Streams of Prayer

Streams of Prayer for 25 October 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 25 October 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.


It is a privilege to engage in God’s mission through involvement in Bible translation, but it is a God-sized job. And prayer – by the church worldwide – is the key that unlocks effectiveness in this work through dependence on God’s power. Many Alliance organizations participate in the Prayer Stream through staff who support churches, organizations, and individual “prayers” with prayer resources and opportunities. Our current theme is prayer and we will focus on praying for the strategies by which Alliance organizations engage in the Prayer Stream on behalf of those who do not yet have access to Scripture, as well as those involved in Bible translation movements.

On or near 11 November each year, Alliance organizations and partners, and some others involved in Bible translation movements observe the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer. We take a day to praise God for what He is doing amongst us, pray for the Bible translation movement and listen to His voice. This year the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer falls during the Alliance’s virtual conference Global Connect and a special hour-long virtual prayer event will be held. The theme is Trusting with Joy. Join us in praying that each individual and organization will experience a renewed joy and deepened trust in the Lord, as they take time away from their normal work to encounter God through Global Connect and the World Day of Prayer.

Area Leaders Gathering: Asia-Pacific

Streams of Prayer 25 October
2018 Asia-Pacific Area Leaders Gathering attendees. Photo by Ann Kuy

The Asia-Pacific Area Leaders Gathering was last held face-to-face in 2018. Pray for a refreshing and rejoicing time as around 60 leaders from Alliance and partner organizations physically gather again from 22 to 24 November in Bali, Indonesia. Ask the Lord to bless this time of reconnection and fellowship. With the ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions and implementations, pray for the Asia-Pacific leadership team as they plan, organize and coordinate the event. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide and anoint the group as they realign purposes and foster friendship and community.

Partnerships and Prayer: Norway

Streams of Prayer 25 October

Unåddkonferansen”, meaning “Unreached Conference,” will be held 28–29 October in the city of Bergen, Norway. Wycliffe Norway is one of the 35 partner organizations organizing the conference. They will join many mission organizations and Christians in Norway in prayer and worship and will listen to and learn from followers of Jesus serving in places of the world with little or no exposure to the gospel. There will be different types of workshops, and Wycliffe Norway will present “Reaching the Unreached through Bible Translation.” Pray that many people will come and participate in this workshop. Also pray that God will lead more people into His mission and that Wycliffe personnel will come into contact with leaders of missions, churches, and individuals. Finally, pray that many people will find and use the prayer portal where they can sign up to pray for nations and people groups yet to know Jesus.

Vision Prayer meeting: South Korea

Global Bible Translators (GBT) has hosted a monthly Vision Prayer meeting at the main office for the last six years, except during the COVID-19 pandemic when it was held online. As the pandemic eased away, GBT resumed the face-to-face prayer meetings in September. Pray that many prayer supporters will join and that all attending will regain the enthusiasm they had before the pandemic. Also, ask the Lord for his guidance and protection for those coordinating the meetings. Finally, pray that those who attend will grow in courage and passion for prayer.

Streams of Prayer 25 October
Vision Prayer Meeting invitation. Image from GBT Korea

Unity among Prayer Coordinators: Americas

Streams of Prayer 25 October
Americas Area Prayer coordinators meeting. Photo: Joâo Marcos Vasconcelos

Each month Prayer Coordinators in the Americas Area Alliance Organisations meet to share about what is happening in their lives, their hopes for the future of their ministries, and their organizations´ plans, projects, and needs. They also have prayer time and a short Bible reflection. These monthly prayer meetings strengthen friendship ties as they get to know each other more personally and unite them in their service to God and His mission. Thank God for this group of prayer coordinators who are committed to serving the Bible translation movement through prayer so that more linguistic communities may have access to and use the Scriptures in all formats available to them.

Churches unite to pray: Papua New Guinea

Praise the Lord that Serah Kotauga, Prayer Coordinator for the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (BTA) was able to visit a couple of Provinces to promote and encourage prayer for Bible translation. On 6 June, Serah worked with the BTA Alotau staff to conduct the “Community Prayer for Bible translation” in Alotau town. The Koeabule United Church hosted this prayer time and more than 50 people from various church denominations came together in unity to pray for Bible translation. The pastor for the Christian Life Centre and his wife who were present offered to host the following month’s prayer time. Pray that the momentum for this monthly prayer time will continue to grow strong and other churches will become involved in praying for the Scriptures to be made available to the language communities still waiting.

Online prayer moments: Brazil

Streams of Prayer 25 October
Prayer meeting. Photo: ALEM

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to stay in their homes for an indefinite period, staff decided to organize a weekly one-hour online prayer meeting, open to all members of the ALEM Mission. Initially, it was to last only during the pandemic. However, it proved to be an excellent tool to bring together members of the ALEM Mission who are located in different places. Participants across 12 time zones meet to pray for the members of all mission agencies, sponsors, their projects, challenges, and goals. The first ten minutes are used for updates on individual situations. Next is a time of prayer for institutional requests and then a time for reflection, where someone brings a short devotional. Then they break into smaller groups to pray for personal requests. Pray that this weekly online prayer meeting will continue to be a blessing to the Bible translation movement.

Women’s Prayer Movement: Germany. HR/Approved.

Streams of Prayer 25 October
FGB participants at the Wycliff Germany 60th anniversary event. FGB picture, used with the permission of the ladies in the picture

The German organization FGB (Frauen-Gebets-Bewegung or Women’s Prayer Movement) has prayed for single women in missions for over 120 years. More than 600 prayer groups in Germany and Austria meet regularly in homes or churches for worship and prayer. They keep in contact with 120 single women serving in mission, send encouraging notes or letters, and raise money to support the work of their ‘adopted’ ladies serving with a variety of different organizations worldwide. Also, they publish a booklet every month–about 11,000 copies–featuring about 15 women and their prayer requests. They send it to prayer groups, organizations, and individuals who pray. The FGB ‘adopted’ 13 single ladies from Wycliff Germany.

In September, Wycliff Germany celebrated its 60th anniversary with a big open day. The FGB supported the day by introducing their work and inviting visitors to join them in prayer for these 13 ladies every hour on the hour. The partnership with the FGB is a huge blessing for Wycliff Germany and Wycliff Austria and they invite people to pray for this organization. So pray that more young women will join the FGB and pray regularly for other women serving worldwide. Also, pray for wisdom for the FGB leadership as they try to raise awareness in Germany about the importance of mission and prayer for mission.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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