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Streams of Prayer for 21 June 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 21 June 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.


Our current theme for Streams of Prayer is People. It is our privilege to be involved with God’s mission both individually and corporately in a variety of ways. Alliance organizations committed to the People Participation Stream recruit and/or send people to serve in Bible translation movements. Those who are sent can work either in their own country or elsewhere in the world. They can serve with their sending organization, other Alliance organizations or partner organizations.

While we pray through the requests relating to People, we will ‘Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’ Matthew 9:38. We will also pray for the Alliance organizations involved in this Participation Stream to provide excellent supportive care to staff members whether they are serving in their country of origin or elsewhere in the world. In addition, we will pray that organizations collaborate well together across different Human Resources approaches and processes when personnel from one sending organization are assigned to serve under a different one. 

Pray for refreshment: Indonesia

Streams of Prayer 21 June
The Kartidaya team at their 30th anniversary. Photo from Facebook

As we pray for God’s wisdom for governments in the Asia-Pacific region to help economic recovery from the pandemic, pray for the Kartidaya ministry supporters and partners as God continues allowing them to be a blessing. Ask God to give strength and ability to the Kartidaya team as they serve with one heart, one mind, and one love according to His guidance and for His glory. Pray for the Lord’s help for the Kartidaya team retreat, now in the planning process. May it refresh and encourage the team as they bless many others through the Kartidaya ministry.

The Send: Norway

On 25 June in Oslo, Wycliffe Norway will participate in The Send. This is a programme that draws thousands of young Christians together to pray and worship God. So pray that many young people who attend this event will commit themselves to serving their neighbours and their communities or to being involved in short or long-term missions. Pray also that people in the far North of Norway find the time and the means to make the lengthy trip to Oslo. In addition, pray that many people will encounter, and choose to become involved in the Bible Translation Movement.

Staff member recruitment: Thailand

Streams of Prayer 21 June, Wycliffe Thai

Pray for the Lord’s anointing on Wycliffe Thai Foundation’s member recruitment. Ask God to bless Executive Director Tharawat Suebthayat as he meets with churches and pastors in Thailand, sharing the needs and promoting the ministry of Bible translation. Pray for those whom God is calling, that he would prepare them to serve him with perseverance and wisdom.

Mobilizing through social networks gives results: Paraguay

Streams of Prayer 21 June
Junior and LETRA Paraguay Directors. Photo by LETRA Paraguay

During the pandemic, engaging their social networks and developing a Zoom workshop, LETRA Paraguay worked to strengthen their outreach and mobilization. A young Paraguayan named Junior Guerrero took part in the virtual workshop and decided to get involved in literacy service opportunities with LETRA Paraguay. Trained in theology in Brazil, holding a master’s degree in Linguistics from PROEL Spain, in February 2022, Junior participated in the back-translation of Scriptures in the Aché language, calling it ‘an extremely enriching experience’. Then he learned of an opportunity to serve as a facilitator on the translation of the Chamacoco Old Testament. Therefore, pray for Junior as he prepares to meet with the field project coordinator in July. Also, pray that God would direct him and give him clarity about this possibility of full-time service. Finally, pray also for his family and his supporters, for their mutual encouragement.

New challenge for a team of translators: Peru

Streams of Prayer 21 June
Cotahuasi translation team. Photo AIDIA

Cirilo Vásquez and Bernardino Lancho, two of AIDIA´s (Asociación Interdenominacional para el Desarrollo Integral de Apurímac, Perú) translators, were members of the team translating the Bible into Quechua from Eastern Apurímac, completed in 2021. This year, Cirilo and Bernardino began a new challenge as members of the Bible translation team for the Quechua of La Unión in Cotahuasi. For 15 days each month, they travel approximately 48 hours from their home in Abancay to Cotahuasi to work with two local Cotahuasi translators, allowing them to participate in this translation project in person. For the rest of the month, they work virtually from Abancay. Pray for Cirilo and Bernardino’s safety during their monthly trips to Cotahuasi. Pray also for their families when Cirilo and Bernadino are away from home.

Equipping staff for Old Testament translation: Equatorial Guinea

Streams of Prayer 21 June

Praise God that the New Testament in Fang was completed and published in 2015. Since then, Samuel (the project leader and director of ACTB) and two other national translators have been receiving training for the translation of the Old Testament. They have already translated a few books. Samuel Ndong, leader of the team, has been invited to participate in a workshop on the oral translation method that RENDER plans to hold in the neighbouring country of Gabon from 18 July. Ask God to use this time to increase the ability and capacity of the team to translate the Old Testament well.

Peace: Eastern Europe

Pray for peace in Eastern Europe as the conflict there continues. Pray for God’s grace and strength for all who are affected, including the Alliance Organisations in the area. The staff of one organization faces challenges both locally and globally regarding travel, access to finances, and the ability to obtain visas. Also, some computer software no longer works in the region. So pray that God will open doors for them. Pray also that he will allow Alliance staff in Eastern Europe to be a light that shines in the darkness.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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