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Streams of Prayer for February 8, 2021

The Streams of Prayer for February 8, 2021, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Missions belong to God and the agent of missions is the Church. Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream. We pray also for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

More than 50% of Alliance organisations manage Bible translation programmes. We pray that they will translate God’s Word well, effectively and efficiently. We also ask God to bring transformation to language communities around the globe as they read, listen to, or watch Scripture, that they will understand it and be transformed. 

A small team with big dreams: Hungary 

Praise God that throughout Europe, Wycliffe Global Alliance organisations aren’t letting their size dictate their dreams. The staff of Wycliffe Hungary has big dreams. As a consequence, they have been directly involved in supporting translation projects through prayer and finances in many nations. Recent Scripture publications have occurred in a number of countries where Wycliffe Hungary has played a part. So ask God to continually inspire and encourage the small Hungarian team to dream big!   

Safe arrival of New Testaments: Democratic Republic of Congo 

Praise God that a container with more than 18,000 copies of the New Testament in three languages arrived at the port of Matadi on 22 December 2020. Please pray that all the different requirements for them to clear customs will be fulfilled with plenty of time for the New Testaments to arrive in Gemena before the end of March. Join the staff of ACOTBA-SUBO as they pray that the launch event for four New Testaments — Lobala, Pagagbete, Mono and Ngbandi Ngiri — will go ahead as planned on 25 April. 

Hawaii Pidgin Bible translation finished: United States    

Praise God for the recently finished translation of the entire Bible in Hawaii Pidgin. It has been printed and shipped to Hawaii. The complete text of the Bible is also available in digitized form, and over 1000 people in Hawaii now have it on their smartphones. Ask the Holy Spirit to use the clarity of the Hawaii Pidgin Bible to open the hearts of Pidgin speakers in Hawaii and make them strong in God’s Word. Pray for churches in Hawaii to actively minister to Hawaii Pidgin speakers that live near each church. Pray for downloads of the Bible to impact Hawaii Pidgin speakers across the United States.

Ongoing consultant checking: Philippines 

Praise God with the staff of Wycliffe Philippines (WP) for the completed consultant check of the book of Deuteronomy in the Palanan language. Pray for the ongoing checking of the book of Job. Uphold WP consultant checker Margie Lumawan in prayer. She is on a three-month leave to rest and recover from a heart ailment. Ask the Lord for encouragement and wisdom for the Palanan translation team as they continue the translation of the remaining books of the Bible. 

Launch of Maiwala Gospel of Mark: Papua New Guinea 

Pray that the plans to launch the Gospel of Mark in the Maiwala language will take place in February as planned. This is the first completed book for the Maiwala people. Due to unforeseen challenges caused by COVID-19 restrictions, the launch was deferred two times. Pray for the translation committee, the translators, church and community leaders to put their efforts and resources together to plan the launch so that this Scripture portion can be given to the people to use. Also, ask the Lord to touch the hearts of the Maiwala people to desire more of God’s Word as they engage with Mark’s Gospel. In addition, pray for the Lord to stir the people’s hearts to get involved in practical ways in the Bible translation project. Ask the Lord to help the translation team maintain good progress this year.

Scripture translation in progress: Australia 

Work is underway in translating Scripture into the language of the Alyawarr people of Central Australia. Pray that God’s Word in their own language will bring the Alyawarr hope, joy and peace. Also, pray that this will result in their trust in the God who loves them. In addition, pray for the Alyawarr people using Romans 15:13. “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” (NLT) 

Opening of borders: Southeast Asia

Since the pandemic, borders in Southeast Asian countries have been closed. Pray for patience and creativity as a translator and his family wait for the opening of the checkpoint to go back to the host country where they are working. Also ask the Lord for wisdom, unity and resilience for them and for the translation team as they work online to create the dictionary for the language community.

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