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Streams of Prayer for December 20

The Streams of Prayer for December 20, 2020, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Mission belongs to God and the agent of mission is the Church. Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream. We pray also for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

As we approach the end of 2020 we celebrate what God is doing in and through Bible translation movements around the world. Despite the challenges of this year, we look to God to bring fruitfulness to the Wycliffe Global Alliance. We chose Effectiveness for the theme of Streams of Prayer as we finish the year.* We are most effective when we serve together in Christ:

He [Christ] makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love. (Ephesians 4:16 NLT)

He [Christ] makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

Ephesians 4:16 (NLT)

We consecrate ourselves to his service and pray with and for each other to walk closely with God, in strong relationships with each other and to trust God to do the impossible amongst us.

*The second and third issues of the Effectiveness theme will cover the last two weeks in December, and the first two weeks in January, respectively.

More like Christ: Global (BS) 

The lives of many Alliance organisation staff are being transformed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. For many months, they have been: 

  • Restricted in travel and in some cases quarantined. 
  • Required to work from home offices.  
  • Kept in their home countries because of the continued increase of COVID 19 cases. 

During this time of restricted travel, some have been able to spend extended times with God in his Word and prayer. God is teaching and strengthening them in his presence. God is comforting them and giving them hope as they spend time in his Word. Pray that they will become more like Christ during these challenging times. Ask God that each Alliance staff person will benefit greatly during these months and more fully reflect God’s hope to the world.

The impact of prayer: Indonesia and Global

Praise God that he changes lives, communities and whole nations through Bible translation. As you watch this video, be encouraged that God is at work and use it to motivate yourself to be faithful in prayer. Thank God for each person who supports Bible translation through prayer.

South Conchucos Bible distribution in communities: Peru

The South Conchucos Quechua people of Peru had planned a celebration of the newly translated Bible in their language for last April. COVID restrictions prevented it. However, travel and transport were finally allowed again in the region. From 26-29 November, a cargo truck loaded with South Conchucos Quechua Bibles reached four major population centers and several small communities to deliver God’s Word to the people who have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. Accompanied by members of AWI, an association of Quechua people dedicated to promoting the translated Scriptures, the truck travelled from one center to the next delivering the precious cargo. People were so excited to receive the Scriptures in their language. Pray that they will read, study, and share God’s Word and grow in their faith. Pray that many more people will find Jesus as they read the Good News.

BIKE+HIKE4BIBLES 2020: Switzerland

Wycliffe Switzerland had their annual BIKE+HIKE4BIBLES in September, adapting the event for coronavirus restrictions. Instead of one main location for this event, people participated from their home locations. Twice as many people participated this year, resulting in double the amount of donations. More than 70 participants covered a total of 2,000 kilometres in Switzerland and France. They went out in good and bad weather to take up the challenge to support the Waama Old Testament Bible translation project of Benin, West Africa. Participants raised 18,000 CHF (Swiss Francs) for the Waama translation project. Rejoice and thank God for new effective ways of raising awareness and funds for the Bible translation movement during the pandemic.

Growing in prayer: Canada

Early this year, Wycliffe Canada requested prayer for 35 new intercessors to pray specifically for translation projects. In response to online prayer times on Saturday mornings, the number of needed intercessors has risen from 23 to 53. They also asked for prayer that the leadership and staff of Wycliffe Canada would both live prayerfully and promote prayer as a primary component of their ministry. In mid-2020, the Wycliffe Canada leaders adopted the following as a goal: “Every department intercedes monthly for one of our current focus projects.” Now each department is assigned a project for which they are to intercede each month for the next year, and most are praying. Pray for the Senior Leadership Team as they seek to listen and discern God’s leading for Wycliffe Canada. Ask God for more people to pray faithfully for Wycliffe Canada’s ministry.

Trauma healing training course: Singapore

Wycliffe Singapore hosted a successful online event called “Arts in Trauma Healing” on 13 October 2020. It was very timely as most people continue to experience emotional challenges brought by the pandemic. Praise God as the talk received positive feedback from the more than 90 participants from around the world. The Wycliffe Singapore team was encouraged to schedule a short in-person course in December. Ask the Lord for strength and protection for the speaker, Mary Beth Saurman, as she prepares to teach the course on Zoom. Pray for the participants to have flexibility and openness to learn helpful concepts and that this training will reinforce what they have already learned.

A gift that will bless many: Papua New Guinea

Having a good operational computer helps a translation consultant do his work well. Duncan Kasokason did checking of vernacular Scriptures for more than 12 language groups in Papua New Guinea this year. In appreciation for his work, partner organisation SIL Papua New Guinea gave Duncan a new laptop computer in October to replace his old one. Duncan said, “It is a great honour and privilege for me to have a new laptop. I am looking forward to more consultant checking to be done with my new equipment in 2021 and beyond.” Praise the Lord for his provision. Pray for wisdom for Duncan as he consults with translation teams. Pray that together their efforts will result in translated Scriptures that communicate very clearly to people’s hearts

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