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The Church News for 30 May 2021

These are the Church News for 30 May 2021.
Have a blessed week ahead.

Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident.

Below is a list of our members and adherents who will be celebrating birthdays and anniversaries during the coming week. If you are also celebrating your special date during this period and your name is not listed, please visit our “Birthdays / Anniversaries” page to update your information.

May 30th

Khadeem Nelson
Roosevelt Thompson

May 31st

Paula Hagley
Shawn Tucker
Katherine & Andrew Getton – Anniversary

June 1st

Lisa Moore-Wellington
Nicolette Thomas
Anjesh Zodge

June 2nd

Christine Ashley Bishop
Brandon Hall
Marguerite Lopez (o/s)
Julia Peart (o/s)
Linette Simmonds
Tanisha & David Knight – Anniversary

June 3rd

Travis Johnson

June 4th

Valrie Soman (o/s)

June 5th

No Listing

Children’s Church

We have Children’s Church every Saturday at 3:00 PM via ZOOM. So you may contact Sisters Michelle Dinald or Carol Blake for the Link. You may also contact the Church Office.

Youth Ministries Meeting

The Youth Department meets every Friday evening at 7:30 pm via ZOOM. So please contact Sister Dionne Richards for the Link and join us.

Bible Studies

Reverend Michael Smellie leads us for June 2nd & 9th. The theme is “The Will Of God For Families, Marriages, Children, Leaders (Civil & Religious) with a focus on “Worship”.

Information on how to join these Studies is also provided by email and posted in the various WhatsApp groups. Therefore, please invite family/friends/co-workers to join us each Wednesday. Also, please share the link with everyone.

Sunday Service

Mrs Marsha Beckford, Communications Coordinator at the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, is our speaker for Youth Sunday, May 30. The service starts at 9:00 AM. We also transmit our services live via ZOOM and YouTube.

We welcome your feedback regarding our Bible Studies and Sunday Services. So call or email the office or any of the Elders or Deacons. You may also email us via our website at

Grace Family Concert

Our Family Concert is on May 30th, starting at 6:30 PM on ZOOM. Please contact the office for the link.


We request your prayers for Brother Roy Reynolds and his family on the passing of his sister, Mrs Alberga. She was laid to rest on Friday, May 28. Her memorial service will be done at a later date.

Also, pray for Brother Cornel Richards and his family on the passing of his mother, Catherine Richards. She passed away on Friday, May 21, 2021.

In addition, pray for Sister Jennifer Japp and her family on the passing of her father. The burial will be in Clarendon on June 3rd.

Finally, please remember to pray for the “Sick and Shut-Ins“, as well as those classified as vulnerable. In addition, remember to stay in touch with each other as we return from isolation and separation.

Sick and Shut-In List
Issues Relating to Covid-19

These are updated national measures on Covid-19 under The Disaster Risk Management Act – September 07, 2020.

For Worship Services: – Worship services will be permitted with a maximum of 30 persons, including officiating clergy, worshippers and I.T. Personnel as required. The designated Authorized Form will no longer be required.

Weekend Curfews: – On Saturdays, the curfew will commence at 6:00 pm and end at 5:00 am. On Sundays, the curfew will commence at 2:00 pm and also end at 5:00 am.

For Funerals: – Funeral Services are PROHIBITED. Only burials are permitted. 10 Mourners are allowed at the burial with an additional 5 to include clergy, gravediggers and undertakers.

Persons 60 years and older who are required to work from home and otherwise, must stay home. They are, however, permitted to leave home once per day for medical care, food, exercise and other essentials of life.

Also, please remember to pay very close attention to the periodic updates and advisories issued by the relevant authorities relating to COVID 19.

So please remember to call and pray with one another. Also, keep safe, practice social distancing, wash hands and clean surfaces regularly.

Most importantly, remember to wear your masks, sanitize, and maintain the 6 feet physical distance. Also, let us keep in touch and encourage each other, especially during these very challenging times.

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