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Streams of Prayer for 31 October 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 31 October 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.


It is a privilege to engage in God’s mission through involvement in Bible translation, but it is a God-sized job. And prayer – by the church worldwide – is the key that unlocks effectiveness in this work through dependence on God’s power. Many Alliance organizations participate in the Prayer Stream through staff who support churches, organizations, and individual “prayers” with prayer resources and opportunities. Our current theme is prayer and we will focus on praying for the strategies by which Alliance organizations engage in the Prayer Stream on behalf of those who do not yet have access to Scripture, as well as those involved in Bible translation movements.

On or near 11 November each year, Alliance organizations and partners, and some others involved in Bible translation movements observe the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer. We take a day to praise God for what He is doing amongst us, pray for the Bible translation movement and listen to His voice. This year the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer falls during the Alliance’s virtual conference Global Connect and a special hour-long virtual prayer event will be held. The theme is Trusting with Joy. Join us in praying that each individual and organization will experience a renewed joy and deepened trust in the Lord, as they take time away from their normal work to encounter God through Global Connect and the World Day of Prayer.

Prayer supporters wanted: South Korea

Streams of Prayer 31 October

Global Bible Translators (GBT) invited people to participate in “40 days prayer for the World Day of Prayer” that started on 3 October and will continue until the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer on 11 November. Ask for God’s guidance and sensitivity for Nanju Lee, who leads this prayer group. Thank God for the prayer supporters who signed up for this dedicated time of prayer. Others can join by privately messaging the GBT Instagram page @gbtkorea. Pray that the time continues to be refreshing and meaningful for everyone participating.

Collaboration based on fellowship, trust and prayer: Pacific

The South Pacific Bible Forum is a gathering of organisations involved in Bible translation in the Pacific. It is coordinated by the Bible Society of Australia. One of the objectives of the Forum is for Bible agencies to find ways to collaborate based on fellowship, trust and prayer as they strive to reach the people in the South Pacific with the Word of God. They desire that the first concrete step is to pray together regularly. The Forum met recently from 18 to 21 October in Fiji, providing the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and build new ways of working together. Pray for Bible translation organisations in the South Pacific as each one does its part in mobilising greater efforts to reach out to language communities still without the Scriptures in their heart languages.

Prayer Calendar for people without the Scriptures: Romania

Streams of Prayer 31 October
Picture of Prayer Booklet cover. Picture used with permission from Wycliffe Romania 

For three consecutive years, Wycliffe Romania (WRO) has published a prayer booklet to guide churches and individuals to pray for 12 people groups, one selected for each month of the year. These groups represent some of the people in language communities who need the Scriptures the most, people with little or no exposure to the gospel and who do not have any Scripture translated into their languages. Thank God for answering prayers! Bible translation started in some of the languages featured and prayed for in previous calendars. Therefore, pray that the Lord will call forth more people to serve in these projects. Also ask God to help the WRO team as they develop next year’s calendar. Finally, pray for more Romanians and churches to join in prayer and even ‘adopt’ language communities without the Scriptures.

Recruiting prayer volunteers: Ghana

Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible translation (GILLBT) involves people in the various departments in gathering prayer information. These departments include: Linguistics, Translation, Literacy, Scripture Engagement, Project offices, Head office and the Business office. At each of their internal prayer and devotion meetings, intercession is based on the topics and information collected. These are also shared through WhatsApp. Between September and November every year GILLBT organises a day of prayer and thanksgiving. Members of the organisation visit several churches that might be willing to organise prayer sessions for Bible translation. During these visits, prayer volunteers are recruited. So thank God for these initiatives and for the mobilisation of prayer within GILLBT and the churches. Also pray that the church visitation programme will bear abundant fruit each year. In addition, pray that more intercessors and Bible translation volunteers will be recruited into this movement.

Unceasing Prayer for Bible translation: Papua New Guinea

The Unceasing Prayer for Bible translation initiative was launched last year on 11 November as part of the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer. People around the world were invited to sign in and join the 24 hours of unceasing prayer every day of the year 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for Bible translation. A handful of people committed themselves to lead and participate in the prayer hour for Papua New Guinea (PNG). Praise the Lord that this group continues to come together to pray every Thursday at 7:00 PM (9:00 AM UTC). Speakers of over 300 languages in PNG are still waiting for the Scriptures in their heart language. Therefore, pray that many more people will participate in this important ministry of prayer.

Praying for Bible translation training: Americas

Streams of Prayer 31 October
Basic Course on Linguistics, Phonetics, and Language and Cultural Acquisition promotional photo. 
Photos from participating Alliance Organisations

Several Alliance organisations in the Americas are praying for the preparation of the various Basic Courses on Linguistics, Phonetics and Language and Culture Acquisition that will be developed in the coming months. Among these organizations are: SIETE Venezuela, LETRA Chile, LETRA Uruguay, LETRA Argentina, AEL Peru, TRES El Salvador and ETB Ecuador. Join them in asking God to provide each organisation with enough resources so that all students can have an excellent training experience that will provide them with the necessary tools for working in partnership with many communities in Bible translation. Pray that all students will recognize the voice of God and be guided by the Holy Spirit to their place of service once they finish the training.

Enlarging the spectrum of intercessors: Cameroon

Streams of Prayer 31 October
CABTAL staff Prayer session in groups. Photo Zac Manyim CABTAL

Give praise that Cameroon Association Bible translation and Literacy (CABTAL) has a regular programme of prayer activities: every morning before work starts, every Friday morning, every first Friday of the month with fasting, every last Tuesday afternoon with contact persons from partner churches, an annual half-day of prayer, an annual 21 days of prayer and fasting, and the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer. All CABTAL staff are involved and various partners of the organisation participate in some of the sessions.

Well-developed resources to guide people in prayer are used in all prayer sessions. For example, a monthly prayer bulletin for Bible translation programmes is produced and distributed to churches and various intercessors. Some churches use it in their programmes and others pray for Bible translation when CABTAL teams visit during Bible translation Sundays. Many intercessors around the world use the Pray with Us electronic prayer bulletin. So thank God for these multiple prayer strategies and how they contribute to the Bible translation ministry.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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