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Streams of Prayer for 28 January 2024

The Streams of Prayer for 22 January 2024, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

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January 28, 2024 – February 3, 2024

Community and Friendship

Our current theme for Streams of Prayer is Community and Friendship.

Community is the basis for the existence of the Alliance. We are not a community only because of our common goals, though Alliance Organizations do share many common goals. … We are a community because we joyfully share a com­mon life in Christ. …We affirm each other for who we are and not for what we contribute or for the quantity of the contribution. Our primary goal is to glorify God together. (From the Wycliffe Global Alliance in Community).

We celebrate being on this mission with God as a community. We recognise that although each Alliance organisation has its own leadership, board, and staff, all seek to work interdependently and value the Alliance community for friendship, partnership, spiritual encouragement, and other practical forms of mutual support.

“Collaboration can be ‘doing together’ or ‘being together’ and also both,” says Dr Paul Kimbi, Alliance Consultant for Bible Translation Programmes. ‘Being precedes doing. It is necessary to spend time building friendship, building togetherness, on the basis of our values before we start doing things together. We should not ever be in a rush to start doing things together when we have not built trustworthy relationships. God calls us primarily to be a community of his people before he expects us to live out our call. Being community by itself is already witnessing to the world.’ 

Newly surveyed communities: Philippines

Pray that the Translators Association of the Philippines (TAP) can help start more new oral Bible translation projects in response to the recently surveyed needs in Agta Quirino and Sumadel Kalinga. Pray for project facilitators to be assigned to these communities soon. Pray for good collaboration among all involved from the communities and TAP as they seek to work together. 

Engaging the Christian community for Bible translation: Ghana
Streams of Prayer 28 January 2024
A church representative presents a donation to GILLBT staff. Photo: GILLBT

The Ghana Institute of Linguistics Literacy and Bible Translation (GILLBT) holds an annual Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving which is aimed at involving the Ghanaian Christian community and other friends in Bible translation activities. It is a day set aside to take stock and give thanks to God for his faithfulness, sustenance and accomplishments through the years, and to solicit prayer and financial support for the work. Churches choose a Sunday between September and November each year to participate in this event. Thank God for the visits and fellowship with the churches during these times last year. Praise God that during the worship service some of the ministers stress the need to support the work of GILLBT, and encourage members to contribute generously.

New collaboration initiative: Papua New Guinea
Streams of Prayer 28 January 2024
Prayer to launch the Suau partnership. Photo: Sineina Gela

Translators and church leaders from the Suau language community participated in the launching of a new collaboration initiative between the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association and the Bible Society of Papua New Guinea (BSPNG). During the church service in Navabu village on 19 November the memorandum of understanding was read by Joel Peter, BSPNG General Secretary. Rev Anthony Mayholm of the United Church offered the dedicatory prayer to launch the partnership. Praise God for this new collaboration initiative to encourage and accelerate the revision of the Suau New Testament in 2024. Pray for the translators to be steadfast in their work as they continue with the Suau Old Testament translation and begin revision of the New Testament, which was first published in 1956 along with Old Testament portions by the British and Foreign Bible Societies.

Thankful for friendship: Switzerland

Wycliffe Switzerland staff members are experiencing open doors at churches. Through one of the pastors with whom they are in contact, another church contacted them and invited them to talk about Bible translation. In this way, they develop friendships with churches and win their trust. One home church of a Wycliffe Switzerland member who works on the Solomon Islands agreed to host a prayer afternoon on the World Day of Prayer for Bible Translation, 11 November. This church is part of the praying community for the Koo-Poleo people in the Solomon Islands, so part of the afternoon was dedicated to praying for that community and their Bible translation and literacy project. To everybody’s surprise, they were able to connect with the Swiss member by Zoom; she gave an update and their prayer requests directly, almost as if she was present. Praise God for churches in Switzerland who are willing and dedicated to becoming praying communities for people groups without the Bible.

Friendship, a key to collaboration: Global
Streams of Prayer 28 January 2024
Image: clipart-library.com

Many in the Alliance are growing in understanding that deepening friendships and relationships are foundational not just a means to an end. This year the Alliance is holding several meetings, including the Global Gathering and consultative processes like the Bible translation and church consultations. Pray that these events will first and foremost deepen existing friendships and help new relationships to grow. 

Moodle community learning together: Asia-Pacific

The Wycliffe Area Informal Training (WAIT) of the Asia-Pacific area organised the Moodle Workshop from 14-16 November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for mentors and trainers, bringing together 22 participants from nine Alliance organisations in the area. The main funder for the workshop was Wycliffe Australia with support from Wycliffe Malaysia and the Wycliffe Asia-Pacific area office. Wycliffe Malaysia hosted the group for a wonderful dinner and helped in practical ways. It was a great time of fellowship and learning together. A WhatsApp group was established to help keep participants connected and encourage one another with what they are doing and learning. Pray that the friendships built will continue as they share their efforts in developing online training courses and using Moodle in their organisations.

Building on collaborations: Pacific
Streams of Prayer 28 January 2024
Solomon Islands collaboration presentation. Photo: Va Lomaloma

The South Pacific Bible Forum gathering in Fiji from 31 October to 3 November brought together 97 people from 15 countries representing 38 organisations and churches involved in Bible translation, Scripture engagement, publishing, and distribution. Praise the Lord for the reports on the collaboration efforts from each Pacific Island nation represented in the forum. There was a time for sharing new initiatives and lots of opportunities for dynamic interactions in table groups. The last two days of the forum were focused on country-level discussions building on the previous year’s collaboration initiatives. Pray for the leaders for each country in the Pacific as they mobilise and build plans to see that every language group in the Pacific has the Scriptures in the language they know best.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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