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Streams of Prayer for 28 November 2021

The Streams of Prayer for 28 November 2021, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is made available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Missions belong to God and the agent of missions is the Church. Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream. We pray also for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

Online prayer meeting: Denmark
Streams of Prayer 28 November

Every other week Wycliffe Denmark holds a prayer meeting through Facebook ( to pray, among other things, for:

  • the work of Wycliffe Denmark
  • their director Lene Nielsen and volunteers
  • the Wycliffe Denmark Board
  • Bible translation projects they are connected with either through people they know and/or support financially
  • their new member who is at CanIL preparing for service in Africa.

Wycliffe Denmark is encouraged to keep praying as they see their prayers answered. One example of this is the Kupsapiiny New Testament in Uganda, which has been published and is being distributed. They continue to pray for Iver Larsen from Denmark who is a consultant for the Kupsapiiny Old Testament translation. Pray a blessing for these meetings, pray with Wycliffe Denmark for these concerns, and pray for board member Marleen Frost, who leads these sessions.

Meditation and prayer: Tonga

Wycliffe Tonga Missions (WTM) uses several ways to encourage people to engage with the Scriptures. One of these is in meditation and prayer. Therefore, ask the Lord to provide opportunities for WTM personnel to visit various audiences they minister to. Also, ask the Lord for his wisdom and discernment as WTM staff prepare their presentations. Finally, pray that many people will be encouraged and built up in their Christian walk through these disciplines of meditation and prayer.

Prayer-centered ministry: Cameroon

Prayer is a vital part of the ministry of CABTAL. CABTAL staff hold structured prayer events and offer various prayer tools. These include daily WhatsApp prayer reminders, monthly printed bulletins delivered to partnering churches, and all-night prayer vigils coordinated by the Interchurch Committee leaders. Prayer is also a spontaneous ministry of all CABTAL staff and project teams. In fact, even in the middle of their workday, they consider it a privilege to stop and pray for their visitors or for concerning news that reaches them. So pray that many will be inspired to pray more through their example and through God’s powerful response to their prayers.

The power of prayer: Singapore
Streams of Prayer 28 November

“Ministry without prayer is powerless, devoid of God’s presence”. The prayer webpage of Wycliffe Singapore opens with this quotation. Praise God for this example of giving importance to prayer and “pray-ers”. Aside from the weekly Thursday prayer meetings, the team encourages people to support staff members and Bible translation teams through prayer in churches and prayer groups. By signing up to pray for projects and workers through the “Traveler’s Palm” newsletter, pray-ers learn more about how God’s love and Word transform communities. So ask God to raise many people who will stand in the gap for the ministry of Bible translation through prayer.

Unceasing prayer for Bible translation: Papua New Guinea

Praise the Lord for a collaborative initiative called Unceasing Prayer for Bible translation. This initiative aims to have continuous prayer for Bible translation 365 days a year. Seven people have committed themselves to lead the prayer times for Bible translation in Papua New Guinea through this platform. The hourly prayer times are scheduled for every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. (9:00 a.m. UTC) via Zoom. Therefore ask the Lord for discernment and wisdom for those leading and facilitating the prayer times to prepare well. Pray also that many people from Papua New Guinea will join. In addition, pray for stable internet connectivity.

AEL Kids Project: Peru
Streams of Prayer 28 November

Vanessa Rodríguez, along with other members of the prayer team for Alcanzando a Toda Etnia en su Lengua (AEL, Reaching All Ethnic Groups in Their Language), prayed for guidance about how to teach children about Bible Translation. At the same time, a group in Vanessa’s church was praying about how to teach Peruvian children to pray for people groups in Peru that do not have the Bible in their language. Together they saw God answer by providing all types of collaborators for the AEL Kids Project, from cross-cultural workers in the field to Sunday school teachers, church members with design and editing skills, and other professionals who began to mobilize people to join them.

The stream of prayer that passed through AEL Peru has not stopped. It continues to provide direction to the group. So give thanks for God’s answers to these faithful prayers and the partner organizations in Peru and abroad that have joined the AEL Kids Project. Also, pray that the AEL Kids Project is made more accessible to the children of the Quechua-speaking church in Peru.

Annual General Meeting: Nigeria
Streams of Prayer 28 November

The Annual General Meeting of the Nigeria Bible Translation Trust (NBTT) takes place on 3 December in Jos. So pray for safe travel for all participants. Also, ask God to take the lead as participants deliberate on important issues relating to the growth of NBTT. Finally, pray that His will shall be done and His name glorified through this meeting.

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