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Streams of Prayer for 28 March 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 28 March 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.


Many people with different areas of expertise are needed in order to translate the Bible in a way that is clear, accurate and natural. The skills are so important that many Alliance organizations regularly offer courses in topics relevant to Bible translation programmes, sometimes in cooperation with other organizations. Training in Bible translation roles is therefore one of the seven Participation Streams.

The current theme for Streams of Prayer is Training. We will pray for those who are teaching, their students and the organizations and institutions that host these training programmes. We will ask God to provide staff, finances and equipment for the programmes and workshops, so that translation programme staff will be equipped in the many disciplines required to finish Bible translations well.

Language Learning Course: Switzerland

Streams of Prayer 28 March
Language learning practice for prospective cross-cultural workers. Credit: ssk Germany

Learning a language facilitates growth in a new culture and a better understanding of those who speak that language. Wycliffe Switzerland offers a language learning course called Overcoming Language Barriers: How do I Learn a Foreign Language? to be held 28-31 March 2022. Pray that publicity will reach those who would benefit from such a course. Also, pray that the course will equip participants for their future language learning opportunities.

Training intercultural workers: Australia

Praise God for the students who completed their SIL Australia (SILA) study in 2021 and for the experience and understanding they gained. Pray that they will bless those they serve. SILA staff are grateful for the break they enjoyed over Christmas and New Year before starting this year’s courses. Therefore, pray for them as they address the 2022 academic year. Also, pray for God’s blessing for staff and students as they participate in SILA’s Launch 2022, an intensive course planned for June to July, preparing people for cross-cultural work.

Training Bible Translation Consultants: South Africa

Streams of Prayer 28 March
Busie Paulo, credit Wycliffe South Africa

Busie Paulo, serving with Wycliffe South Africa, is currently a Bible Translation Consultant in training. Classes typically conducted at the Bible Institute of South Africa were switched to ZOOM classes because of COVID-19, with some interns feeling lonely and not fully engaged. Pray for these Bible Translation Consultants in training who will be writing exams in June, and their theses are due toward the end of the year.

Training to be linguistics consultants: Papua New Guinea

Three young Papua New Guineans have completed their first six months of linguistics training in Ukarumpa, called LingCrop (Linguistics Consultant Resourcing of PNG). This three-year mentored program trains Papua New Guineans to become linguistics consultants with SIL-PNG or the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (BTA). The students spent ten days in early December in BTA’s Usarufa language project area, recording and transcribing words, analyzing tone, language learning, and raising awareness in the community about language vitality and shift. Therefore, pray for potential students in the application process for the second intake of three new LingCrop trainees. Also praise God for donors to this programme. In addition, pray for wisdom in selecting the right applicants for this exciting initiative. If all goes well, the new trainees should move to Ukarumpa in April.

Master in Applied Linguistics, Translation and Literacy: Spain

Streams of Prayer 28 March
Promotional poster from Proel.

PROEL (Wycliffe Spain) and the University of Leon (Spain) offer a Master of Applied Linguistics, Translation, and Literacy. The current students completed their sixth course and expect to finish the program in July 2022. Pray for them as they practice what they learned during the course and consider future service. Also, pray for the professors of this program as they travel to and from Spain for modular intensive courses between now and the completion of the program in July.  Finally, pray for safety and travel and God’s protection from COVID-19.

Bible translation workshops: Indonesia

Streams of Prayer 28 March
Group gathering at a Bible translation workshop, credit PPA-GMIM

Praise God for the Bible translation workshops conducted by Pusat Penerjemahan Alkitab GMIM (PPA-GMIM) for the following languages: Manado, Tombulu, Tontemboan Matanai, Tonsawang, Tondano, Tonsea, and Tontemboan Makelai. So pray for God’s guidance and wisdom regarding the challenging logistics of workshops conducted in the villages. Also ask God for his provision and protection as the seven supporting churches host the workshops by preparing housing, meals, and meeting venues for the participants and the trainers. In addition, pray for the participants to have minds and hearts open to learning Bible translation concepts and the willingness to apply them.

German and French for Refugees: Switzerland

Streams of Prayer 28 March
German lessons with action figures. Credit: ssk Germany

Using the language learning method Growing Participator Approach, Wycliffe Switzerland has produced lessons in German, French, and English. These lessons assist lay people as they help newcomers learn the national language and integrate into their new surroundings. So pray that this course material, freely downloadable from the internet, will be widely used, assisting many in learning these languages.

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