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Streams of Prayer for 5 September 2023

The Streams of Prayer for 5 September 2023, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

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September 3 – September 9, 2023


Our current theme for Streams of Prayer is LeadershipWe give thanks for leaders in Alliance organisations. One way the Wycliffe Global Alliance serves Bible translation movements is by nurturing current and future leaders. Opportunities are available for them to learn and grow through intergenerational forums, coaching, formal and informal mentoring, and encouragement in leading as servants and shepherds. They need our support and prayers to discern how God is leading the organisations in times of great change.

Each Alliance organisation needs godly men and women to lead and discern how to engage with God in his mission. Thank God for those who courageously led in the past year. We will pray for those being trained and prepared for leadership, and for those transitioning into and out of leadership roles. May each one know the equipping, anointing and gifting from the Holy Spirit as we ask God for wisdom and discernment for leadership teams and organisation boards. 

Streams of Prayer 5 September 2023
Leaders gain encouragement and discernment in the context of relationships. Here, Wong Fook Meng (Wycliffe Malaysia board member, left) talks with Ruben Dubei (Alliance Europe Area director) and Stephen Coertze (Alliance executive director) at a meeting of the Alliance Leadership Team in February.  Photo: Phil Prior
Celebrating 60 years of God’s faithfulness: New Zealand

Praise the Lord for 60 years of His faithfulness to Wycliffe New Zealand (WNZ). Three celebration events are planned: 9 September in Christchurch, 16 September in Wellington and 30 September in Auckland. The programme will include several short talks, feature presentations from the Scripture Through the Arts team and the launch of two new books—Robin and Delwyn McKenzie’s memoir titled Songs on the Journey and a collection of WNZ stories of impact titled Our Stories are HIStory. Pray for the office team and all others involved in planning. Pray that the logistics of planning the programme and running the three events will come together smoothly, and for God to be glorified through it all.

Upcoming leadership summit relocates: Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, United States
Streams of Prayer 5 September 2023
Yaoundé, Cameroon. Photo: Seed Company

A Seed Company-sponsored leadership summit that was originally planned for February in the Democratic Republic of Congo had to be postponed and moved due to unrest in North Kivu Province. The purpose of the summit is to help Bible translation partners in the region collaborate and strategies. After much discussion, it was decided to move the summit to Yaoundé, Cameroon in September. Pray that attendees will be able to renew passports, apply for visas, and purchase plane tickets in time. Pray for Seed Company staff organising the logistics to manage time and funds well. Most importantly, pray for this leadership summit to be a blessing and encouragement to all partners involved.

Staff transitions and needs in the Alliance: Global

Pray for the Asia-Pacific Area team of the Wycliffe Global Alliance. The team is grateful for dedicated staff who work in various domains. They have bidden farewell to a few of the area staff whose Alliance assignments came to an end. They are starting with the onboarding process of Nicky Chong who will begin his role as Area Director in January 2024. Nicky has extensive experience in global leadership and Bible translation ministry. Pray for the Lord’s continued blessings of insight and understanding as he interacts closely with Alliance organisations in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Ask the Lord for strength and protection for Nicky, his wife Soak Wan, and adult children Micah and Sophie, as they prepare to transition to this new role. Part of the onboarding process for Nicky’s transition into this leadership role is to look at key staff who will come onto the Asia-Pacific Area team. Ask God for a smooth transition and for guidance for the team’s continued ministry in this part of the world. Alliance leaders also anticipate the addition of staff to the Europe Area, and hope to find additional staff for the Communications team. Pray that the people God has chosen for these roles will become available at the right time.

Seizing leadership training opportunities: Central African Republic
Streams of Prayer 14 June

The Association Centrafricaine pour la Traduction de la Bible et l’Alphabétisation (ACATBA) is intentional about leadership training for its staff. Thank God that most ACATBA staff have been trained or are being trained through various opportunities. These include doing coursework at the Faculté de Théologie Évangélique de Bangui and I-Delta with SIL; participating in international conferences and meetings; and joining in online exchanges of experience with other Alliance organisations or internships with partner organisations. Thank God that the director in charge of church relations was sent on an internship of several weeks with CABTAL in June. ACATBA’s staff are drawing on all the training they have received to organise their work more strategically. Pray for continued opportunities for leadership training to enable ACATBA staff to be better equipped in order to operate more independently.

New director begins role: Papua New Guinea
Streams of Prayer 5 September 2023
Nelson and Georgina Tapineng. Photo: David Gela / Ofasia Wayne. Photo: Jasbrilla Gamini

Praise the Lord that Nelson Tapineng signed the contract and began work as the new executive director for the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA) on 7 August, a month after the initial starting date. Nelson became ill when he was meeting with the PNGBTA board, several days before he was to take up the post on 5 July. Due to his health situation, the board gave him time to recover and appointed Ofasia Wayne, director for partnership and development, to serve as interim director. Praise the Lord for his help and guidance for Ofasia during this time. Pray for wisdom and strength for Nelson as he leads the organisation in this season. Pray for the Lord’s protection against Satan’s schemes over his life.

Leaders united in Bible translation: Peru
Streams of Prayer 5 September 2023
Participants at the Peruvian Table retreat. Photo: David Cárdenas

On 8-9 August the Peruvian Bible Translation and Scripture Impact Table (Mesa) had its first retreat in Pucallpa, Peru with 32 leaders participating. There was a good presence of indigenous leadership from both the highlands and jungle regions. During the two-day retreat, participants reflected and dialogued on topics such as collaboration and unity, healthy relationships, biblical conflict management, translation and impact of the Scriptures, the status of translation for the language communities in Peru, better use of resources and data, participation of the indigenous church in Bible translation, and how to pray for Bible translation. Pray that through the work of the Mesa, leaders of national and indigenous ministries, organisations and churches can continue to promote collaboration and unity. Pray that they can facilitate continued dialogues and share resources and relevant information to advance Bible translation efforts in Peru.

Pray for leader’s study leave: Global, Israel
Streams of Prayer 5 September 2023
Woody McLendon (left) and Baruch Kvasnica in front of the Jerusalem Seminary office building. Photo: Woody McLendon

Jerusalem Seminary’s president-elect, Baruch Kvasnica, is in the United States with his family for a board-approved study leave to complete his doctoral dissertation. During his absence, Woody McLendon, the new executive vice president, is providing leadership support to the team and the seminary. Pray for God’s sustaining strength for Baruch as he completes his dissertation; for Woody as he leads in Baruch’s absence; and for the team to continue to serve effectively to allow the seminary to continue offering quality biblical and Hebrew language courses in the context of the land of the Bible for translators, consultants and others.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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