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Streams of Prayer for 3 January 2023

The Streams of Prayer for 3 January 2023, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.


Streams of Prayer 19 December
A small Christmas tree in a Japan gift shop. Photo: Ling Lam

Christmas is a time of celebration. It’s a time when we celebrate light coming into the world, God’s redemptive plan, and Jesus’ immense sacrifice on our behalf. We can also celebrate the many ways that God is at work around the world in Bible translation movements. In the last year, more than one translation was launched every week* giving more people access to God’s Word. Celebration is the current theme for Streams of Prayer. Join us as we look back over the year to thank God for the ways he has answered our prayers and to celebrate what he has done in and through Bible translation movements. 

Three celebrations, one New Testament: Cameroon

The launch of each New Testament in Cameroon is a major event. CABTAL assists with the events, and each community chooses the timing and location of the celebrations. This is the case with the Aghem community in the Northwest region of Cameroon. The launch of the Aghem New Testament was scheduled in three steps: Launch events were held in Douala and Bamenda on the 6th and 27th of November respectively, and the final launch event took place in the village, in Wum, in December 2022.

Praise God that the three celebrations offered a widespread opportunity for Aghem people to have access to the Word of God in their mother tongue and to celebrate with those who cannot travel to other places. CABTAL also praises the Lord for the completion of the construction of its third centre in the country, the Maroua Regional Training Centre, which is now operational to serve language communities in Northern Cameroon.

World Day of Prayer for Bible Translation celebration: Brazil

Streams of Prayer 3 January
Photo: Raquel Villela, AMTB-ALEM

The Brazilian Missions Congress – CBM 2022 opened space in its programming to include prayers for the translation of the Bible. The event was organized by the Association of Transcultural Missions of Brazil (AMTB), from November 7 to 11, and brought together some 1,500 people. On November 11, the World Day of Prayer for Bible Translation, a video was released to remember that people of different profiles and professions can contribute to the translation movement.

To give the dimension of the challenge, worldwide data from Progress.Bible and specific data from Brazil provided by AMTB, were cited. The prayer time was led by Antonia Leonora van de Meer, a highly respected mission leader, and by Edson Bakairi, director of TIB-Tradutores Indígenas da Bíblia, who prayed in her mother tongue, Bakairi. A workshop on oral translation of the Bible, “How are they going to hear if there is no one to read?”, was also held at the congress. Praise God for the opportunity to make so many people aware of the need for translation. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send more workers to translate His Word (Luke 10:2).

60th Anniversary: Germany

Wycliff Germany was founded in 1962 and celebrated its 60th anniversary this year! The theme was “thankfulness”. Praise God for the joy of being able to thank God for his guidance and provision with about 300 friends and supporters during the main celebration in September. Together celebrants remembered how the first German Christians spread the vision of Bible Translation in their churches and more and more young people came together to be trained and join the movement.

Today there are about 130 Wycliff Germany members serving worldwide, and the Karimu International Conference Center offers space to partner organizations and churches for their meetings and conferences. Wycliff Germany thanked God for his blessings and faithfulness at all times, and they celebrated the many thousands of people who support the movement through their gifts and prayers. After the service, guests pinned their reasons for thanking God to a large wooden “60”. Everyone had so much to be thankful for and to celebrate. Praise God for this time!

Nobonob people preparing to receive Bible: Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom & Ireland

Streams of Prayer 3 January
Nobonob Bible app translation of Luke 1

The Nobonob people are working hard to prepare for the day to celebrate and launch their Bible. It has taken many years and the participation of lots of people to reach this milestone. In November Wycliffe UK & Ireland informed their prayer partners that there was a Bible paper shortage. This meant that the timing of the launch of the Bible for the Nobonob people was delayed. They requested prayer for God’s provision.

Celebrate with Wycliffe UK & Ireland and with the Nobonob people that God has answered everyone’s prayers. The printing of the full Bible has gone ahead. Praise God for his goodness and faithfulness to the Nobonob people. Pray that the Nobonob people will, “Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it [they] may grow up into salvation” (1 Peter 2:2). Pray also for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to prepare their hearts to receive their Bible in February 2023.

Celebrating progress of the Lambayeque Quechua translation: Peru

Praise God for positive feedback from Lambayeque Quechua people as they encounter God’s Word in their language:

Streams of Prayer 3 January
Photo: Jenner Valdivia
  • “I have used the materials that we elaborated for the devotionals in Lambayeque Quechua in the churches that I have visited. It has been a great blessing for the believers for being very understandable. Thank God for the work of the translation team for the benefit of the Quechua-speaking people.” – Santos T.
  • “I checked the Book of Lamentations with three people, Teodoro S., Santolina N. and Agustina R. They mention that it is a blessing to hear the Word of God in our language since we better understand our Almighty God. This encourages us to continue working on the translation and to finish the entire Old Testament.” – Victor S.
  • “In August I visited the Assemblies of God church in the Pamaca village (Cañaris) for its 31-year anniversary. I shared the Word of God in Lambayeque Quechua from the printed book of Joshua with Christians from several villages who gathered for the anniversary. They came from the villages of San Cristóbal, Luto Pampa, Cañaris District, and Sauce Pampa.”-  Pedro M.

Thank God for the progress that has been made in the translation of the Word of God into Lambayeque Quechua. Thank Him also for the work that is being carried out to share the translations with the different churches in the region.

“From 7 to 9” prayer initiative: Indonesia

Streams of Prayer 3 January
Image: Kartidaya

Praise God for Kartidaya’s prayer programme named “From 7 to 9”. Many people, from staff members to supporters and partners, prayed continuously every 30 minutes from 7 am to 9 pm for a month. The programme started on 11 October and culminated on 11 November in time for the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer. Pray for the positive impact of prayer on Indonesia and the Bible translation movements through this programme. May it encourage many to continue participating or begin participating in Bible translation.

Celebrating Ambonese Malay New Testament: Asia, Australia

Thank God for the completion of the Ambonese Malay New Testament by the Ambon team and David and Lilian Saxby from Wycliffe Australia. Give thanks for the celebrations in September with the local church, the translation facilitators and other friends and supporters. Give thanks for the commitment of the local church, Gereja Protestan Maluku (GPM), to the translation of the Ambonese Malay Bible. Pray that GPM and the translation team continue in mutual encouragement. Pray for the successful distribution of the New Testament. Print copies are on sale in Ambon. Digital copies are also available; pray that people learn to access those as well. Pray also that the people take God’s Word to heart (Psalm 119:11). Also, thank God for the Scripture engagement team, which helps the community to access, understand and apply God’s Word. Finally, ask God to continue to bless their efforts, and to keep them well-funded.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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