Streams of Prayer for 15 May 2023

The Streams of Prayer for 18 May 2023, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

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May 14-20, 2023

Generosity, Funding and Specialty Services

Community is at the heart of the existence of the Wycliffe Global Alliance. Serving together in community, we love, respect and honour each other. Our interdependence and interconnectedness create an environment where all Alliance organisations generously give and graciously receive. Sometimes Alliance organisations give financially. We also give in other ways including providing time, expertise and staff. We affirm each other for who we are and not for what we contribute or for the quantity of the contribution. Our primary goal is to glorify God together in Bible translation.

Streams of Prayer 15 May 2023
The Roma Bible translation team in Romania discusses a passage with Bible translation consultant Leslie Fast as they review drafts of the Romani translation. Photo: Marc Ewell

Alliance organisations engaged in the Funding and Specialty Services Participation Streams demonstrate community and encourage generosity through raising funds for operations and Bible translation projects and by sharing other practical skills within the Bible translation movement. Therefore, our theme encompasses these three interconnected areas: Generosity, Funding and Specialty Services.

Camp Wycliffe: Hong Kong, Thailand

Since 2006, Wycliffe Thai Foundation has been hosting Camp Wycliffe annually for young people who have a heart for missions. In recent years, they generously started to share this opportunity with other Alliance organisations. Wycliffe Hong Kong is one of these. The camp this year will take place from 20-27 May. On top of basic training in linguistics and Bible translation, participants will have the opportunity to taste cross-cultural living, listen to God’s Word as they reflect on their vocations, and serve through community projects. Please pray with Wycliffe Hong Kong that the right candidates will be led to join the camp. Pray also for continued blessing on their partnership with Wycliffe Thai Foundation.

Streams of Prayer 15 May 2023
The Camp Wycliffe promotional poster. Image: Wycliffe Thailand

Good local efforts: Cameroon

Streams of Prayer 15 May 2023
CABTAL General Director presents a motorbike to the Njyem Bible translation programme. Photo: CABTAL

Language communities that partner in Bible translation with Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL) are making remarkable efforts to contribute to the planned and ongoing programmes in their mother tongues. Rural and urban churches raise offerings and local language speakers make voluntary donations, especially community elders and leaders. Also, local interchurch committees help organise income-generating initiatives in villages so that people have the means to contribute financially to the translation of the Bible. Praise God for these various local efforts which testify to the commitment to missions of many of the local communities in Cameroon. Give thanks to God because these efforts, put together with the contributions of other partners, not only allow for the training of community translation team members but also help to acquire appropriate equipment to carry out the work.

Artificial Intelligence project: South Korea

Pray for a working group of the Global Bible Translators in South Korea. The group explores the possibilities of using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for Bible translation projects. Their pilot project seeks to render a draft of the Old Testament in the Dawn* language by using language data from the Dawn New Testament. Mr Lee, an IT specialist, is leading this working group. Pray that he will receive support from other IT professionals as he balances his full-time job with facilitating the AI group. Mr Lee also desires to develop a method for producing International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcription from local voice data collections. Ask for the Lord’s favour as Mr Lee prepares and submits an abstract of the research paper to be considered for an upcoming Bible translation conference in the United States. Pray for wisdom, unity and support for the group.

Growing funding: Hungary

Staff at Wycliffe Hungary  are developing funding for translation in several ways:

Streams of Prayer 15 May 2023
Promotional picture from Wycliffe Hungary’s Facebook page
  • By the end of May 2023, people in Hungary have to designate which not-for-profit organisation they want to support with 1% of their taxes. Pray that many will choose to support Bible translation.
  • Staff at Wycliffe Hungary are looking to find 25 key financial partners for projects funded by Wycliffe Hungary by 2025. Ask God to guide them to the people he has chosen and help them develop these relationships.
  • Ask God to guide the leaders and the board as they discuss how to increase their number of partners and make funding a more effective part of Wycliffe Hungary’s ministry.

Assistance after cyclone devastation: Vanuatu

Two category 4 cyclones hit Vanuatu in the first week of March. Many village houses and crops were badly damaged or destroyed. Please pray for ongoing recovery as people rebuild homes and repair infrastructure. Craig and Darlene Farrow, Wycliffe New Zealand personnel serving in Vanuatu, give thanks for the financial aid they received to assist with buying rice and building materials for the local churches and communities affected by the cyclones. Praise God for the generosity of his people shown in this tangible way.

Water safety training: Papua New Guinea

Streams of Prayer 15 May 2023
Coastal and island communities depend on boats for transportation. Photo: Sineina Gela

The Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association language teams in the Madang Province and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville are preparing for a water safety training in June 2023. Tim McIntosh from JAARS will conduct the training to equip teams that rely on sea transportation. Pray for the two organisations as they work together on the details and logistical preparation. Pray that communication about the training will reach language teams that are in isolated areas so they can prepare to participate.

Expanding the fundraising department: Switzerland

Streams of Prayer 15 may 2023, Wycliffe Switzerland

The fundraising department of Wycliffe Switzerland is developing a circle of existing and new financial partners. Please pray for God’s leading for the partners and the department, so everyone can find their best fit in the work of promoting and resourcing work among communities that do not yet have access to the Bible in a language they can understand. In the next few years, staff want to significantly expand their fundraising capacity. They need God’s guidance on how to do that within the means at their disposal. Ask God to provide a director for the new projects department, who will oversee project partnerships overseas and fundraising in Switzerland. Always, Wycliffe Switzerland staff want to walk in God’s prepared ways (Ephesians 2:10) and not just follow their own “cool” ideas. Pray for God’s guidance.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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