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Streams of Prayer for 22 November 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 22 November 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

Bible Translation Programmes

Wycliffe Global Alliance serves Bible translation movements because we long for language communities to encounter God through his Word. The Alliance trusts “God to transform lives through His Word translated into the languages and cultures of the world’s peoples”. (From the Alliance Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values)

The current theme for Streams of Prayer is Bible Translation Programmesone of the participation streams for the Alliance. More than 50% of Alliance organizations manage Bible translation programmes. Bible translation programmes require teams of people with various skills. Together they strive to ensure that the translated Scriptures are clear and easy to understand, accurate in reflecting the original meaning, and accessible in appropriate formats. Team members also engage communities to use the Scriptures effectively. It is important for us to pray that God’s Word will be translated well and efficiently into each language. Ask God to impact language communities around the globe as people read, listen to, or watch translated Scripture. Pray that they will understand it and be transformed.

Israel study tour: Australia, Africa

Praise the Lord for the opportunity given through Wycliffe Australia Israel Study Tour coming up in January 2023. Among those who signed up for the tour are two Borana translators. Borana is one of the 40 Cushite languages spoken by 100 million people in Ethiopia and surrounding nations. Only two of these languages have the New Testament and Borana is the only one that has the whole Bible. It was translated in 1967. Thank God for translators who are now revising the Borana Bible. Therefore, pray for workers to help translate God’s Word into the other Cushite languages where there is a need. The two Borana translators participating in the tour have the potential to be trained as Bible translation consultants. Pray also that the tour equips and encourages them in their translation ministry.

Translation in four languages: Malaysia

Streams of Prayer 22 November
A translation team in action. Photo: Wycliffe Malaysia

Wycliffe Malaysia praises God that the recent JESUS film training for four language teams went smoothly. Pray for good time management and great motivation as the teams continue translation in their respective languages. Pray especially for the mother-tongue translators of the B* language since it is their first involvement in a Bible translation project. The JESUS film will be the first source of Scripture in their heart language. Also, for all four teams, pray for good communication, safety, and protection in their travels and as they work.

Moving forward: Central Africa Republic

The Central African Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (Association Centrafricaine pour la Traduction de la Bible et l’Alphabétisation ACATBA) and the churches in the Central African Republic have been involved in 11 New Testament translation programmes that are in progress or being completed. Praise God for the New Testament in Gbaya Bianda which is being distributed in the community and is having a remarkable impact. Three other New Testaments, Gbeya, Kaba, and Ngbugu, will soon be in circulation in these communities.

Therefore, pray for celebrations being planned in 2023 for the completed Bhokoto, Banda Linda, and M’Piemo New Testaments. In addition, pray for continued progress in translation in the Beka, Mandja, Luthos, and Nzakara languages. Pray also for funding for the eight additional translation programmes that have been launched by ACATBA and partners: Yakpa, Valé, Tali, Bhofi, Bhogongo, Yanguéré, Gbanu, and Gbagiri. Finally, ask the Lord to provide the resources ACATBA needs to share the vision for Bible translation, and for favourable responses from churches and target communities.

EasyEnglish Bible: United Kingdom

Streams of Prayer 22 November
English learners studying Ruth from the EasyEnglish Bible. Photo: MissionAssist

MissionAssist, an Alliance Organisation in the United Kingdom, completed the translation of the EasyEnglish Bible in 2018. It is a “meaning for meaning” translation using a limited vocabulary of 1200 words and is aimed at people for whom English is not their first language. Over 776,000 complete copies of the Bible have been downloaded from the website but many people use it online. Audio files for Genesis and Ruth and the New Testament are also now live on the website. Recently, the EasyEnglish team at MissionAssist have been working hard on a first review. The work is almost complete, with seven books left to review. Give thanks to God for what has been achieved so far and pray that the remainder of the work will be completed quickly.

Bilua Old Testament translation progressing: Solomon Islands, Australia

Give thanks for the Bilua translation team of the Solomon Islands, led by Jonah. Half of the Old Testament is ready for a consultant to check. A consultant check planned for October had to be postponed due to unstable internet. Thank God for Debbie Conwell from Wycliffe Australia who is helping the Bilua team to prepare for the consultant check. Therefore, pray that God provides richly for the Bilua translation team members and their families as they sacrificially dedicate their time to the translation work. Also, pray for good health. In addition, pray that the Bilua people grow much closer to God through his Word.

Project restarting: Southeast Asia

Praise God for the recent dedication of a work facility for a translation project in Asia. The project began about eight years ago, but between COVID and local social unrest, the project had to stop for a few years. The new facility has brought new life to the project, and several people have committed themselves to staff the translation effort. So praise God that this translation project can resume after a time of challenges. Also, pray for project staff to stay strong, healthy, and committed as they begin work anew.

Use of the Scriptures: Peru

Streams of Prayer 22 November
Reading the Word of God in Quechua. Photo: AIDIA

The team of facilitators from AIDIA (Interdenominational Association for the Integral Development of Apurímac) travels to different communities in the areas of Mariscal Gamarra and Socco to support the churches and facilitate the use of the Scriptures in Quechua. In each community, they organize orality and alphabet learning workshops, reading practices, Bible studies, and activities for memorising biblical texts in Quechua. As a result of these activities, 19 churches in the jurisdiction of Mariscal Gamara held a spiritual festival, conducting Bible studies and teachings for children. Twenty-nine people made the decision to be baptised and 7 couples decided to get married. So let us pray for the work being carried out by AIDIA facilitators in collaboration with the churches to facilitate the use of the Scriptures and the teaching of the Word of God in Quechua.  

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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