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Streams of Prayer for 2 January 2024

The Streams of Prayer for 2 January 2024, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

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December 31, 2023 – January 13, 2024


Christmas is a time of celebration. It’s a time when we celebrate light coming into the world, God’s redemptive plan and Jesus’ immense sacrifice on our behalf. We celebrate that The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. (John 1:5 NIV) As we are so often recipients of bad news about wars, economic challenges, and natural disasters as well as facing our own individual challenges, it’s important to remind ourselves that the darkness cannot overcome the Light of the World. We also can celebrate the many ways God is at work around the world in Bible translation movements bringing his light to many. Celebration is the current theme for Streams of Prayer. Join us as we look back over the year to thank God for the ways he has answered our prayers and to celebrate what he has done in and through Bible translation movements.

Note: Following our usual Christmas and New Year holiday schedule, Streams of Prayer will be sent biweekly instead of weekly, which means you have two weeks to pray for the items in each issue (17-30 December 2023 and 31 December 2023 – 13 January 2024).

Double celebration: Ethiopia

Wycliffe Ethiopia is celebrating the Lord because they have finally moved into their new office complex, which has much more space. This will enable the entire team to accommodate more tasks than they have in the past. Although the building will be inaugurated officially in February, the team has started enjoying it and appreciating the goodness of God in this new environment. Celebrate God who, through his mighty work, made it possible to acquire such a facility in 10 years of Wycliffe Ethiopia’s ministry. This facility will certainly bring greater impact. The inauguration celebrations of this complex will also celebrate how God is at work in the Zay, Inor, Tsara, and Mursi language communities. There will be a symbolic dedication of the four Gospels in these languages. This has been accomplished through God’s mighty hand. To him be all praise and honour.

Prayer walks and testimonies shape World Day of Prayer events: Panama

Streams of Prayer 2 January 2024

During the last few years, PAAM’s intercession team, One Voice, has joined in the celebration of the World Day of Prayer for Bible Translation (WDOP) through hosting a prayer walk. Intercessors and mission partners from churches participated. At the first one, about 20 people prayed together as they walked through an open park in the city, and it was a great blessing. Then came the pandemic and the meeting was held online, with a video recording shared with other organisations around the world. In 2022 a prayer walk was held again. This year, One Voice celebrated WDOP with an in-person meeting where testimonies were shared of how PAAM has interceded for translation projects and teams around the world, some in challenging situations. Praise God for One Voice which has faithfully gathered for several years to celebrate the WDOP, sharing testimonies of faith and praying for translation workers and teams around the world.

40 years of involvement in Bible translation: Singapore

Streams of Prayer 2 January 2024
Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon gave a message on John 1:1-4. Photo: Dayna Tan

The staff of Wycliffe Singapore praise God for the 40th-anniversary celebration on 7 October. Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon gave a message from John 1:1-4 on incarnation, recognition and comprehension of the Word of God. Friends and partners who attended the celebration were blessed with a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the work that Wycliffe Singapore has been involved in. Please pray that their translators will continue to have perseverance, wisdom and grace in this meticulous work and also for their families’ protection in the communities in which they serve. Pray also for deeper bonds and mutual understanding among Wycliffe Singapore and its church and individual partners.

Celebrating 60 years of God’s goodness and faithfulness: New Zealand

Streams of Prayer 2 January 2024
60th anniversary logo. Photo: Wycliffe New Zealand

Praise God for three wonderful 60th-anniversary events that Wycliffe New Zealand held throughout September in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. It was a special time of remembering and reflecting on God’s goodness and faithfulness as an organisation. The programme also featured presentations from the “Scripture Through the Arts” team, who powerfully portrayed stories of impact through music and drama, and one night of music and arts focused on youth and the next generation. A final celebratory evening concluded the 60th-anniversary events. Thank God for all he has done in and through Wycliffe New Zealand and its partners and partnering churches to participate in the Bible translation movement.

The Romanian Sign Language translation project: Romania

Praise God that the Romanian Sign Language translation project has successfully transitioned to its new phase (August 2023 – July 2026) with committed funding from partners. This paves the way for the team to focus on translation and Scripture engagement activities.

  • Please pray for the new translator who recently joined the team. May he adjust well and have the patience and clarity to learn the translation process. Although he is proficient in signing, he struggles with standing in front of the camera to sign and record smoothly. May he gain the ability to naturally sign in front of the camera. 
  • Pray for the volunteer who helps the team with video editing. Pray for an easy learning experience with the editing program and good collaboration with the team members.
  • The team recently visited some Deaf churches in Romania and talked about the translation project. During the visit, one of the team members preached about a verse that was difficult for the Deaf to understand. However, he used translated Scripture in Romanian Sign Language to explain the verse, and it became much clearer for them. Pray that Romanian Deaf people will have a growing desire to study Scripture and know the Lord through it.

Time to celebrate: Thailand

Streams of Prayer 2 January 2024
Singing “Ancient Words” as a song of praise. Photo: Derryl Friesen

Let’s praise the Lord with the Wycliffe Thai Foundation team for a wonderful event held for its 25th anniversary and the opening of its new multipurpose office building in Nong Kwai, Chiangmai on 28 October. With the theme of “In His Hands,” about 200 local and overseas friends and ministry partners joined the team either physically or online for celebration and Thanksgiving. The new, three-story office building includes a conference hall and a sound-proof studio for media production. Praise God as he has been blessing Wycliffe Thai Foundation over the past 25 years. May he continue to use the organisation and Thai Christians to help bring the nations to Jesus, especially in Thailand and its neighbouring countries.

Connecting with language groups through the diaspora: Global

Praise God that of the 2023 list of 10 language communities with which Global Diaspora Services (GDS) of SIL seeks to explore potential Bible translation opportunities, only two remain. Credible leads for making contact with one of the two exist. Trust the Lord with us that speakers of the 10th language will be identified. This will position GDS well as the Towards Diaspora Translation (TDT) project embarks on its 2024 challenge of engaging with another 10 language communities.

Celebrating Bible Translation Day: Paraguay

Streams of Prayer 2 January 2024
Access to the Bible Paraguay 2023.  Photo: LETRA Paraguay

International Translation Day is celebrated on 30 September in honour of Saint Jerome, who translated the Bible from classical Greek and Hebrew into Latin in the fourth and fifth centuries. It was a revolutionary act for the time. The Holy Scriptures, until then, had never been translated into any other language. This translation is known as the Vulgata Editio—that is, the Edition for the People. Many in the Bible translation movement celebrate 30 September specifically as Bible Translation Day. This year, LETRA Paraguay celebrated with joy the Bible translation progress made over the years. They are working with five languages in Paraguay. They also took time to reflect on the continuing need to move forward and the journey they still must travel. Pray that many will join them in this mission to bring the Word of God to all languages and regions in Paraguay.

Successful short-term trip: Australia, Papua New Guinea

Give thanks for a successful short-term trip to Papua New Guinea from 17 to 29 September 2023 to expose people to the work of the Bible translation movement. The trip was led by Helen Sahl and Eva McMaster from Wycliffe Australia. It was a joyful time, and everyone remained healthy. God engineered remarkable breakthroughs in transport and key relational connections. Pray for the 11 people who were on the trip. Ask God to guide them in how he wants them to remain involved.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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