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Streams of Prayer for 18 June 2023

The Streams of Prayer for 18 June 2023, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

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June 18 – June 25, 2023


The current theme for Streams of Prayer is Church, one of the Alliance’s seven Participation Streams. (See Statements regarding Wycliffe Global Alliance’s relationship with the Church.) As an Alliance, we believe that the purpose of the local church is to glorify God as it seeks to remain faithful to the mission of God, to draw people to Christ and to make disciples. The Alliance and all who are part of it have the opportunity to serve the Church and complement its ministry. We also seek to listen to and learn from churches worldwide in order to build strong relationships for mutual encouragement, strengthening, and equipping. These relationships usually include a focus on Bible translation and/or related ministries with language communities.

Streams of Prayer 18 June 2023
Pastor Calixto Mamami looks on as a man receives a Quechua Bible after completing a literacy class at a church in Peru. Photo: Marc Ewell

Together, we seek to find the meaningful, unique and complementary roles in the mission of God that he leads each church and organisation to fulfil. Join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream and for the church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

Serving churches: United Kingdom

Staff at Wycliffe UK and Ireland aim to serve churches as they seek to reach all people for Jesus. Praise God that churches in the UK are requesting speakers in record numbers. Ask God to provide many volunteers so that the team can meet the demand and serve these churches well. Pray that both churches and individuals will consider how they should get more involved in the Bible translation movement as a result of the team’s speaking engagements.

Pastor a key translator for the Merei: Vanuatu
Streams of Prayer 18 June 2023
A local minister conducts a church service. Photo: Elyse Patten

The Merei people live at Espiritu Santo, at the centre of Vanuatu’s largest island. While many identify as Christian, traditional religion is a daily force in most lives. Pray for the Merei from Psalm 1. Pray for encouragement for the local church pastor, who is a key Merei translator. May he know God is his strength and live accordingly (Psalm 81:1; Daniel 11:32b). Pray for Ross Webb of Wycliffe Australia as he makes arrangements for checking the Merei translation of Philippians and 1 Peter for accuracy, clarity and naturalness. Ask for God’s perfect timing for the checks. Pray for strong engagement in the translation project by the wider community. Pray for the recruitment of a team to help promote the use of the Scriptures and train the community in understanding and interacting meaningfully with the Bible’s life-changing message.

Partnership with the church: Singapore
Streams of Prayer 18 June 2023

Thank God for the Singapore church’s partnership invitations to Wycliffe Singapore. Wycliffe Singapore has the opportunity to host a booth in the Church of Our Saviour for Missions month and to participate at the GoForth 2023 National Missions Conference. Ask for God’s anointing for Charles Ho, Wycliffe Singapore Executive Director and Simon Wan, Church Engagement Director, as they tell people about the mission of Bible translation and how the church can partner. Pray that the church will gain a deeper understanding of Bible translation ministry. Ask the Lord that more people will come to know, support, partner and participate in the Bible translation movement through Wycliffe Singapore.

Developing praying communities: Switzerland

Staff at Wycliffe Switzerland would like to see their country teeming with Christians who are committed to being part of Bible translation efforts on behalf of the world’s language communities. In order to help this movement grow, Wycliffe Switzerland promotes praying communities within churches, on campuses and online. They hope to partner with churches all over Switzerland. Many pastors have expressed concern that Christians don’t read the Bible or don’t really see it as a clear authority anymore. Wycliffe Switzerland staff are finding ways to come alongside church leaders as they seek to rekindle people’s interest in the Bible. Family services around the theme “Bible” are a popular tool, which also helps children to learn about the importance of the Bible and its impact around the world. Praise God that church engagement staff have established more contacts with churches. Pray for additional contacts with pastors and mission team leaders. Ask God to provide more opportunities for speaking engagements, especially in areas of Switzerland where Wycliffe is not well known. As the numbers of praying communities increase, pray that all who serve with Wycliffe, both in other countries and in Switzerland, can strengthen their relationships with their home churches.

Pray for Tamil churches: Malaysia
Streams of Prayer 18 June 2023
Tamil translation team members discuss the Tamil programme. Photo: Wycliffe Malaysia 

Wycliffe Malaysia leaders continue to network with pastors and church leaders in Tamil-speaking churches. The team has signed up four Tamil speakers to start a two-year oral storying project for the Tamil language community. Pray for Wycliffe Malaysia staff as they coordinate this project. Wycliffe Malaysia also plans to recruit some translation interns for a two-year internship program. Pray that the Tamil churches will provide partial support for these workers. Ask the Lord to bless the future Tamil translation team with passion and endurance to translate God’s Word effectively.

Reflection on reaching the unreached and the need for Bible translation: Americas
Streams of Prayer 18 June 2023
Participants in the Second Consultation on Ethnic Outreach. Photos: COMIBAM

In March, David Cardenas, Director of Wycliffe Global Alliance Americas, and other members of the Americas team attended the Second Consultation on Ethnic Outreach, organised by the Iberoamerican Missionary Cooperative (COMIBAM). A total of 151 missionaries, pastors and leaders from 40 organisations and 21 national missionary cooperatives attended from countries in the Iberoamerican region and North America. They met to reflect on possibilities, update lists of unreached people groups assigned to countries, and reaffirm the commitment to preach the gospel where Christ has not yet been proclaimed. Topics included: 

  • prayer and personal seeking of the Lord as the foundation of the work,
  • the biblical basis for reaching those who have not yet heard the gospel,
  • the need for Bible translation,
  • investment in young people to ensure generational continuity and
  • the importance of creative approaches toward unreached groups. 

Emphasis was placed on the strategic opportunity of the diaspora, which has brought people to Iboamerican countries from many unreached groups around the world. Pray for all the organisations, churches and national missionary networks committed to 1) investing in generational continuity and 2) using creative approaches to preach the gospel and make Scripture available to the unreached groups, especially those who migrate to the region.

A mission-focused church: Jamaica
Streams of Prayer 18 June 2023
Participants at missions conference. Photo: Wycliffe Caribbean

In February, the Wycliffe Caribbean office team was invited to host a missions conference in collaboration with the Missionary Church Association in Jamaica. It was a hybrid event with people gathered in person as well as others joining online. One highlight was that six pastors attended the conference in person along with other pastors who participated online. Several testimonies were shared from cross-cultural workers serving in Southeast Asia and a person getting ready to go to Papua New Guinea. The conference theme was “It’s Time to Go” and the main message was “What GO means in a Mission-focused Church”. Wycliffe Caribbean staff shared about the remaining Bible translation needs and challenged those present, along with their pastors, to make a response to God’s call. Several people did respond. Pray for them as they follow God’s leading to take steps toward involvement in God’s mission and Bible translation.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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