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Streams of Prayer for 27 February 2023

The Streams of Prayer for 27 February 2023, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

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Many people with different areas of expertise are needed in order to translate the Bible in a way that is clear, accurate, and natural. The skills are so important that many Alliance organizations regularly offer courses in topics relevant to Bible translation programmes, sometimes in cooperation with other organizations. Training in Bible translation roles is therefore one of the seven Participation Streams.

The current theme for Streams of Prayer is Training. We will pray for those who are teaching, the students, and the organizations and institutions that host these training programmes. We will ask God to provide instructors, administrative staff, finances, and equipment for the programmes and workshops. We will pray that through this provision the people who staff translation programmes will be equipped in the many disciplines required to finish Bible translations well.

Developing informal online resources and training: Asia, Pacific

Streams of Prayer 27 February 2023
Barry Borneman sharing about the online training. Photo: Gary McMaster

Pray for the WAIT (Wycliffe Alliance Informal Training) working group meeting in Singapore from 14 to 20 March. The idea of creating more free online resources and training emerged during the Asia-Pacific Area Leadership meetings last November, in Bali. These courses can be taught in English, Bahasa Indonesian, or any other language. Barry Borneman, Associate Director for Language Programme Services for the Asia-Pacific Area, had just successfully facilitated a nine-week online Programme Planning course for Wycliffe India. According to Barry, the concept of online training is not new, but WAIT is an extension of what already exists. It will be a product of collaboration among Alliance organization leaders in the area and their experienced staff. Ask the Lord for his guidance and wisdom for the team as they develop the processes involved in making these resources and training available.

Expanding training for staff and partners: Cameroon

Streams of Prayer 27 February 2023
Giresse, Mpumpong project coordinator, in a training context. Photo: CABTAL

CABTAL (Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy) has been very intentional in recent years in equipping its staff, volunteers, and partner communities. Because training is crucial for a healthy mission environment, CABTAL seeks to provide training in the following domains: translation, literacy, Scripture engagement, management, linguistics, and language technology. A number of training needs have been covered, but there are additional training needs that CABTAL does not yet have the capacity to fill. CABTAL has also been involved in providing internships to its staff. At first, internships were limited to translation, but today CABTAL provides internships in other domains such as linguistics. Thank God for all the staff that has been trained in this way and for the CABTAL partners who support this effort. Pray that God will provide the resources and opportunities for staff in various domains to have internships.

Training in Hebrew: Philippines, Israel

Streams of Prayer 27 February 2023
Jerusalem. Screenshot from IBLT promotional video

Praise God for giving Bethel, a mother-tongue translator serving with Wycliffe Philippines, the opportunity to study the Hebrew language at the Institute for Biblical Languages and Translation (IBLT). Bethel started language study in December 2022 under the sponsorship of Wycliffe Philippines. IBLT is a programme of the 4.2.20 Foundation, an Alliance organization. Thank God for this close partnership between these two Alliance organizations: Wycliffe Philippines and 4.2.20 Foundation. Pray for wisdom, joy, and endurance for Bethel to finish the two-year course. May her Hebrew language skills be an encouragement and help for translators in the language communities she serves.

Training through partnership: Switzerland

Pray for the staff of Wycliffe Switzerland as they pursue partnerships with training institutions. They desire to reach those being trained as pastors and church workers to make them aware of Wycliffe Switzerland and their involvement in the Bible translation movement. Wycliffe Switzerland staff would like to help train students by integrating an introduction to Bible translation into their exegesis courses and offering language learning tips and tricks to help them to learn Biblical Greek. They would also like to establish prayer communities in each training institution to pray for people groups that do not yet have access to the Word of God. Wycliffe representatives would encourage students to commit to praying for two years for one of these groups, before passing the “prayer flame” to someone else in their university or college. Ask God to guide the staff at Wycliffe Switzerland in establishing these programmes. Pray that he will provide enough Wycliffe representatives and that he will inspire students to join the community prayer groups.

Training boards of directors and administrative teams: Americas

Streams of Prayer 27 February 2023
Images: Eddy Fonseca

The Wycliffe Global Alliance in the Americas is developing a virtual training program for boards of directors and administrative teams of Alliance organizations in the region. The goal is to help organizations strengthen their organizational capacities and be better prepared to contribute to the Bible translation movement. The training is being carried out with a group of facilitators who together provide guidance and coaching to the board members and organizational staff. Participants also coach each other. The training consists of four sessions in one year. The first session was delivered in November 2022, with 56% of the participants being board members. Let us thank God for this opportunity to collaborate in strengthening the boards and administrative teams of Alliance organizations. Pray for the Americas team that will be directing each session and the participants that will attend the sessions in 2023.

Completing training that was interrupted: Papua New Guinea

There is a need for additional translation consultants in Papua New Guinea just as throughout the global Bible translation movement. Several years ago, three senior translators from the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (BTA) had partially completed their training to become consultants. Due to various factors, however, they were not able to finish. They are now able to resume their training. Pray that Steven Ttopoqogo, Meya Ivano, and David Loea will be able to persevere in the training process and complete the requirements to qualify them for full consultant status. Pray for the BTA personnel in charge of training as they work with these men to get them back on track in their consultant training. Pray for the availability of qualified consultants to serve as mentors to assist the men in this process.

Trauma healing training: Thailand

Praise God for Por, a Wycliffe Thai Foundation staff member who serves the Bisu language group by promoting Scripture use activities and literacy. Thank God that the Bisu community now has their own churches with resources in their own language: the New Testament, the JESUS Film, and various audio and social media tools. Por recently received training to do trauma counselling with Trauma Healing Thailand (THT), a service of Cornerstone Counseling Foundation. Ask God to give Por wisdom to apply the training in this new ministry. Pray for God’s blessings of unity for the THT team as well as patience and loving hearts as they help people find healing through biblical principles. Pray that the THT programme will benefit the Bisu people and many other communities in Thailand.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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