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Streams of Prayer for 16 December 2021

The Streams of Prayer for 16 December 2021, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is made available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Psalm 126:3 says: “The Lord has done amazing things for us! What joy!”
This has been the experience of many in the Alliance even through some of the darkest days and the greatest challenges we have faced during the last two years. At times God has acted despite the pandemic and other challenging situations, and at times he has accomplished his purposes because of pandemic restrictions. Celebration is the current theme for Streams of Prayer. Join us as we look back over the year and celebrate what God has done in and through the Bible translation movement. As we praise and thank him, let us allow the joy of the Lord to be our strength (Nehemiah 8:10).

Translating God’s word brings new life: Africa

The CD Cluster project, located in a sensitive region in Southern Africa, is run in partnership between Wycliffe South Africa and local churches. Since the home area of the language communities involved in this project is affected by armed conflict, the team has been meeting in another region for safety. God has been faithful, allowing Scripture production to proceed despite this challenge. Praise God that a translator from a different faith has become a follower of Christ. Pray for him as his family has now rejected him. Also, pray for God’s protection and for peace to prevail in the region where the team is based. Finally, pray for the team’s continued resilience and that they adjust to travel and to working away from their homes and communities.

Road to 35 Years: Hong Kong
Streams of Prayer 16 December
Image Wycliffe Hong Kong

Praise the Lord for his faithfulness as Wycliffe Hong Kong celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2022. Thank God for the partnership of churches in Hong Kong to make the vision of Bible translation a reality. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom in celebration event planning, including for the highlight of a member conference in July 2022. Ask God for his protection, provision, and unity during this time of encouragement and celebration as the 54 members who are serving all over the world return to the city and reunite for the five-day conference.

Interest in Bible translation: Australia

Thank God for the opportunities that the Wycliffe Australia Representative for South Australia had this year to speak about Bible translation. Despite many restrictions brought about by the pandemic, Ian Hutchinson addressed over 20 churches, a university Christian group, a Christian school, and six home groups. Praise God for these open doors. Through these contacts, one couple and two individuals have expressed interest in Bible translation. God has heard their prayers for more workers. Pray for these four people as they work through the next steps in their interest to pursue ministry in Bible translation.

Response to the JESUS Film: South Asia

In partnership with the JESUS Film, a Facebook advertisement was launched in a language group of South Asia. In ten days, a short video of Jesus’ birth reached close to 300,000 people! Almost 10,000 people have watched 95% or more of the video, and 9,500 people have accessed a website where they can watch the whole JESUS film, message the page to others, or download the Scripture app. Advertisements will continue running over the next few months. Pray for open hearts as people interact with the film and for those responding to questions and comments.

Streams of Prayer 16 December
Kristin Westh  
Streams of Prayer 16 December
Laerke Roager
Thankful for new staff: Denmark

Praise the Lord for two young women involved with Wycliffe Denmark. Accepted as a member, Kristin Westh currently studies linguistics at CanIL in Canada. Laerke Roager volunteers at the Wycliffe Denmark office while studying IT at the university in Denmark. Praise God for adding new people to Wycliffe Denmark and pray for these young women.

New personnel: New Zealand

Rejoice with Wycliffe New Zealand as two new members for translation and linguistics services were accepted in September, despite difficulties due to COVID. Thank God too for the appointment of a new Executive Assistant to the Directors, a welcome addition to the office team. This young woman offers an important perspective as they seek to relate well with the next generation. Her responsibilities include social media communications, encompassing Facebook, Instagram, and, more recently, a monthly podcast for the organization. Pray for her in this vital role.

Time of Celebration among the Paumari: Brazil 
Streams of Prayer 16 December
Paumari translation team

COVID-19 prevented the consulting work planned for translating the books of Obadiah, Jonah, and Malachi in 2020. However, because translation work went forward remotely, many translation drafts were started and completed well ahead of the target date.

In November, Brazilian missionary Rogério Rosa assembled a team that included missionary Shirley Costa from Brasilia, and three indigenous people, from three separate areas in the states of Amazonas and Rondônia. The consultation took place in Porto Velho-RO. Thanks to partner organization JAARS, the three indigenous people flew one hour and twenty minutes by plane, rather than travelling 16 hours by boat.

Despite some setbacks during the consultation, the team expressed satisfaction with the results of the work. It was a time of celebration for this breakthrough in the translation of the Holy Scriptures into Paumari. Paumari village churches are using a few printed and bound copies of the three translated books until the publication is complete. Pray that the books be published soon. Rejoice with us, and let us give all the glory and praise to our God.

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