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Streams of Prayer for 21 March 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 21 March 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.


Many people with different areas of expertise are needed in order to translate the Bible in a way that is clear, accurate and natural. The skills are so important that many Alliance organizations regularly offer courses in topics relevant to Bible translation programmes, sometimes in cooperation with other organizations. Training in Bible translation roles is therefore one of the seven Participation Streams.

The current theme for Streams of Prayer is Training. We will pray for those who are teaching, their students and the organizations and institutions that host these training programmes. We will ask God to provide staff, finances and equipment for the programmes and workshops, so that translation programme staff will be equipped in the many disciplines required to finish Bible translations well.

Jonah one book workshop 14-25 March: Papua New Guinea

A one book workshop on the Book of Jonah is planned 14-25 March, for the Paiawa, Numbami and Qaire language groups in Morobe Province. Speakers of these languages have been waiting for Bible translation to begin. They are excited to move forward with this initial workshop in which they will learn basic translation principles and how to start their translation projects. The languages are part of the Waria Multi-Language Programme (WMLP) in the Province. So pray for Steven Ttopoqogo, Coordinator for the WMLP, and translation consultant Duncan Kasokason as they facilitate the workshop. Also ask the Lord for his wisdom for all involved. They expect twenty people to participate in this training.

Literacy with an emphasis on reading Scripture: Equatorial Guinea

Streams of Prayer 21 March
The Fang New Testament is complete and staff conduct literacy classes.

At the end of March, staff at Asociación Cristiana de Traducciones Bíblicas plan to hold a literacy workshop to encourage people in local churches in Equatorial Guinea to use the Scriptures already available in their mother tongue.

  • for preparations for the literacy workshop.
  • for financial provision, since the COVID pandemic interrupted the income generation initiatives of the organization. Ask God to guide them as they try to restart these initiatives.
  • that many people will learn to read and that God’s Word will make a difference in their lives.

Training mother-tongue translators: Philippines

With COVID protocols now relaxed in the Philippines, praise God for the opportunities Wycliffe Philippines has to help equip mother-tongue translators. Pray for good relationships as the translation teams of Kalinga-Tobog, Karrad, and Manguangan train and orient the mother-tongue translators. The team will also facilitate translation checking. In addition, ask God to open the hearts and minds of the people as they learn and relearn concepts that will improve the translation process.

Commitment to mentoring and training: Cameroon and Canada

Streams of Prayer 21 March
IT training with Frans Barah and Nzime translators. Photo Onebook.

Over 70 Cameroonians staff the Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL), a OneBook partner organization. Some were introduced to CABTAL when they participated in translation and literacy programmes in their own language communities. So give thanks that they want to pass on their knowledge and skills to help people in other communities value mother-tongue Scriptures. CABTAL has its own training programme and a strong commitment to training personnel. Staff are training community leaders and staff in over 50 language communities.

Give praise that in the past three years CABTAL trained, mentored and certified six more translation consultants, four scripture engagement consultants, a literacy consultant and a linguistics consultant. Also in training are 21 translation consultants and 33 consultants in other domains. Pray that the training facilitators will see the potential of the participants and have patience as they teach, coach and encourage them. Also pray that the trainees will remember what they have learned and will work diligently to build their skills. In addition, pray for wisdom for Frans Barah as he trains others in language software and coordinates the Capacity Building programme that OneBook is privileged to sponsor. Finally, pray for more partners to invest in the capacity building of CABTAL.

Training in partnership: Cameroon and Canada

Rev. Haman Luc, the newest certified translation consultant at Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL), lives near the Mofu-Gudur community. The Old Testament project in Mofu-Gudur is nearing completion and staff need to check a lot of the translation. They are very glad that Rev. Haman is assigned to work with them exclusively. After the sessions he leads, staff leave with new understanding and experience both challenges and encouragement in their relationship with God. So thank God for Reverend Haman’s certification and gifting. Also, give thanks to God for the Mofu-Gudur translation team and pray for their continuing spiritual growth.

Training a new scripture engagement team: Poland

Streams of Prayer 21 March
The Bergitka Roma team works on the New Testament translation. Wycliffe Global Alliance photo

Wycliffe Poland is in the process of creating a scripture engagement team to serve in the Roma community. Scripture engagement involves facilitators working with speakers in language communities to create materials and activities that encourage more people to encounter God’s Word in life-changing ways. So please pray for clear vision, good ideas, and successful training for the people involved in the project.

Designing new training courses: Australia

SIL Australia is part of the Australia-Timor Group (ATG). Pray for the Australia-Timor Group and the Australian Society for Indigenous Languages as they design new training courses for indigenous translators through one of their partners. Pray that the translators can be up-skilled to utilize online modes of communication when travel is restricted. Also, give thanks for the 60 years that these partners have worked alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Timorese peoples, their churches and other partners. Finally, pray that more Indigenous people will participate at all levels and in governance and decision making.

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