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Streams of Prayer for 30 May 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 30 May 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

Generosity, Funding and Specialty Services

Community is at the heart of the existence of the Wycliffe Global Alliance. Serving together in community, we love, respect and honour each other. Our in­ter­de­pen­dence and in­ter­con­nect­ed­ness cre­ate an en­vi­ronment where all Al­liance or­ga­ni­sa­tions gen­er­ously give and gra­ciously re­ceive. Sometimes Alliance organizations give financially. We also give in other ways including providing time, expertise and staff. We af­firm each other for who we are and not for what we con­tribute or for the quan­tity of the contribution. Our pri­mary goal is to glo­rify God together in Bible translation.

Organizations engaged in the Funding and Specialty Services Participation Streams demonstrate community and encourage generosity through raising funds for operations and Bible translation projects and sharing other practical skills within the Bible translation movement. Therefore, our theme encompasses these three interconnected areas: Generosity, Funding and Specialty Services.

Information event planned for current and potential project donors: Switzerland

Wycliffe Switzerland is grateful for the gifts received for current projects by a slowly increasing number of donors. For the first time, an information event has been planned for current and potential project donors on 16 June 2022. Therefore, pray for the preparations and for the interactions and exchange of information that will take place. In addition, pray for those guests who will participate. They hope to welcome 10-15 guests at that event.

Run for the Bibleless: Kenya

Streams of Prayer 30 May
Run for the Bibleless 2022, BTL

The staff at Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL) are planning the annual Run for the Bibleless event, scheduled for 11 June 2022, with finances raised used to fund Bible translation projects in Kenya. For the first time, BTL is holding the event in four major towns simultaneously. In one of the towns, church leaders and Christian professionals are handling the planning at their own cost, which has amazed BTL staff. So pray for the Run’s success as BTL ventures from the capital city of Nairobi to other towns. The Run not only acts as a fundraiser, but it helps create awareness and shares the vision about Bible translation with others.

Generating income and making friends: Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association manages a guest house and rents out office space and other facilities to generate income to assist with the organization’s operations. Praise God for the friendships that have developed through the use of these facilities. Also thank the Lord for his provision through local partners and friends to maintain and renovate the facilities. The upkeep of the buildings is a regular need to keep them maintained and usable. Therefore, pray for staff who manage the properties that God would give them joy in their service. Pray also for prompt payment from rental clients who owe funds to the organization.

Looking for a fundraiser: Philippines

Streams of Prayer 30 May
One of TAP’s planning events, photo from the TAP Facebook page

Translators Association of the Philippines is seeking to hire a fundraiser for the organization. The person filling the role will be responsible for raising funds for the organization’s needs, organizing events and campaigns, and seeking other avenues of donations. So ask God to prepare the heart and mind of the individual he has already handpicked. Pray also for God’s wisdom for the leaders as they interview applicants and make hiring decisions.

Foundation 5000: South Africa

Pray for Wycliffe South Africa’Foundation 5000 initiative as they endeavour to build a stronger, wider support structure. While generally well-funded, translation projects can only grow to the capacity of organizational support. So pray for Wycliffe South Africa as they grow in their capacity to translate God’s Word into languages that speak to the heart.

Their goals:

  • A broad base of 5000 faithful contributors.
  • Increased organizational capacity.
  • Additional language groups engaged.
  • Strengthened community development.

Partnering in developing a special service to translation teams: Global

OneBook, along with ten other partners in the Bible translation movement, have combined efforts to develop a software system to aid translation teams around the world. The Bible Translator’s Assistant (TBTA) is a software system that creates high-quality drafts in a fraction of the usual time. A set of templates encoded in the TBTA system work with any grammatically analyzed language. When this analysis is applied, it produces a high-quality draft. The draft includes translations of definitions of key theological terms, alternative wording for difficult concepts, and notes on the cultural context of the original audience. After that, the draft is reviewed by a trained translation team, edited for clarity and naturalness, tested with the community, and approved by a translation consultant. So pray for this participation opportunity between OneBook and partners. Pray also that the software system yields the expected results.

Using TBTA Software: Canada, South Asia, Indonesia and Kenya

Streams of Prayer 30 May
TBTA Translation team members

The Bible Translator’s Assistant (TBTA) staff is currently working with speakers of gateway languages in South Asia (Tamil), Indonesia (Bahasa), and Kenya (Gichuka) to analyze their grammar. This analysis facilitates adaptation to other languages in the same language family. So pray for good communication between TBTA’s computational linguists and the national translator language assistants, including reliable internet access. Also pray for those like Anthony, Levi, and Anita who assist in translation. Finally, pray that they quickly grasp the TBTA software and enjoy discovering the richness of their amazing languages.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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