Reverend David B. Clark Dies at 103

Reverend David Clark
The late Reverend David B. Clark

The Reverend David B. Clark, a luminary of the Missionary Church Association in Jamaica (MCAJ), died at 8:45 a.m. on Thursday, May 26, 2022, at his home in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Reverend Clark spearheaded the transition of The Christian and Missionary Alliance’s work in Jamaica to MCAJ in 1949.

He pastored a number of churches in Manchester, Clarendon, Kingston and St. Catherine. He also served the MCAJ as an Executive member. Notably, he was for many years the General Secretary of the denomination.

The auditorium at the Kendal Camp & Conference Centre (owned and operated by the MCAJ) in Kendal, Manchester, was named the Reverend David Clark Auditorium in his honour in April 2019.

Reverend Clark was active in the ecumenical life of the Christian Church in Jamaica. 

Notably, he was a committee member that planned the annual Kingston Keswick Convention.  He also served on committees that planned various national evangelistic crusades. 

One of Reverend Clark’s enduring legacies to the MCAJ is the authorship of Origin and Growth of the Missionary Church Association in Jamaica

Though a centenarian, Reverend Clark’s mind remained sharp, so he spent much of his days in communication with local MCAJ personnel via email and telephone calls. 

Reverend Clark for much of his retirement years lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  His wife, Helen, predeceased him. He is survived by daughters: Eileen, Grace, Barbara, Judith, Joan and their families.

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