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Streams of Prayer for 21 June 2021

The Streams of Prayer for 21 June 2021, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is made available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Missions belong to God and the agent of missions is the Church. Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream. We pray also for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

Experiencing God in the midst of crisis: Cameroon

The Essimbi community in Cameroon is located in one of the regions affected by the country’s ongoing political unrest. Many people have either run away from the community or live in

Streams of Prayer for 21 June 2021

constant fear. For many of these people, the Word of God is a great treasure as they have learned to depend on God. Thank God that the Essimbi New Testament will be typeset in June 2021. Pray for the team which is spending about three weeks in Yaoundé for this. Pray that the Seed Company which provided the funds and accompanied the community for many years will continue to receive funds to help other communities who are in need of the Scriptures.

Looking to God for funding: Canada
Streams of Prayer

Pray with OneBook staff as they ask God to provide people to join their team of regular financial partners. Also, pray that current partners will promote OneBook’s projects to their friends. Pray that God will call them to become partners as well. The programme team needs wisdom and discernment from the Lord as they consider additional and continuing project funding requests. The pandemic has caused unpredictable budget factors on several levels. Pray for God to guide partner organizations to gather all the information needed to help the program team make wise budget decisions.

Joint Funding Initiative: Asia-Pacific

The Joint Funding Initiative for the organisations of Wycliffe Global Alliance Asia-Pacific was

created to build and strengthen local partnerships in each of the countries represented. As a result of the effectiveness of initial efforts (including the first event, God’s Word for All – Together for Transformation, held in March 2021), the Asia-Pacific Leadership Team is now preparing for the next event in May 2022. Ask the Lord to unite the hearts of staff from participating organisations as they continue to learn from one another and work together. Pray for discernment and guidance as the area team coordinates the efforts for the next event.

Giving increases during the pandemic: Wycliffe UK
Streams of Prayer

Through the involvement of Wycliffe UK in the Bible translation movement, over 360 people from the UK and Ireland serve more than 470 million people speaking around 350 languages in 70 countries! During the pandemic, rather than seeing a reduction in interest in financing translation projects, Wycliffe UK reported a 30% increase in gifts. Praise God for effective virtual connections with a wider church audience in the UK. Praise him as well for people’s trust in God to provide even in the midst of a pandemic, as they stepped out in faith to give generously. Please pray that these gifts would fully play their part in funding Bible translation in many sensitive places in the world and be a witness to God’s glory. Pray that out of the overflow of this generosity access to the Scriptures in their heart languages will transform the many thousands of people impacted by this work

Ministering to one another: Papua New Guinea, Tonga

Last year, a leader in the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA) was sick for

a long time. He was unable to eat and became very weak. The Lord impressed a Tongan colleague’s heart to visit him. Even though she knew he was not eating, she used the last bit of cash she was saving for a ministry trip to buy a nutritious fish soup to bring to him as a gift. She also prayed for the Lord to help him eat the soup and keep it in. For the first time in several weeks, he amazed his family when he ate up everything without vomiting. He regained his strength and got healed to return to work. So thank the Lord for his demonstrations of generosity among his people through acts of kindness like this.

Participatory Approach Training: Malaysia

Wycliffe Malaysia conducts “Participatory Approach Training” workshops for translation workers. The training aims to equip workers to effectively guide project discussions so that the serving team and the community can participate together in evaluating, analysing, making decisions and carrying out project goals. A participatory approach helps build consensus and strengthens mutual understanding and trust. Pray for the trainers and trainees as they commit to working towards a common goal. Also ask the Lord to provide wisdom and guidance for the trainees to understand the participatory approach. May this leadership model encourage many to objectively review the current status of their teams and programmes to build unity with the communities they serve.

Generosity transforms lives: South Africa

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Many people groups in Southern Africa need access to God’s Word in their heart languages so that they can encounter God, and so it can transform their lives and communities. Wycliffe South Africa is made up of a diverse team of people committed to serving these communities. Please pray that many people will be led by God to join Wycliffe South Africa to partner with local language communities in the work of Scripture translation. Also pray for more churches and individuals willing to give generously of their time and resources, through prayer and volunteering and giving financially.

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