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Streams of Prayer for 29 August 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 29 August 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.


Our current theme for Streams of Prayer is Leadership. We give thanks for leaders in Alliance organizations. The Wycliffe Global Alliance serves Bible translation movements in many ways. One way is by nurturing current and future leaders for Bible translation movements. Opportunities are available to them to learn and grow through intergenerational forums, coaching, formal and informal mentoring, and encouragement in leading as servants and shepherds. They need our support and prayers to discern how God is leading the organizations in times of great change.

Each Alliance organization needs godly men and women to lead and discern how to engage with God in his mission. Thank God for those who courageously led in the past year. A number of new leaders took on responsibilities as others completed their leadership terms or transitioned to different roles. Many Alliance organizations have new directors, board members and/or leadership team members.

Nordic conference: Finland

Streams of Prayer 29 August
Picture: Word cloud cards formed from the words of the books of the Bible. From Wycliffe Finland Website.

Pray for the Nordic conference in Finland planned for 1-4 September. Leaders and Board members from Alliance Organisations in countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark will come together to have fellowship, exchange ideas, talk about how they are involved in the Bible Translation Movement, and more. Pray for the staff of Wycliffe Finland as they host this conference and that it will be an encouragement for all attending.

Empowerment Seminar in biblical exegesis for leaders: Papua New Guinea

Streams of Prayer 29 August
Photo BTA

The next Empowerment Seminar facilitated by the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (BTA) will take place from 1-3 September. The focus this time is on equipping pastors and lay leaders with ministry tools in basic biblical exegesis. About 100 pastors and lay leaders from churches in Port Moresby are expected to participate. David Gela, from the Asia-Pacific Leadership Team of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, will be the lead facilitator. Pray that David will be clear in his presentation. Pray that each person attending will learn something new, be refreshed and develop a deep hunger for God’s Word. Ask the Lord to bless BTA’s Partnership Development team in their effort to build and strengthen relationships with their partners through seminars like this.

Strengthening the Board: South Africa

The Board Chair and the deputy of Wycliffe South Africa participated in Board training recently. Pray that they will be able to implement any new governance aspects that they learnt about. A few Board members are transitioning out of their roles later this year. Pray for the process of identifying and selecting new Board members, especially women and younger people. Pray for the Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting scheduled for 30 September.

New leadership term: Taiwan

Albert Fung, Executive Director of Wycliffe Taiwan renewed his four-year term beginning in October 2021. A new Board of Directors is now in place. These are significant leadership changes. Praise God for the grace and wisdom given to the Wycliffe Taiwan leaders. Ask the Lord for smooth transitions and for close coordination between the Executive Director and the new Board.

Streams of Prayer 29 August
Albert Fung at Wycliffe Taiwan’s Tour de Formosa for Indigenous Languages fundraising event. Photo: Wycliffe Taiwan

Pray for wisdom: South Asia

Pray for the leaders of an organization in South Asia, asking that the Lord will lead them in wisdom as they oversee various teams and recruit committed Bible translators. Ask God for his favour, leading and discernment as they work with the teams and recruit others. Pray that the Lord will strengthen the teams as they commit to pray for and serve their nation through Bible translation and related ministries.

New position for Hannes Wiesmann: Alliance Global Leadership Team

Streams of Prayer 29 August
Hannes Wiesmann. Photo: Wycliffe Global Alliance

Hannes Wiesmann has served as the Alliance Europe Area Director for six years. In mid-September, Hannes will hand over responsibilities to Ruben Dubei from Romania. Hannes will become Assistant to the Alliance Executive Director, Stephen Coertze, and be available to Alliance Organisations that request assistance in special situations. Together with Bryan Harmelink who serves on the Alliance Leadership Team, he will offer missiological consultations in which the Alliance can explore topics of broader interest. Pray for a good closure and transition for Hannes, and for Ruben as he transitions into the Europe Director role in September.

Strength in God to lead: New Caledonia

Pray for Yvonne, the Hmwaveke language Bible translation team leader. Her husband Thierry’s health declined quickly in April, and he died in a hospital in Noumea just before Easter. The Hmwaveke translators miss Thierry’s encouraging presence and help. Since his death, Yvonne has found strength to return to translation meetings. She acknowledges that Thierry has ‘run his race’, and she will now depend on God to help her lead the group. Ask the Lord to give her comfort, and strength and wisdom in leading the team. Praise the Lord for the encouragement and support given to the team by Ian and Marietta Flaws from Wycliffe New Zealand

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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