Streams of Prayer for September 13

The Streams of Prayer Bulletin for September 13, 2020 is a circular from Wycliffe Global Alliance. This is available through Wycliffe Caribbean.

Amongst the core values of the Wycliffe Global Alliance is: 

Partnership and Service – Partnering interdependently as an expression of the unity of believers. Serving in community through holistic ministry that facilitates translation, access and application of God’s Word.

In some Alliance organisations staff express this partnership and service by providing practical help and/or specialized consultation services to other Alliance organisations, Bible translation partners or local language communities. Some Alliance organisations may not provide specialty services but they partner and share expertise in other ways, such as through exchanging or sharing training. Will you pray with us for organisations that are part of the Specialty Services Participation Stream?

Speciality services include, for example, people serving in the areas of finance, technology, transportation, administration, organizational development, partnerships and human resources. By serving other Alliance organisations in this way the whole Bible translation movement is strengthened. Sometimes God provides those specialty services through other partners such as volunteers, churches or other mission partners.

This week we are also praying for the Global Connect meetings where Alliance leaders and board chairs will give feedback to the Alliance Leadership Team about Stephen Coertze’s vision video.

Global Connect: Global 

Pray for Global Connect zoom meetings of the Wycliffe Global Alliance. These will take place on 17th and 18th September around the world. The meetings will give an opportunity for directors and board chairs of Alliance organisations to give input on the vision video of Executive Director Stephen Coertze that was shared at the beginning of September. Pray that:

  • All the directors and board chairs will be able to connect online, and there will be no technical issues.
  • God will help the facilitators to lead well and that he guides the discussion.
  • God would help each one to listen well to differing opinions. Together participants would have a clear sense of direction for the future. 
Technical support needed: Philippines, Global

One of the urgent needs in the Bible translation movement, especially in the midst of a pandemic, is for IT technical support. The shift to remote working and learning has been a big adjustment for many teams who are based in areas with little or no access to the internet or technical support. Pray for Translators Association of the Philippines and other Alliance organisations as they seek the Lord’s provision for individuals or teams that can share their IT and computer expertise. Also pray that people will have grace to continue their work while waiting for the needed assistance to become available. In addition, pray for people with technical skills to have open hearts and minds to consider this challenge.

Promoting the sale of God’s Word: Peru

ACIEP is an alliance of organisations working in the indigenous communities of Peru. ACIEP participates in the Specialty Services stream through finance, administration, human resources, programs for children, literacy, and other ministries. ATEK, a member of ACIEP, works in the Cusco Quechua language community. ATEK coordinates with the Peruvian Bible Society in the sale of the Cusco Quechua Bible. They sold 1,100 copies in March, and no copies are left. There are still many people longing for the Scriptures. Therefore, pray for the Peruvian Bible Society as they prepare to print more copies. Also pray that the people will have money to buy God’s Word and that it will transform lives.

Practical help for Christian education and Scripture use: Peru

In Peru, AIDIA is a member organization within the alliance of organisations called ACIEP. Members of AIDIA produce and record Scripture-oriented videos in the Eastern Apurimac Quechua language. Church leaders download them onto phones and use them to teach the children. AIDIA is also helping to construct a school building for the Christian education of Quechua children. AIDIA leaders train teachers and pastors and provide funds for projects to promote Scripture use. So pray for these servants as they apply their skills in various ways to encourage Christian growth and education.

Translation services support 45 language projects: Asia and Canada

For Bible translation projects in sensitive areas of the world, translation resource materials are a necessity. However, they must be available in a language known to those doing the translation. In a sensitive Asian region, a team of people translated Scripture notes, translation guidelines, and training materials into the regional language. Wycliffe Canada provided the funds for this endeavour. Bible translators involved in 45 translation programmes are using these materials. Therefore, pray that these resources will continue to help mother-tongue translators in current and future projects.

Gratitude for God’s faithfulness: Papua New Guinea 

The Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association (PNGBTA) celebrated its 40th anniversary on 21 July. Even though plans for large celebrations were scaled down due to the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, there were opportunities to reflect and thank the Lord for his faithfulness. As PNGBTA staff reflected on this milestone, one thing stood out: the commitment and friendships of partners from around the world throughout the organization’s history. In acknowledging this, the leadership of PNGBTA also expressed the desire to seek ways to help and serve other Alliance organisations. So pray for the Holy Spirit to hone and nurture this desire to reach out and bless others with the skills and knowledge they have acquired over the years.

Sharing expertise and encouragement: Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Uganda

Staff members from Alliance organization Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL) in Kenya have shared their experiences in church engagement, fundraising and financial management through meetings with the Church and Partnerships Director from CABTAL Cameroon, and staff from Wycliffe Ethiopia and SIL Uganda. Together these partners enjoyed learning from each other as well as sharing expertise. Join BTL staff in praying that the interactions and experiences they shared will provide helpful learning lessons for the participants, especially for those just beginning their journey of serving in these roles. 

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