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Streams of Prayer for January 17, 2021

The Streams of Prayer for January 17, 2021, is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Mission belongs to God and the agent of mission is the Church. Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream. We pray also for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

Each Alliance organisation has its own leadership, board and staff. All seek to work interdependently and value the Alliance community for friendship, partnership, spiritual encouragement and other practical forms of mutual support. Through the work done by Alliance organisations, we long to see language communities strengthened and for many to become part of communities of those following Christ. Let’s pray that God will continue to build unity and friendship through and throughout the Alliance.  

Reconnecting through literacy: Cameroon

In urban areas, many people from CABTAL‘s partner communities do not have the opportunity to learn to read and write their language through village literacy programmes. To overcome this, CABTAL will soon be relaunching literacy classes in the cities. This programme will also make speakers aware of the importance of reading the Word of God in their mother tongue and will create a link between the urban and rural populations of the same community. For adult participants who are literate in French or English, the accelerated programme lasts between 15 and 36 hours in one or two weeks. Arrangements are also being made for courses on WhatsApp. Pray for courage for those learning to read and that they will encounter God as they read his Word.

Empowering Siphuthi through Bible translationLesotho

Siphuthi speakers in Lesotho are excited that their language will soon be officially recognised. Community leaders believe that it was the Siphuthi oral Bible translation project and the enthusiasm of the church that persuaded government officials to recognise Siphuthi as an official language.

Community Baphuthi leaders are committed to supporting the translation work. Leaders have encouraged radio broadcasting of the recorded Scriptures. A few have also copied Scripture onto their own devices to share with friends and families. One of the members of the project steering committee uses a PA system to publicise the Siphuthi Bible translation project in Baphuthi villages. The church is also starting to receive the recorded Scriptures.

Pray for this oral translation of the Bible, that God’s Word may take deep root in the hearts of the Baphuthi people. Pray also for the translation team, the consultant, and their families during the January 2021 workshop. Finally, pray for the momentum to continue, and for continued interest by the media and the government of Lesotho.

Together in Christ conference: Asia-Pacific region

Pray for the Together in Christ conference that will be held via Zoom from 19-21 January. More than 150 people are expected to participate in the conference. These will include leaders from Alliance organisations and SIL across the Asia-Pacific region as well as invited guests from around the world. The anticipated outcome of this meeting is threefold:

  • build a sense of togetherness as each one wrestles with the impact of COVID-19 and the increased partnership complexities,
  • strengthen community and relationships among Alliance organisation leaders and SIL leaders at different levels,
  • learn from each other.

Pray for the Keynote speakers: Dr Jay Matenga, Executive Director, Mission Commission, World Evangelical Alliance; Dr Stephen Coertze, Executive Director, Wycliffe Global Alliance; and Dr Michel Kenmogne, Executive Director, SIL International.

Encouraging partnership: Bangladesh, South Africa

Praise God for the prayer partnership of Connections, a Wycliffe Global Alliance organisation in Bangladesh, and Wycliffe South Africa. Partnering in prayer at the recent Wycliffe World Day of Prayer was a highlight for both teams. They prayed for each other to gain a deeper understanding of the unique gifts that each group brings to the Bible translation ministry. It was an encouraging prayer time. Ask God to nurture this friendship as they continue praying for one another. Pray for opportunities to partner together in future Bible translation projects.

Need for mutual support and encouragement: Global

During the coronavirus pandemic, meaningful community has significantly diminished for a number of Wycliffe Global Alliance workers. Many staff members have been forced into isolation and loneliness. This includes both those serving in their home countries and those working in their assignment countries. Pray that communities would form so no one is left alone. Pray that we, members of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, will grow in how we understand the Biblical concept of ‘community’ during this challenging time. Ask God for encouragement and comfort for those who are lonely. Pray that God’s Kingdom will come in this situation!

Meet and Greet with corporate partners: Papua New Guinea

In September, personnel from Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA) organised an event named ‘Meet and Greet’ to bring together people from various business sectors to learn about Bible translation in the country. Various needs of the Bible translation ministry were shared with these corporate partners during this time. Praise the Lord for the launching of the Good Samaritan Cause, an initiative to assist children of PNGBTA staff with school fees and medical needs. Pray that these relationships will continue to grow and be rooted in mutual trust and encouragement.

English Online Experience: Australia, Indonesia

Praise the Lord for the first English Online Experience (EOE) that Wycliffe Australia was able to offer to Kartidaya personnel from Indonesia plus a translator from East Timor. Thank God for the benefits of Zoom. The conversational topics centred around the participants’ need for a better command of English to participate more fully with English-speaking partners, and to access English translation resources. Pray for ongoing developments in the area of virtual English support. Praise God that mutual sharing and friendships also resulted from the EOE online practice sessions.

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