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Streams of Prayer for November 16

The Streams of Prayer for November 16, 2020 is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Mission belongs to God and the agent of mission is the Church. Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream and for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

The fruit of Partnering in Prayer: Global

This year, as part of the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer, over 30 Alliance organisations took part in the Partnering in Prayer initiative. Participating organisations shared needs and prayed for each other during the World Day of Prayer. The aim of the initiative is to build deeper relationships and greater understanding of the challenges others in the Bible translation movement face. Ask God to bring great fruit from these partnerships in the form of answered prayer, friendship and community.

Building capacity through friendship: Indonesia

The Kartidaya leadership team is supporting two Alliance organisations in Indonesia namely, YMP3 in Papua and PPA in Manado, by helping build their organisational capacity. Pray for a smooth mentoring process as these organisations work together. The Kartidaya leadership team partners closely with local churches and mission organisations to strengthen the body of Christ in Indonesia. Ask the Lord to bless these relationships and open new doors as Kartidaya seeks to spread the Word of God. This through their goal of starting 20 new translation projects in 2021.

New paths forward in relationships: Europe

The European Alliance organisations value their time together during the year. They regularly meet for training events, conferences and directors meetings. During these times in-person friendships are fostered and relationships deepened. Last March, Alliance organizations cancelled all events due to the coronavirus restrictions. Training continues to go on to some extent through online platforms. However, relationship building is interrupted. Pray for God’s comfort for those members of the Bible translation organizations that are experiencing a heaviness of spirit during these extended times of forced separation. Ask God to show them new creative ways to connect with each other that are significant and meaningful.

Stir up zeal and courage for Bible translation vision: Papua New Guinea

One of the main goals that sparked the formation of the Bougainville Bible Translation Organisation (BBTO), formerly known as the North Solomons Bible Translation Association, is the development of Bible translators and language workers through the encouragement of mutual friendship and fellowship. For many years BBTO helped to bring translators together for fellowship and encouragement. Challenges in leadership and the lack of financial support hindered the organisation’s growth and brought a halt to their operations in recent years. As Bougainville emerges into a separate country in the next five years, there is a need to encourage and strengthen the Bible translation movement. Therefore, ask the Lord to stir up zeal and courage among Bible translators and leaders of churches and language communities. Ask also to build on and renew the vision of their predecessors.

United to accomplish God’s purposes: Chile

LETRA Chile members thank God for His love and goodness, and for the opportunity to continue working during the pandemic. United in friendship, prayer, and singleness of purpose, they continue to grow as a ministry team. Praise God that a group has formed to  translate the Bible into Chilean Sign Language. Pray for Karen, Luz, Heber, William, Rodrigo, and Olivia, who have accepted this challenge. Pray they will work well together.  After two years of delay, LETRA Chile has resumed preparations for the Basic Course in Linguistics. This is required for those who desire higher-level training for Bible translation and literacy work. Therefore, ask God to provide for all the needs to prepare for this course.

Friendship in action: Brazil

The COVID-19 virus heavily impacted indigenous communities in Brazil. However, the National Council of Indigenous Pastors and Evangelical Leaders (CONPLEI) realized people were hurting, and decided to act. Working together with service organizations, an airline company, and a medical entity, they reached indigenous villages in the northeast of the country to deliver food and medicines. Through another initiative called “Acts of Love,” CONPLEI staff joined with various organizations and individuals to provide 500 baskets of food supplies and 500 Bibles for local language communities. One of the participants commented: “Understanding that God calls us to show His love through actions, we want to collaborate with physical and spiritual help”. Praise God for this cooperative effort to provide tangible help and spiritual encouragement to various communities. So pray for ongoing needs in Brazil as the virus continues to spread.

More effective together: Cameroon

An inter-church committee for Bible translation and literacy, in collaboration with CABTAL and other partners, runs the Mofu Gudur Old Testament programme. As a result of this cooperative effort, the translation team has nearly completed drafts of all the Old Testament books. They are now working on revising and checking. Praise God for this progress. Pray that God will protect, inspire and grant good health to all the members of the Mofu Gudur programme so that they can continue to work toward completion of the Old Testament translation.

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