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Streams of Prayer for 7 August 2023

The Streams of Prayer for 7 August 2023, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

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August 6 – August 15, 2023

Effectiveness and Transformation

Prayer has always been the bedrock of the Bible translation movement. We produce Streams of Prayer to help people to pray and to encourage prayer for Bible translation movements worldwide. Twice a year, however, we like to look back and celebrate how our prayers have been answered. We rejoice at how God’s Word is impacting individuals, communities and nations and how churches and partners are joining together to participate in his mission.

The current theme of Streams of Prayer is Effectiveness and Transformation. Together we thank God for how he graciously responds to our prayers, and we are encouraged as we consider all he has done for Alliance organisations and the communities they serve. Then we continue to ask he who began a good work in us to carry it on to completion. (Philippians 1:6)

Streams of Prayer 7 August 2023
A sunset view of Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock), a sacred aboriginal site in Australia, provides a vivid reminder that prayer has always been the bedrock of the Bible translation movement. Photo: Gary McMaster
Nyindrou people download and read Scriptures: Papua New Guinea

The Nyindrou people of Manus continue to read the Scriptures even now, 20 years after the New Testament was completed. The people have been downloading the Nyindrou Scriptures at a rate of about 4,000 downloads per month from the ebible.org website. Pray that his Word will impact the lives of the Nyindrou people as they read it in their own language from their mobile phones. Pray for the Old Testament translation in progress. Praise the Lord that Timothy Kundrake, who left the translation team many years ago due to personal problems, has now returned to help with the Old Testament translation.

Bible translation leads to a transformative decision: Caribbean

Streams of Prayer 7 August 2023
Taste of Translation in Barbados. Photo: Ruth Smith-Sutherland

The Wycliffe Caribbean team of facilitators from Trinidad & Tobago, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Jamaica, and Barbados held a Taste of Translation workshop from 13-20 June in Barbados. No one knew what to expect from this workshop; of all the former British colonies, Barbados was seen as the most unlikely to express a need for Bible translation. In fact, they have been referred to as “little England” because of their preference for English. However, the first day of the workshop began with eager participants who arrived as much as 90 minutes early.

By the end of that first day, one participant spontaneously broke into song and invited the others to join in: “Da buk is mine a go read it evriday.” She said, “We must do this for our children, for us and future generations.” By the end of the second day when participants had completed the brief translation exercise in their Bajan Dialect, they asked how soon they could start a translation project. It was one of the most remarkable and unexpected experiences that the team has had. Praise God for this spontaneous and resounding response from the church and community members who were present, which was followed by assurance from those in academia of their willingness to assist with the orthography. Pray for what God will do for Bajan speakers in response to this expressed need.

Members conference: South Korea

Praise God for the Global Bible Translators (GBT) conference held 3-8 July in South Korea. Every four years, GBT staff members get together for fellowship and decision-making for the organisation. At the last conference, challenges arose over the direction and identity of GBT. Praise God that the conference this year was an opportunity for God’s unity and peace to be exemplified among them. Pray for protection as the 300 staff members and their families travel back to their project locations. May God’s guidance and presence be with GBT for his glory.

 Counselling centre for cross-cultural workers opened: Australia
Streams of Prayer 7 August 2023
Red Sea Counselling Centre. Photo: Lorene van Rossen

Give thanks for the Red Sea Counselling Centre in Cairns, Australia. Thank God for Mark and Lorene van Rossen who established the centre to support and strengthen Christian cross-cultural workers. The centre opened on 17 February. Pray for the Lord’s protection over everyone who is a part of this wonderful service. The centre is looking for a new chief executive officer. Pray for God to bring in the person of his choice with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead this crucial new ministry.

A growing focus on impact:  Netherlands

The team at Wycliffe Netherlands and their partners are thinking together about the question: “Are we really seeing the desired change in the lives of individuals and communities [as a result of Scripture translation efforts] and are we doing the right things?” Pray for wisdom in this process. Wycliffe Netherlands staff often have conversations with partner organisations about transformation. They talk about what is needed in language communities, which Bible passages are addressing needs and have a priority in translation; and how Scripture engagement can contribute to this. Pray for the right steps and thank God for his blessing on these efforts.

Staff are often encouraged by feedback from the language communities about how God is working. They have heard of churches taking more initiative in leading the translation work and of churches growing as people come to know Christ. In one closed country, a small group of Christians came together to encourage each other and to baptise a few new believers. The group then decided to share the gospel in their whole village, despite the risk of persecution. Praise God for encouraging stories like this of God transforming people through his Word.

Collection of the Museo de las Sagradas Escrituras continues to grow: Mexico

Streams of Prayer 24 May

The collection of the Sören A. Kierkegaard Library of the Museo de las Sagradas Escrituras (Museum of Holy Scriptures) in Mexico continues to grow. The museum has been enriched with reference works for students in Biblical Sciences and Languages, Theology and Philosophy. One hundred copies of The New Testament: An Introduction for the General Reader, by Oscar Cullman, were reprinted during the last quarter. In addition, the Museum continued to hold classroom training sessions on the conservation of manuscripts, documents, books, and Bibles. Praise the Lord for recent donations of newly completed Scripture in various languages for the Museum’s growing collection, including 17 New Testaments from different parts of the world and audio devices to listen to the New Testament in three Mexican languages (from the Mayan, Mixtec and Zapotec language families). Praise God that the museum continues to provide educational and training services related to the Bible and translation, as well as exhibitions.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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