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Streams of Prayer for November 22

The Streams of Prayer for November 22, 2020 is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Mission belongs to God and the agent of mission is the Church. Please join with us as we pray for Alliance organisations engaged in the Church Participation Stream and for the Church as it participates in the Bible translation movement.

Online community: Singapore

For many, limitations became opportunities during the pandemic, as people developed new ways of working. When COVID-19 surged in Singapore, the Wycliffe Singapore closed their office and cancelled live events and meetings. Praise God, however, for the Zoom talks that the Wycliffe Singapore team hosted, on topics such as promotion of Bible translation, trauma healing, prayer, and Bible storying. The online talks had good attendance – friends invited friends, including people from other countries. That resulted in strengthening relationships with partners, meeting new ones, and even engaging some new trainers for an upcoming Bible storying training.

Because of participant response, the team is also planning a short course on Bible-based trauma healing. Pray that the Lord will lead the team forward as they continue to explore online opportunities and learn how to work and thrive in this new landscape. Ask the Lord to prepare the instructors and all the participants for the rigours of the upcoming Zoom workshops.

Friendships formed: Asia-Pacific

What a blessing to see friendships formed during regional meetings in the Asia-Pacific region. Praise God for the long-term friendships established among Wycliffe Global Alliance Asia-Pacific leaders. In addition to collaborating through project support and partnerships, directors also pray for one another. Pray for God’s grace and love to continue covering these friendships. Ask the Lord for his favour and blessing as Asia-Pacific leaders continue partnering together in prayer and in future projects.

Cultivating friendships: Papua New Guinea

Many of the personnel who serve with Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA) are commissioned by their local churches to serve in Bible translation ministry. Praise the Lord for the commitment of these churches and Christian individuals to support their service through prayer and financial gifts. Pray that out of these partnerships, friendships will be cultivated and deepened in mutual trust and encouragement for one another. Pray that people giving support will see their involvement as vital in reaching out to language communities through Bible translation.

Unity and love in diversity: Global

Thirteen (13) individuals who live in and work from nine different countries composed The Alliance Leadership Team (ALT). Over the years, the ALT has enjoyed true community. They work remotely, yet the times they have shared together has established and strengthened their love and appreciation for each other. They are from very different backgrounds and cultures, yet they have enjoyed a rich bond of love in Christ. Pray that this unity, love and mutual friendship will continue to be robust through the extended time when they are not able to meet. 

Testimony of friendship: Argentina

“My name is Ivanna. I am a member of LETRA Argentina. After studying linguistics, literacy, and cross-cultural missionary training, I began to work in literacy among the Mbya language community in Northeast Argentina. When I first visited Mbya locations, I became acquainted with Misión Guaraní (MG), an evangelical organization working with the Mbya. Their workers apply Biblical principles as they teach strategies for comprehensive community transformation.

I learned that a friend from my cross-cultural training class, Rafael, had begun to serve with MG. I had been praying that God would give me a teammate for literacy work. The Lord answered by giving me Rafael, who is now my husband. Our services complement each other very well. We have the support of both LETRA Argentina and MG. God put us together to do literacy and community development, and it all began with a friendship.” Pray for Ivanna and Rafael as they serve God together among the Mbya of Argentina.

Friendships develop during training: Papua New Guinea

Training courses and workshops for Bible translation and related topics have provided a wonderful opportunity to bring people together. People from different language communities in Papua New Guinea meet trainers from various ethnic backgrounds and nationalities during this time of giving and receiving training. Friendships developed and continue long after the training courses are over. These friendships provide the impetus through which language workers support one another in prayer and encouragement over the long haul of Bible translation. This year many of the training programs were cancelled because of the pandemic. Therefore, pray that these relationships and friendships will continue to grow virtually. 

Mango New Testament launch: Chad

Praise the Lord!  The celebration and launch of the Mango New Testament will take place on 28 November in Goré Nord Doba, Chad. Rejoice with the Mango community and all involved in the translation. Pray for safety in travel as well as protection over the whole event and each person attending. Pray also that this community experiences great joy as they receive God’s Word in their language. Ask God to transform lives as it is read and understood.

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