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Streams of Prayer for 6 December 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 6 December 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

Bible Translation Programmes

Wycliffe Global Alliance serves Bible translation movements because we long for language communities to encounter God through his Word. The Alliance trusts “God to transform lives through His Word translated into the languages and cultures of the world’s peoples”. (From the Alliance Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values)

The current theme for Streams of Prayer is Bible Translation Programmesone of the participation streams for the Alliance. More than 50% of Alliance organizations manage Bible translation programmes. Bible translation programmes require teams of people with various skills. Together they strive to ensure that the translated Scriptures are clear and easy to understand, accurate in reflecting the original meaning, and accessible in appropriate formats. Team members also engage communities to use the Scriptures effectively. It is important for us to pray that God’s Word will be translated well and efficiently into each language. Ask God to impact language communities around the globe as people read, listen to, or watch translated Scripture. Pray that they will understand it and be transformed.

Yangere/Kra beginning translation work: Central African Republic

Work in Yangere/Kra, one of the languages in the Osio cluster project, is just beginning. Pray that the sociolinguistic and language vitality survey report will be completed soon since it is the foundation for translation and literacy work in the community. The team hopes to start the translation of Luke and the JESUS film soon. Pray for the churches and community leaders as they organize support for translation, literacy, and Scripture engagement work. Ask God that the dreams of Yangere/Kra community leaders for transformation in their community will be realized as a result of Scripture translation into their language.

New staff members for Bible translation projects: Thailand

Streams of Prayer 21 June, Wycliffe Thai

Praise the Lord for blessing Wycliffe Thai Foundation with a total of 19 staff members and that six of them joined in 2022. Wycliffe Thai personnel serve in Thailand and neighbouring countries in Bible translation, literacy, and related ministries. Pray for perseverance and wisdom for the translation teams of eight language projects managed by Wycliffe Thai Foundation: Plang, Katang, Ta-Oy, Bisu, Northern Thai, Southern Thai, Bui, and Joy clusters. In order to support these teams and the projects, the leaders of Wycliffe Thai Foundation have been inspired to prayerfully develop plans for building a new office and facilities. So pray for God’s clear directions and provisions as they work on these plans.

Programme in Southeast Asia: Netherlands, Southeast Asia

Streams of Prayer 16 August

Wycliffe Netherlands asks for prayer for one of the programmes they support in a sensitive region of Southeast Asia. They support a partner organization that serves alongside Scripture translation teams in four language groups. In addition, staff of this organization assists teams in carrying out Scripture use activities in ten languages and literacy activities in eight languages. These programmes are greatly blessing the believers in this country and other people are coming to faith as well! The teams work in difficult circumstances because of the volatile political situation. Pray for God’s protection on these teams, and ask Him to give them the wisdom and endurance they need to continue their work despite all the challenges and risks they face.

Face-to-face teamwork for Pukapuka translation: Cook Islands, New Zealand

Pray for translator Mailalo Melota from the Cook Islands as he considers taking a short trip to New Zealand to work with Kevin and Mary Salisbury, colleagues from Wycliffe New Zealand. It would be ideal for the team to work together in person to discuss outstanding issues and finalize many details before publication of the Pukapuka New Testament and Psalms. Give thanks for the help from a consultant in Auckland who has been a great encouragement to them. Pray for Metua, a pastor’s daughter in New Zealand, who continues to translate the Old Testament for daily readings on Facebook. Praise God with the Melota family that the long drought in Pukapuka has broken with recent rain filling their water tanks.

Bible translation and use of Scriptures: Paraguay

Streams of Prayer 6 December, Letra

Please pray for LETRA Paraguay and its Bible translation projects:

  • The second stage of investigation of the Chamacoco language and plans to begin Old Testament translation.
  • The start of Old Testament translation in the Guarani Ñandeva language. The drafts of the New Testament have been completed and delivered, and a celebration will take place in April 2023.
  • Progress in the exegetical check of Proverbs, Songs and Ecclesiastes in the Ache language as well as of the book of Mark in the New Life* language.
  • Guidance for the translation teams promoting the use of the Scriptures and discipleship among the Toba Maskoy, Guaraní Ñandeva, Aché, and New Life* communities.
  • Provision in the fundraising campaign for the publication of the Ñandeva New Testament, which is 23% toward covering the costs of the printing and publication.
  • That indigenous leaders will remain committed to Bible translation work.
  • Blessing on new volunteers that have joined LETRA Paraguay to work on mobilization.
  • That more volunteers will join the team to work in the audiovisual, design, website, and writing areas.


Pray for peace and progress: Ethiopia

Streams of Prayer 6 December, Ethiopia,

Wycliffe Ethiopia needs prayers for peace and security, especially in the Western and Northern parts of the country where conflict is adversely affecting translation efforts. There is also an urgent need for stability and comfort for the displaced. Wycliffe Ethiopia is engaging in Bible translation, Scripture engagement, and trauma healing projects with people from language communities in neighbouring countries who have fled to Ethiopia as refugees. Due to unrest within Ethiopia, some of these people are being subjected to yet another round of displacement within Ethiopia. So pray for these refugees to find safety and provision, and comfort through the Scriptures. Pray also for God’s wisdom and strength for Wycliffe Ethiopia staff as they serve a number of language communities in the horn of Africa under very challenging circumstances.

Partnership and friendship in Bible Translation: Sweden, Burkina Faso

Streams of Prayer 6 December

The director of Folk&Språk, the Alliance Organisation in Sweden, and the director for the West Kusaal translation project in Burkina Faso got to know each other. Folk&Språk was looking for a project to sponsor and the director of West Kusaal said that the project could not continue without further funding. So, Folk&Språk took this up. The West Kusaal people have for a long time longed to have the New Testament in their language. For some years the work had to stop but has now been restarted by a local Bible translation team. The goal is to have the New Testament completed by 2025. The political situation in the country is very unstable. Therefore, pray that the Bible portions that are being completed will bear fruit in the lives of the West Kusaal people and that they would know where they have their uttermost safe haven.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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