Pastor Mark Dawes

Mark Lincoln Dawes, the current pastor of Grace Missionary Church, was born on July 9, 1965, the first of two offspring to Edward & Eunice Dawes. At age 10, he trusted Christ as his Lord and Saviour. When he was 13-years old, he was baptized and became a member at Assembly Hall, a Christian Brethren church, located at 188 Orange Street in Kingston.

At 16-years old, Mark began to come to terms with a call on his life to pursue theological education. This came into being at age 20 when he enrolled at the Jamaica Theological Seminary. He was graduated from that institution in 1991. Also, that same year, he began his career as a journalist at the Gleaner Company where he worked for 18-years.

Having come to terms with a pastoral call on his life, Mark became a Credentialled Minister in February 2010. He became an ordained Minister on November 13, 2016.

In July 2010 Pastor Dawes became the Associate Pastor at Tower Hill Missionary Church in Olympic Gardens, under the supervision of Rev. Rennard White, who in addition to being the Senior Pastor of that local church, was then the President of the denomination.

As Pastor Dawes served the Lord, Christ brought into his life, Andrea Marie Brown. On November 7, 2010, the two met and married on November 9, 2012. Andrea, a lawyer by training, is very ministry oriented, with a preference for working with young people. She presently serves as the deputy chairman of the Jamaica Child Evangelism Fellowship (JCEF).

After serving at Tower Hill Missionary Church, Rev. Dawes became the pastor at Emmanuel Missionary Church in Mandeville. He served in that capacity between July 2016 and October 2019.

Reverend Mark Dawes became the Pastor of Grace Missionary Church on January 2, 2022.  He and his wife Andrea value your prayers in this stage of their journey of faith.

At the denominational level, Reverend Dawes presently serves as chairman of the Media & Communication Department. He is also a member of the Executive of the denomination.