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Streams of Prayer for 9 May 2022

The Streams of Prayer for 9 May 2022, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. Wycliffe Caribbean makes this available.

Generosity, Funding and Specialty Services

Community is at the heart of the existence of the Wycliffe Global Alliance. Serving together in community, we love, respect and honour each other. Our in­ter­de­pen­dence and in­ter­con­nect­ed­ness cre­ate an en­vi­ronment where all Al­liance or­ga­ni­sa­tions gen­er­ously give and gra­ciously re­ceive. Sometimes Alliance organizations give financially. We also give in other ways including providing time, expertise and staff. We af­firm each other for who we are and not for what we con­tribute or for the quan­tity of the contribution. Our pri­mary goal is to glo­rify God together in Bible translation.

Organisations engaged in the Funding and Specialty Services Participation Streams demonstrate community and encourage generosity through raising funds for operations and Bible translation projects and sharing other practical skills within the Bible translation movement. Therefore, our theme encompasses these three interconnected areas: Generosity, Funding and Specialty Services.

Virtual Oral Bible Storytelling workshop: Papua New Guinea

Pray for the second virtual Fly River ‘Oral Bible Storytelling Workshop’ from 2 to 13 May. Trainees from three languages, Gobasi, Samo and Kubo in the Western Province, will participate in the training to learn and craft stories from the Gospel of Mark. However, the trainers will be in Alotau in the Milne Bay Province and the trainees will be in Kiunga in the Western Province. So please pray:

  • for stable internet connections and that the Lord will protect all computers and equipment so they function well during the online training.
  • that Alotau and Kiunga towns will have steady electricity and no power outages.
  • that the Bible stories will have a powerful impact in the lives of all who are involved in the training.
  • for the language teams as they share the completed stories with their people.

Pacific Wa’a Partnership meeting in May: Pacific

Streams of Prayer 9 May
Two young boys in a canoe on the ocean. Photo: Joel

Pray for the Pacific Wa’a Partnership (PWP) delegates as they meet in Madang, Papua New Guinea (PNG) from 9 to 11 May. This will be their first time to meet in person since January 2020. Until now, they held virtual meetings via ZOOM. Delegates will give organization updates on progress toward the goal of Zero–ensuring that speakers of every language in the South Pacific have access to the Bible in their own language. Delegates will also have the opportunity to observe a training course about oral Bible translations, targeting languages where speakers have no access to Scriptures in the mother tongue. So pray for mutual encouragement as delegates collaborate and interact together. The PWP is a collaboration of partner organizations involved in reaching the goal of Zero. The word Wa’a means ‘canoe’ in Hawaiian. It is a symbol of journeying together.

Joint partnership event: Asia-Pacific

Streams of Prayer 9 May
God’s Word for All logo. Asia, Pacific Area Wycliffe Global Alliance

The success of a joint funding event in 2021 encouraged 18 Alliance organizations to collaboratively organize a similar event on 21 May called ‘God’s Word for All’. The organizations are in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and the SIL Asia Area. Therefore, ask God for wisdom and guidance for those co-hosting the event. In addition, pray for meaningful collaboration and a sense of unity as they prepare and plan together. Pray also that this event will guide the church and followers of Jesus to a greater awareness of and more opportunities for partnership and resourcing Bible translation and related ministries.

Generosity for all of East Africa: Kenya

Streams of Prayer 9 May
Beyond Kenya Initiative poster BTL

Join staff at Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL) as they rejoice in the generosity of churches and supporters in Kenya. They held the Beyond Kenya Initiative fundraising dinner in April. Many people gave generously to support Bible translation, raising USD 45,000 for the initiative. Most Bible translation projects in Kenya have been started. Also, BTL now seeks to assist language communities in neighbouring countries in East Africa in gaining access to God’s Word. So praise God that more funds keep coming in towards this initiative.

Senior executive for Advancement needed: Global

Streams of Prayer 9 May
“Whole Word for the Whole World” vision Photo from 4.2.20 website

Join the 4.2.20 Foundation in prayer to recruit a senior executive to direct the Advancement programme. The 4.2.20 Foundation is dedicated to the vision of the ‘Whole Word for the Whole World,’ and ‘Eliminating the Old Testament Gap’ by serving the Bible translation movement and its goals through source language training in Biblical Hebrew. Therefore, ask God to direct the Foundation to a servant leader with proven experience in strategic mission advancement, which includes fostering and cultivating relationships with funding partners. Also pray with the 4.2.20 team as they look forward to seeing God’s provision of someone for this important position. Finally, pray that the continued development of the Advancement programme will bring glory to God.

Scripture publication: Spain

Streams of Prayer 10 October

Scripture publication is one of the specialty services provided by PROEL, the Wycliffe Global Alliance organization in Spain. In partnership with the Spanish Bible Society PROEL has published and printed two New Testaments in languages of Spain and two New Testaments in languages of Africa. They are preparing to publish and print a fifth New Testament in an African language. So pray for the successful publication of this New Testament. Pray also for the upcoming dedication of one of the African language New Testaments, scheduled to take place in Equatorial Guinea later this year.

Serving the most needy communities: Perú

AIDIA (Asociación Interdenominacional para el Desarrollo Integral de Apurímac, Perú) facilitators constantly visit communities in the Apurímac region of Perú and bring baskets of basic food products for the most needy and extremely poor people. Church leaders and pastors from other communities also come to the AIDIA office to request products for their church members. However, priority is given to the elderly, single mothers, widows, orphaned children and families in great need. Along with the distribution of these baskets, AIDIA facilitators share the Word of God with the people in the communities who are willing to hear and to open their homes to the facilitators. So give thanks for AIDIA’s generosity in delivering approximately 1,500 food baskets among families in the different communities that they serve. Pray also that many of these families will experience spiritual transformation by the Word of God.

Streams of Prayer is the prayer bulletin of the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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