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The Church News for 6 September 2020

These are the Church News for 6 September 2020.
Have a blessed week ahead.

To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.

Below is a list of our members and adherents who will be celebrating birthdays and anniversaries during the coming week. If you are also celebrating your special date during this period and your name is not listed, please visit our “Birthdays / Anniversaries” page to update your information.

September 6th

Sonia Beaton-Bogle
Brian Beckford
Tyler-Marie Harrison
Jayon Young (o/s)

September 7th

Craig LynCook
Tracey-Ann McKenzie

September 8th

Sonia & Worrick Bogle – Anniversary

September 9th

Anise Clarke (o/s)
Eileen Felix
Jennifer & Headley Chin-Young – Anniversary
Sharon & Hervin Willis – Anniversary

September 10th

Chantal Codner
Chantel Ellis
Vivienne Hutchinson
Kayana Vassel-Shepherd
Sharine Willis
Margaret & Frank Lopez – Anniversary

September 11th

Johnoy Johnson
Adam Kerr (o/s)
Daniel Thomas
Esmond Williams

September 12th

Gillian Rampair

Sunday Service

Elder John Roomes leads our Sanctuary service for September 6th at 8:00 AM. Our service will also be aired live via ZOOM and YouTube. In addition it will be here on our website.

Bible Studies

Our Bible Studies for September 2020 continue each Wednesday via Zoom at 7:00 PM. Also, the presenter will continue to be Reverend Richard Beckford. The theme under discussion is “Saved to Serve” as part of the month’s theme.
In addition, information on how to join these Studies is shared by email. It is also posted in the various What’s App groups. So look out for this and stay connected.

Thanksgiving Service

The Thanksgiving Service for Mrs.Claris Johnson (Sis. Jehan Johnson’s mother) is planned for Saturday, September 12, 2020 in Hopewell, Hanover at 11:00am.


Finally, remember the “Sick and Shut-Ins“, as well as those classified as vulnerable. In addition, remember to stay in touch with each other as we return from isolation and separation.

Church News, Sick and Shut-In
Sick and Shut-In List
Issues Relating to Covid-19

Based on the Government’s regulations, Members and Adherents aged 75 years or more, and in good health, can now attend worship service.  See Orders following.


  1. During the period from August 1, 2020, to September 30, 2020, notwithstanding sub-paragraph (3), a person who has attained the age of 75 years or more may leave the abode or place of residence referred to in subparagraph (3) for any purpose specified in the Third Schedule.
  2. In sub-paragraph (3), “necessities of life” include obtaining food, medical supplies or medical services, conducting financial transactions, overseeing the person’s place of business, attending a place of worship, and physical exercise.

So please remember to call and pray with one another. Also, keep safe, practice social distancing, wash hands and clean surfaces regularly.

Above all, given the issues associated with COVID-19, please pay very close attention to the periodic updates and advisories issued by the relevant authorities.

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