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Streams of Prayer for 2 August 2021

The Streams of Prayer for 2 August 2021, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is made available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Missions belong to God and the agent of missions is the Church. Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream. We pray also for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

Oral Bible storying impacting lives: Papua New Guinea
Streams of Prayer August 2

Praise the Lord for the Oral Bible Storytelling (OBS) approach that is being used to spread the Word of God among the Aekyom people in Papua New Guinea. In early June, five OBS personnel came together for a time of review and sharing. Daniel reported how he shared the Christmas stories during a Bible convention and that 25 people came forward to give their lives to the Lord. Nancy shared how she ministered to a very sick woman by telling her the story of Jesus healing the sick woman in Mark 5. A few weeks later, this woman returned to Nancy as a healed person thanking the Lord for his power over sickness. Pray that the Word of the Lord will spread widely and have a powerful effect (Acts 19:20).

A new season, fresh energy: Sweden
Streams of Prayer August 2

Mats-Jan Söderburg is director of Wycliffe Sweden, which is called Folk & Språk- Wycliffe Sverige. He wrote: “Please pray for us that we will transition into a new season of our lives and ministry. I feel the Lord is starting to open up and guide us in a certain direction that is not immediately obvious to me! I don’t want to look back, because then I move backwards instead of forward. On the other hand, I’ve always been a pastor, teacher and evangelist, which I’ve set on hold for some time now.” Please pray for:

  • Mats-Jan that he can steer Wycliffe Sweden through an ongoing time of transformation
  • opportunities to use his pastor-teacher skills more fully within a wider context of Swedish church life.
  • the partnerships that Wycliffe Sweden forges with major mission organisations would lead to a clear call for how to participate in God’s mission in this new season
  • Mats-Jan’s wife, Anna-Kaisa, who starts a masters programme in September in Optometry and hopes to move into the field of research after that.
Effectiveness through trauma healing: Germany

Wycliffe Germany invites churches in Germany to help traumatised people—both refugees and non-refugees—with the programme and workbook Healing the Wounds of Trauma. (The German title is Walking Alongside Traumatized People). These resources are based on the Bible and proven mental health principles. Since 2017, Wycliffe Germany has offered training sessions several times a year to equip church leaders, mission workers, mental health workers, and refugee helpers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They also train refugee helpers who work in hotspots like Lesvos and Athens. The training is done both in-person and online.

Thank God for these materials that have been translated into the heart languages of many refugees. Pray that through the service of these trained facilitators, many people will experience the life-changing message of the Bible and find healing for their heart wounds through Jesus. Pray for the necessary staff in Wycliffe Germany to continue this very much appreciated and effective outreach by churches.

Responses to newly translated Scripture: Southeast Asia

A translator in a Southeast Asian language was asked to share at a recent fellowship gathering. She read the first draft of James 1 that the team had just completed. Those attending responded with what had touched their hearts. One shared his excitement over verses 9 and 10: “Excellent! God sees us all as equal. He honours the poor and humbles the rich. As believers, rich or poor, we are all equal before God.” This is music to the ears of the people in this humble language community, who have a long history of being marginalised.

Another said, “That is just how we would say it. It’s as if grandfather James were our grandfather, speaking to us.” The translator was encouraged by these glimpses of people having heart-to-heart connections with God through his Word in their own language, as they related the passages to their lives. So praise God for how he brings spiritual growth among his people through heart language Scriptures.

Completed audio New Testaments: Taiwan

Praise the Lord for the completed audio New Testaments for the Amis, Tsou and Tao languages Streams of Prayer August 2 spearheaded by Wycliffe Taiwan. These recordings were done in close collaboration with partner organisations in Taiwan. So pray for the next steps as the Scripture engagement team connects the partner organisations, churches and language communities of each of the three language groups. Also thank the Lord for the help of a Scripture engagement specialist who is scheduled to arrive in Taiwan this September to assist the team. Finally, pray for the Lord’s grace for the visa application and for a good working relationship with the team.

Mobilization efforts reap a harvest: Argentina

LETRA Argentina personnel have invested several years in promotional activities, mission mobilization efforts and training throughout Argentina to prepare new cross-cultural workers for the Mission of God. After countless obstacles produced by the pandemic and seemingly endless paperwork, they praise God that four Argentine cross-cultural workers went to Papua New Guinea in May. The members of LETRA Argentina feel abundantly blessed and joyful. They commit to support these well-loved workers with whom they have been able to walk together in God’s service. So pray for God to bless these new servants and go before them in all the adjustments and challenges they  will face as they begin their new assignments in support of Bible translation. Also ask God to continue to use the leaders, staff, and other members of LETRA Argentina to promote His Kingdom.

Streams of Prayer August 2
God at work in answer to prayer: Global
Streams of Prayer August 2

In a video prayer call in February 2021, Dr Larry Jones, President, and CEO of Seed Company said the following. “Half of the remaining people groups that have no Scripture are in three countries: Papua New Guinea (PNG), Nigeria, and Indonesia. These countries have strong churches, whose people could step forward to meet this need if they are trained and equipped. Pray for this.” Listeners responded with prayer. Ken Schmitt (Wycliffe USA) of Global Partnerships (GP), an inter-organizational collaborative effort, reports the following exciting developments:

  • The United Church of PNG has outlined steps to develop the capacity to assume responsibility for some of the Bible translations needed in PNG.
  • GP is working with BATTLE Inc* to develop a strategy to continue church-based translation programs in 84 languages in PNG.
  • The Nigerian church and organizations are taking responsibility for Bible Translation in various regions of Nigeria.
  • Conversations are taking place to meet the remaining translation needs in Papua, Indonesia. Two large Protestant denominations in the province, three Alliance organizations, and GP are a part of the discussion.
  • Praise God for these church partnerships. Continue to pray for provision of training, resources, and divine guidance.

*BATTLE, Inc – Bible Association for Translation, Training and Literacy Education

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