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Streams of Prayer for February 1, 2021

The Streams of Prayer for February 1, 2021, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Missions belong to God and the agent of missions is the Church. Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream. We pray also for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

Virtual typesetting: Chad

The Laka team were due to travel to Yaounde in Cameroon for the typesetting of the Laka New Testament in January but were not allowed to cross the border from Chad. Now they plan to do the work using video conferencing. Thank God that there is an alternative way to complete this part of the process. Pray that everyone involved will have a good internet connection, and health and strength to complete the task well.

Light in the darkness: Norway and South Asia

The Raja translation team works consistently – verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book. John, a Raja Mother Tongue speaker and translator, now living permanently in Norway, works alongside Norwegian consultants offering help with linguistics, translation and project management expertise. Praise God for the perseverance of the whole project team and successful milestones. A number of Gospels await publishing. Jonah and Ruth are both published and available to Raja speakers. Luke exists in print but they can also download on a mobile app with both text and audio. Please pray particularly for the impact on Raja speakers of the video animation of the Joseph story (based on the translated chapters of Genesis 37-50) and the final translation checks being made on Acts and Ephesians.

God Answers Prayer: Peru

Praise the Lord that many members of the East Apurimac Quechua people communities have been seeking the Lord during the COVID pandemic. One church in the area has baptized 11 new Christians. Church members believe that their church attendance will double in size when they are finally allowed to open their doors again. Thank God for Yesenia, an AIDIA member who has sold 1,714 Apurimac Quechua New Testaments during the past three months. She has also distributed countless numbers of digital devices and other Scripture materials. Pray that God would use these Scriptures to reach the people and to encourage them during these difficult times.

New beginnings in neighbouring countries: Russia 

Alex Phillipov, Director of Wycliffe Russia, reports work starting in four more countries surrounding Russia! The goal is to establish translation work where local church partners take the lead in reaching out to their communities through the Bible in their languages. These churches have never done translation work before. Ask God to give Alex and the Wycliffe Russia team wisdom, courage and perseverance to partner well. One Russian church will send a Christian worker to one of these countries. Some churches in the Far East of Russia have expressed a willingness to host believers from a neighbouring country to facilitate translation into minority languages there. Pray for discernment, a spirit of unity and clear communication as all involved embark on this new venture together. 

Consultant checking continues: Philippines 

Thank God that Translators Association of the Philippines has been able to continue consultant checks for Bible translation projects they are involved in during the challenges of physical distancing and safety protocols. Some teams have been meeting face-to-face while observing government required distancing and safety measures. Pray for unity and protection as they meet. Ask God as well for wisdom, guidance and creativity for other teams that work online. 

Miniafia Genesis Completed: Papua New Guinea 

Praise the Lord for the successful checking of Genesis for the Miniafia language in December. Consultant Duncan Kasokason commended the translation team for their perseverance and excellent work. The community provided wonderful catering and logistical support for the checking team. They had prepared well and waited with great anticipation for this time. The composition of the checking team of both older and younger people provided an atmosphere of learning from one another. The checking sessions began on 30 November and finished on 18 December. Everyone celebrated together to thank the Lord to mark this milestone reached. Pray for the translation team as they plan and prepare for the checking of other completed Old Testament books. They completed and launched The Miniafia New Testament in 2010.

The Bible for 160 communities: Peru, Colombia, and Brasil

SIL published the Ticuna New Testament in 1986 for the Ticunas living in Peru, Colombia, and Brasil. Now, a translation team has finished the translation of the Old Testament and a revised New Testament. This Bible will serve Ticunas in more than 160 communities. Therefore pray for good communications and internet for team members in the United States and Peru as the Bible is in the layout process. Also ask God to give wisdom in making decisions about formatting, pictures, and extra helps to include. In addition, pray for quality printing of the book with a binding that will withstand jungle heat and humidity.  Ask God to guide in the planning of a celebration in honour of this new publication. Pray for God’s Word to take root in fertile soil in Ticuna hearts.

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