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Streams of Prayer for 22 February 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 22 February 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

Bible Translation Programmes

Wycliffe Global Alliance serves Bible translation movements because we long for language communities to encounter God through his Word. The Alliance trusts ‘God to transform lives through His Word translated into the languages and cultures of the world’s peoples’.

Our current theme for Streams of Prayer is Bible Translation Programmes, one of the participation streams for the Alliance. More than 50% of Alliance organizations manage Bible translation programmes. It is important for us to pray that God’s Word will be translated well, effectively and efficiently. So ask God to impact language communities around the globe as people read, listen to or see translated Scripture. Pray also that they will understand it and be transformed.

Virtual training for Oral Bible Storytelling: Papua New Guinea

Four training workshops are planned in 2022 for the Fly River Oral Bible Storytelling project that started in 2019 with six language communities in the Western Province. After deferring the event for two years, the first two-week virtual workshop involving speakers of three languages is scheduled from 21 February to 4 March. The workshop for the next three languages will follow in May. The remaining two workshops are scheduled for the second half of 2022. Pray for internet connections to be stable for everyone joining online from three locations in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Also pray for the team of trainers from the PNG Bible Translation Association in Alotau, Milne Bay and for Pastor Steven Angkaki with the language groups in Kiunga, Western Province. Finally, pray for the consultant checking sessions on the second week by Duncan Kasokason and Meya Ivano. 

International Mother Language Day: Togo

International Mother Language Day is observed on 21 February every year with the aim of promoting awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity. Wycliffe Togo will observe it through different events. Competitions are organized in all regions of the country and the final events will be held on 20 and 21 February in Lomé. Pray for the successful organization and publicizing of these events. Pray also for positive outcomes in the different language communities in Togo.

AIDIA translation projects to begin: Peru

In April the AIDIA (Interdenominational Association for the Integral Development of Apurimac) will begin Bible translation in Quechua from La Unión in the Arequipa region and start another translation in the Nomatsiguenga language in the Junín jungle. Pray that the few remaining details will be worked out for these new projects. Ask God to guide AIDIA translation teams during the development of these projects. Pray also that the translated Word of God will bless and transform communities.

Book of Luke arrives: Brazil

Streams of Prayer 22 February
Mario, translator from Brazil

The long-awaited print version of Luke in the Paypa* language finally arrived. Mario, the main translator, couldn’t stop smiling as he leafed through the pages which represent years of translating, checking, publishing and printing. ‘I want to do my devotions using this Bible’, he said. ‘I’m going to underline verses and write in the margins of this Bible like I would usually do in the Portuguese Bible’. Give thanks to God for this translation. Pray that people in the community will be greatly blessed as they read Luke in their own language. (*pseudonym) ALEM Brazil.

Bible translation survey: Philippines

Language survey involves gathering linguistic, social and community information in order to create helpful and effective language development activities for Bible translation. A team from the Translators Association of the Philippines (TAP) travelled to Bontoc, Mountain Province and completed the survey of Bible translation needs for Bontoc speakers in the area. Praise God for leading them to people who were very helpful. Praise Him also for their safe travels and favour at checkpoints and local government units. Ask God for his wisdom, protection and provision as TAP surveys another ten languages. Pray also that God will bring a team together to survey the needs of the remaining language groups in the Philippines.

Christmas story project: Australia

Approximately 250 Indigenous languages (and an estimated 800 dialects) are still being spoken today throughout Australia. Pray for the ongoing Christmas project for the Australian Indigenous people. The main aim of this project is to translate the Christmas story for all people groups in their own languages. Through the support of AuSIL and local translators, 49 Australian Indigenous language groups now have the seven key verses of the Christmas story. Other communities want the Christmas story in their languages. So pray that the newly-trained local translators in these communities will be motivated to translate the seven verses. Also, ask the Lord to spark the desire for more of the Scriptures to be translated for their people. Finally, pray that the Good News of the birth of the Saviour will bring hope and joy to these communities.

Pressing on: Equatorial Guinea

Streams of Prayer 22 February
ACTB Prayer diary for 2022

Join staff from the Christian Association of Bible translation (Asociación Cristiana de Traducciones Bíblicas-ACTB) as they praise God for three completed New Testament translations in Equatorial Guinea; Fang de Guinea, Fa d’Ambu and Bubi. Pray that literacy programmes can be established so that people in the local churches can use these translations and be encouraged and strengthened by the Word of God in their languages. Ask God to make a way for each of these language communities to start Old Testament translation. Pray that the churches in Equatorial Guinea will continue to support and provide for Bible translation projects both locally and nationally.

Bible Translation Project for persecuted people: Norway

Wycliffe Norway leads a Bible translation project for Raja* speakers in Asia. Most Raja people follow another world religion and the few Christ-followers experience varying levels of persecution. In 2012 Raja Bible translation began in Norway, with a Raja refugee as the mother-tongue translator. The translation team also includes two trained linguists and exegetes, both with prior Bible translation experience, and a Raja speaker who joined the team recently. Community checking is done over the internet, and feedback is gathered from Raja speakers in the diaspora in many locations. Several published Bible portions, including Jonah, Ruth, Joseph Story (Genesis 37-50), Luke, the ‘Jesus Film’ and Acts, are available in audio and script and are on various apps and websites. The will publish Ephesians soon. So pray for:

  1. The recording and distribution of Ephesians
  2. The upcoming community check of the Gospel of Mark, and preparations for the final consultant check
  3. Good collaboration and mutual understanding between the four translation team members
  4. Christ-followers to be strengthened in their walk with Jesus, and that more people will come to faith, through the translated Raja Scriptures 


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