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Streams of Prayer for 28 June 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 28 June 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.


Our current theme for Streams of Prayer is People. It is our privilege to be involved with God’s mission both individually and corporately in a variety of ways. Alliance organizations committed to the People Participation Stream recruit and/or send people to serve in Bible translation movements. Those who are sent can work either in their own country or elsewhere in the world. They can serve with their sending organization, other Alliance organizations or partner organizations.

While we pray through the requests relating to People, we will ‘Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’ Matthew 9:38. We will also pray for the Alliance organizations involved in this Participation Stream to provide excellent supportive care to staff members whether they are serving in their country of origin or elsewhere in the world. In addition, we will pray that organizations collaborate well together across different Human Resources approaches and processes when personnel from one sending organization are assigned to serve under a different one. 

New Staff and their assignments: Switzerland

Wycliffe Switzerland’s goal is to send members to serve in four long-term and 10 short-term overseas assignments every year. Wycliffe Switzerland remains in contact with the applicants, assisting them on their path to a future assignment, sometimes sending them to serve in difficult locations. Therefore, pray that God would guide those he is calling to begin the application process. Pray also that Wycliffe Switzerland would direct them to appropriate assignments. In addition, pray that any lingering conflicts or misunderstandings in these assignment locations would be solved, alleviating difficulties for new and existing members. Finally, pray for all involved, for sensitivity to God’s Spirit, and for willingness to follow him.

From Puerto Rico to Paraguay

Streams of Prayer 28 June
Yarimar (black sweater) and the team of Aché translators. Photo by LETRA Paraguay

When Yarimar Ruiz learned about the need for Bible translation, she decided to get involved. In 2018, she participated in an intensive translation event in the Ñandeva language. She was invited to join the LETRA Paraguay team and took part in Linguistics and Phonetics training. In 2019, she moved to Paraguay, participated in a translation consulting session with the Toba Maskoy team, then entered Seed Company´s Consultant in Training Program. She also got involved in the Scripture use program for the Ache language and took a Sociolinguistic Research course. In 2021, she coordinated surveys of the Chamacoco and Paĩ Tavyterã languages.

Currently, Yarimar continues her support of the Scripture use program while pursuing a master’s degree in Theological Studies. Next year she hopes to take CILTA, the International Course on Linguistic and Bible Translation. Pray for her preparation and training for her first supervised consulting practices starting this year. And pray for her to meet the challenges of leading sessions, that God would give her strength and wisdom.

Volunteering at Wycliffe: Malaysia

Streams of Prayer 28 June
Chia Sheng. Photo from Wycliffe Malaysia

After Chia Sheng volunteered at Wycliffe Malaysia, he realized that “serving the Lord should not be periodic or seasonal. Instead, it should be our life mission.” Praise God for Chia’s nine months of service as he helped reorganize information in the database, evaluated a new system and made comparisons for a possible upgrade, and translated resource materials from English and Malay to Chinese. Pray that many young people like Chia Sheng catch the vision to participate in Bible translation.

Board members assessing challenges: Benin

From 18 to 26 April 2022, the Board of Directors of Wycliffe Benin toured associations in communities where projects partnering with Wycliffe Benin are taking place. The delegation’s objective was to discover how these translation projects are progressing and determine possible difficulties that the translation teams and related associations face. From discussions held with the partners, it became apparent that despite complications encountered by these associations, they have benefitted from a mobilization effort to empower the communities. Praise God for this progress and ask him to give the board and leaders of Wycliffe Benin wisdom to support and guide the associations as they continue to meet these challenges.

Raising prayer support: Philippines, New Zealand

Streams of Prayer 28 June
Rexey Borromeo. Photo Wycliffe New Zealand

Rexey Borromeo, as a seconded member of the Translators Association of the Philippines (TAP), served first as the social media coordinator and now as prayer coordinator for Wycliffe New Zealand (WNZ). As the prayer coordinator for WNZ, Rexey shares prayer information not only within the organization but also with TAP and other partners. She finds it a blessing to witness first-hand how God answers prayers. Ask the Lord for his strength and grace as Rexey works from the Philippines, several time zones away from New Zealand. Pray for God’s encouragement for Rexey and TAP as they mutually support this unique secondment.

Equipped for reliance and courage: Australia

Wycliffe Australia staff based in Melbourne attended a two-day course called ‘Living Courage’ on 8 and 22 March. The first session examined Western culture’s disconnection from the importance of vulnerability when attempting to build a relationship with Jesus, the ultimate example of living courage. Session two dealt with helping people understand their emotions so that when there are difficult conversations, they can be more open and vulnerable. So pray for the Wycliffe Australia staff to embrace a godly vulnerability, and to live resilient, courageous lives.

Workshop for people interested in missions: Poland

Streams of Prayer 28 June
Workshop participants engaged in a literacy exercisePhoto Agnieszka Domagała, used with permission

On 7 May 2022, Wycliffe Poland organized workshops for people interested in missions. Among the topics presented during the event, the main topics addressed literacy and translation. During the workshops, they encouraged participants to seek God’s calling in their lives. Most of the attendees were already involved in missions. Praise God for those who took part in the workshops and pray for their future. Also, please pray for God’s guidance for a similar workshop planned for October in another location.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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