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YWAM – 9 October 2020

Sister Trisha Shakespeare has sent us another update for her service, (Youth With A Mission). “YWAM – 9 October 2020″ is her Fall 2020 report. Take the time to read it and encourage her.

Missions Update Fall 2020

So, where are we off to next? If you guessed the continent of Africa, then you got it right! We are going to Uganda! In the beginning of December, we have the amazing opportunity to go to Arua and Paida, Uganda.

I have been given the awesome responsibility of helping to co-staff a Family Discipleship Training School (FDTS) outreach. What this means is that we will be taking two sets of families on a short-term missionary trip to Uganda. Half of the time will be spent ministering, serving and sharing the gospel with staff/volunteers and children at the Mercy for Life orphanage and the surrounding communities of Arua.

We will also spend some time with the ministry team of the Titus ministry, taking care packages into the communities. Working alongside staff there, as they care for and share the love of Jesus with teenage mothers and their families. Of course, we are again, asking for your prayers and support????????

Please pray for us, especially as the world grapples with the ‘new normal’ of continuing life during a pandemic.

Email: trish.shakespear@ywamchico.org or trishshakes2175@gmail.com
OR Whatsapp 530-433-3654 if you want to hear more of how you can support us in taking the gospel to the nations!????
Much blessings❤️
Trish and Az


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