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Streams of Prayer for 17 July 2023

The Streams of Prayer for 17 July 2023, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

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July 16 – July 22, 2023

Bible Translation Programmes

The Wycliffe Global Alliance serves Bible translation movements because we long for language communities to encounter God through his Word and be transformed (See the Alliance Foundational Statements). The current theme for Streams of Prayer is Bible Translation Programmes, one of the Participation Streams for the Alliance. Many Alliance organisations manage Bible translation programmes and many more support them through prayer, people, funding and training. 

Streams of Prayer 17 July 2023
A man from the Mapulana community in South Africa receives an audio device containing translated Sepulana Scriptures. Photo: Jennifer Pillinger

Bible translation programmes require teams of people with various skills.

  • Pray for those engaged in planning projects as they seek to understand how to design projects that will have the most impact on communities. 
  • Ask God to guide and protect teams working together to ensure that the Scriptures translated into each language are clear and easy to understand, accurate in reflecting the original meaning and accessible in appropriate formats. 

Team members also engage communities to use the Scriptures effectively. 

  • Ask God to impact language communities around the globe as people read, listen to, or watch translated Scripture. 
  • Pray that they will understand it and be transformed.
Arise Asia conference: Asia, Global
Streams of Prayer 17 July 2023

Pray for the Arise Asia mission conference in Bangkok (25-29 July) co-sponsored by multiple mission organisations. As of June 13th, 1530 young adults from across Asia have signed up from 35 countries. Pray that the plenary speakers will have wisdom and inspiration from God as they prepare. Pray for the workshop leaders (four teams from SIL and the Wycliffe Global Alliance) as they prepare. Pray also for the mentors who will walk with the young adults during and after the conference. Continue in prayer for the attendees’ fundraising, preparation, applications, visas, and ready hearts for missions. Pray for those facing the challenges of making international financial transfers, which can involve expensive fees. For some, this can be an obstacle to attending the conference. Some conference attendees will receive scholarships to cover the costs.

Pray that much fruit will come as a result of encounters with God through hearing the speakers, attending workshops, participating in mentoring sessions and innovation labs and engaging in conversations at exhibition booths. Pray also for the joint communication team working to ensure that the e-publicity materials and conference banners communicate well to this next generation. May the Lord use this event to further his kingdom around the world!

Completing the revision of Paul’s Epistles in six languages: Venezuela
Streams of Prayer 17 July 2023
Translation team completes revision of Paul’s epistles. Photo: CLAN Venezuela

Several faithful translation teams in Venezuela have persevered through challenging political, economic and personal circumstances. Recently, representatives of the translation teams from the Yukpa, Kartna, Dhe’cwana, Neengatú, Curripaco, and Warao communities were present for the consultant checking and revision of translated texts of Paul’s Epistles. The layout work will be carried out next. During this time, each team, together with trained personnel, will design and print the books for subsequent distribution. Paul’s epistles will soon reach these six Venezuelan ethnic groups. Pray for wisdom for each of the translators during this time, for the churches willing to support the translation projects and to take on the challenge of discipling Christian leaders in these Venezuelan ethnic groups, as well as for provision and health for each family represented in CLAN Venezuela.

New projects: Thailand

Pray with Wycliffe Thai Foundation for the successful launch of three new projects this year. The Ethnic Biblical Storytelling Project aims to reach a neighbouring country by sharing Bible stories with the local communities. The Bible Storytelling Project for Evangelism, which targets Northeastern Thailand, uses storytelling as a means to spread the gospel. The Reading and Writing Project aims to promote Scripture use among the Thai Yai people and encourage literacy in the community. May God bless Wycliffe Thai Foundation’s personnel who are trained in storytelling, and enable them to learn effectively and apply what they have learned to their respective localities. Pray that God opens doors for evangelism, discipleship and storytelling in the neighbouring countries. Pray for safety as project staff serve in these nations and for many people to be reached effectively.

The Standard Romani Bible translation project: Romania
Streams of Prayer 17 July 2023
Gospel of John in Standard Romani. Photo: Wycliffe Romania

The translation of John’s Gospel in Standard Romani was successfully finalised a couple of months ago. Since then, the first 500 copies have been printed, and the Scripture engagement team and members of the translation project’s committee joined efforts to visit several Roma churches and organise Scripture engagement workshops. Valuable feedback has been received, and now the project team aims to print out 2500 to 4000 copies of the Gospel of John in Standard Romani to be distributed to as many churches and people as possible. The translation team is drafting the Book of Acts. One of the translators and a member of the committee completed the audio recording of the Gospel of John in June. A Bible college (a Wycliffe Romania partner) in Oradea provided the studio and equipment for the recording. Praise God for the good collaboration among the team members of the Standard Romani project, Romani churches and others within the broader community.

Taste of Translation: Indonesia
Streams of Prayer 17 July 2023
A consultant teaching the process of translation. Photo: Kartidaya

Together with Yayasan Misi Penginjilan Pemuridan Papua and Operation Snap Dragon, Kartidaya successfully conducted a Taste of Translation (ToT) survey, which allows a team to gather language information and gauge the interest of the local community in having Scripture in their language. During the survey, speakers of the language translate a few verses of Scripture for the first time into their language. Praise God for the completion of ToT survey in five languages in West Kalimantan and nine languages in Papua in April and May. Each language has finally received its first Bible verses. Praise God for the local churches that supported the survey. Pray that God will help the ToT survey team with wisdom as they complete the reports and follow through on the results. Ask the Lord to open the eyes and hearts of the people in these communities to the gospel and transform their lives.

Encouraging and revitalising language programmes: Papua New Guinea
Streams of Prayer 17 July 2023
Bougainville translators making a presentation at the workshop. Photo: PNGBTA

A team from the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA) visited Bougainville in April to help revitalise language programmes. Language teams in Bougainville have worked without an area programme manager for more than three years. Praise the Lord that leaders from five translation programmes met with the PNGBTA team for encouragement and fellowship. Kevin Wal of PNGBTA facilitated a one-day workshop on Participatory Methods for Engaging Communities in Bible translation. The training helps language teams to identify areas needing improvement or change and then work on a plan of action to address them. Pray for courage and wisdom for these programme leaders as they take the next steps to strengthen their language programmes and initiate any needed changes. Ask the Lord for his favour over their efforts so that they can continue to make progress with their translations.

AIDIA Pastaza translations: Peru, Canada
Streams of Prayer 17 July 2023
River, a pastor and Bible translator in the AIDIA Pastaza project in Peru. Photo: Wycliffe Canada

Wycliffe Canada has partnered with AIDIA (Interdenominational Association for the Holistic Development of Apurímac) for many years. AIDIA serves the Quechua people of Peru by facilitating access to the Bible in their languages. Now that the Bible in Eastern Apurímac Quechua is about to be printed, Wycliffe Canada is coming alongside the AIDIA Pastaza Initiative. Pastaza Quechua translation teams, together with translation consultants, are working to make the full Bible available in Northern and Southern Pastaza. In just a few years, a complete revision of the Southern Pastaza New Testament (published in 1997), an adaptation of the Southern Pastaza New Testament to Northern Pastaza, and selected Old Testament Scriptures will become available. Last year Wycliffe Canada staff prayed for this work to begin and asked how they might partner with the Pastaza communities. Praise God for the start of Bible translation in these two languages. Pray for translation progress and that Northern and Southern Pastaza speakers will be transformed as they encounter the power of God’s Word in their languages. Ask God to bless literacy and outreach initiatives as well. Pray for God’s blessing on the summer fundraising campaign for these translation projects.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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